Independent Naija women

Very cool: a Naija girl in my city was featured on the front page of the Homes section of our paper a couple of weeks ago in an article about single women who are buying homes on their own without waiting for Prince Charming to arrive. I know her—she’s well educated (BSc and MSc), stylish, popular, modest, humble and pretty. I wonder how long she’ll live on her own before her Prince Charming actually shows up. Not long, I suspect.

4 thoughts on “Independent Naija women

  1. Hmmmm, GNG why does "Not long, I suspect" seem to read (to me) like "'em guys will come trooping in for her hand"? *wink*

  2. Good for her! And to add to your comment. SECURE, UNINTIMIDATED, SUCCESSFUL men will definitely be banging her door down. Any other sort is not worthy of her.

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