I’m joining the Lifeclass Tour!

Yesterday I tweeted that one thing I was thankful for was my upcoming trip to Toronto (a city about five hours away from me) to see Oprah (and Bishop TD Jakes, Iyanla Vanzant, Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra). I’m so excited!!

Last year, I mentioned that one of the things I was looking forward to in 2011 was the launch of the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) in Canada. Even though the network isn’t doing as well as hoped, there are definitely some shows worth watching (Lifeclass, the Lifeclass Tour, and Master Class), shows that I think can inspire you to change your life. I also shared a bit about my history with the Oprah Winfrey Show and from people’s comments on that post and also in general, Oprah’s the type of person that people either love or don’t really care for.

My colleague and I tried so hard last year to win a spot in the audience of her show during its last season because that would have been a great bucket list item (not that I have a bucket list, mind you). I thought it would be cool to sit in her audience, feel some of that charisma she has, and maybe even get some insight into how she became such a powerful and driven woman. We didn’t succeed in getting tickets so we contented ourselves with watching her Lifeclass series when it began airing last October and my friend and I were hooked. I bought a notebook to take notes about each episode because I was certain that if I paid attention to the lessons, I would learn one or two things that would help propel me to greatness.

When the Lifeclass episodes stopped airing last November, I wanted to watch them all over again because they’re the kind of thing that you really have to hear more than once for all the deep messages to sink in. Also, I wasn’t able to get all the notes that I wanted down (thankfully they’re now doing reruns on OWN). But then we heard that the second season of Lifeclass was being called the Lifeclass Tour and Oprah would be traveling around the USA sharing some of the lessons from the first season that people wanted more information about. Once again there was an opportunity to win your way into her audience, so I tried to get into the New York City session without success. But then at the end of February I got an email saying she’d be coming to Toronto in April—it would be her first trip to Canada (if I’m not mistaken)! My Oprah-loving colleague was in my office when I read that email so I told her about it and she said we had to go! I’m very thrifty (or is that cheap?) so when I discovered the cheapest tickets had sold out within two hours of the show being announced by email, I was not happy at the thought of paying for the second cheapest tickets. But then I put the cost in perspective to past wasteful spending and decided it was worth it! My friend and I bought our tickets and now in a few short days we’ll be in Toronto! The show will actually be taped live so if our seats aren’t too far back we may actually become overnight celebrities too (jokes!).

Will our lives be forever changed as a result of this trip? Maybe not, but I’m learning so much from the Lifeclass Tour and I know this information is sinking in, even if I don’t act on it for years to come. The videos are actually available online so if you’re interested, check them out:

  1. March 26, 2012: Stopping the Pain (with Iyanla Vanzant)
  2. April 2, 2012: Living Fearlessly (with Tony Robbins)—I mentioned this one just the other day.
  3. April 9, 2012: Living with Purpose (my favourite episode so far!!) (with Bishop TD Jakes)

Have you ever gone to see someone you admire live (Ginger got to meet Chimamanda Adichie–so cool!)? Who would you love to meet in person to pick their brain?

14 thoughts on “I’m joining the Lifeclass Tour!

  1. That is so cool! Hope you have fun!

    I went to see Chris Tomlin in concert. Okay so I guess concerts don't really count, but OMG!!!! I'm a HUGE fan! It was the most amazing Amtrak ticket to DC well spent (I usually take the bus to DC which costs like $100 less)

  2. Hey! When will you be here (I may have missed it in your post)?? We should so meet! You can tell who it is by my email, please send me an email if you get the chance. Take care.

  3. that's pretty cool that you are passionate about this. Today I was just thinking how pointless life is and what we are really doing here.

  4. I would love to meet Asa and Wole Soyinka..Unfortunately, Oprah did not come to Hyderabad when she visited India…she sure in one strong black woman

  5. How I would love to steal your journal, photocopy every page and sneak it back to you! Tony Robbins,TD Jakes and Oprah? Lifeclass and master class are buzz words I love to be surrounded by- we don't receive OWN in the UK. Who would I like to meet besides Lionel Richie? Maya Angelou.

    • Ore mi! I called you a couple of days ago but I think you were not with your phone. Will try again when I get back home.

      There are two sessions today and ours is the evening one, well, starting around 4:00pm! I'm really looking forward to it! It's going to be televised :D

      If you have time and a strong internet connection, please listen to the Living with Purpose series…you'll love it!

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