It was Thursday when I started this…

::First off, thank God that the 2010 Nigerian Blog Awards are over! Hurray! I had a blast running it with happyBBB and tinuo, with lots of generous input from Sting, and I look forward to what the 2011 awards will bring, but for now, I’m glad to have my life back! I can read blog entries again and update my own blogs more regularly. I’ve spent the past two weeks volunteering at a music festival so I can see Drake later tonight, but starting Monday, my evenings will be my own again.

I have more to say on the topic of the awards, but I guess I’ll save it for that blog. If you have any comments, and I’m sure some of you do, please leave them here or on the awards blog.

::I’m thankful for the people I’ve met through blogging. My dad told me sometime last year that I attract good friends and this has extended to the people I have met through this blog. I’m not sure what is it; well clearly it’s not something I do in my own power. Maybe it’s the fact that I pay most people who leave a comment five Canadian dollars. It’s not much but in most countries you can get at least one coffee with that.

My life is definitely better for having started this blog. I’ve been blogging for almost eight years now and I have always been blessed to meet lovely people everywhere I plant a blog. My only wish is that I could meet everyone in person!

It can be hard to keep hope alive that you’ll meet the right person for you and get married and have those three or four kids your heart desires when you’ve been single for your entire adult life, but I recently read a book that kind of gave me some peace regarding the question of when I will meet a good man and get married. The funny thing is that I thought I was on that track but it turns out that things weren’t as clearcut as I thought! And this peace is probably short-lived, since I’m human and often falter. I’m sure I’m meant to learn to depend on God, and to stop trying to do everything in my own power. I’ve been working on that, saying prayers that let God know exactly how I’m feeling on any topic that pops into my head related to a future partner. I’m expecting a beautiful surprise!

My entry reviewing the book Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye? Trusting God with a Hope Deferred is posted on Chichi’s blog, if you’re curious. It’s long but you can skim it.

::Those things we take for granted
I was tweeting earlier this week about how I went out on Sunday and also before work to run/walk and how it would be easier to just not eat ijekuje (junkfood) ever again than suffer from this physical activity (I wish I could just say “No more ikekuje!” and it could be so). But then on the late night news I saw a man from New Zealand who had been wheelchair-bound for the last three years due to paralysis of his legs following a car accident. Now, thanks to this bionic contraption, I think it was called REX, he was able to walk upright! He pretty much gets into a machine for the lower half of his body which helps move his legs…hope you can envision it. Anyway, the news report said something like he was happy to be able to shake someone’s hand while being level with them. Something some of us do every day yet never think of.

I have a colleague who’s very physically active, but a car accident some years back has left her with chronic back pain. She gets so pained when she sees people who are jogging because she can’t jog like she used to. Imagine wishing you could jog? She’s nuts sha, but I get her point: it’s when something you take for granted is taken away that you really realize how much you miss it (imagine if someone told me I could no longer blog?!).

Hope these two examples remind you like they did me to be thankful for those things we forget to even acknowledge. And I hope you have a great weekend planned!

16 thoughts on “It was Thursday when I started this…

  1. yay!! an update. You did a wonderful job with the award GNG. lol so did you see drake?

    Yes we need to be thankful. You just inspired me to do a thankful post : )

  2. Good job with the blog awards!

    And I read your post on Chichi's blog, great book review!

    And I know that in due time, God will grant you you're heart's desire to marry! And u'll invite all of blogsville!!!

  3. Good job on the awards. Like i told a friend who really wanted to get married last year and she did (this was 2008), it takes a day to meet the person that will be the one for u. The only problem is that we don't know when that day is. U r an awesome person, so i know it will happen.

    Off to read ur post on Chi-Chi's blog.

  4. These two examples definitely triggered a song of thanksgiving to God in my spirit. Thank you so much, GNG, for sharing them.

    In a LOT of ways I've become a better person through blogging. God gives us certain passions for our own good, mine is writing. And pretty much my personal relationship with God has been sharpened by writing about the things I learn about Him and His word. Moreso, many bloggers have added to me by their encouraging words and timely posts. God is good. No man is an island, and He created the world to be that way.

  5. ps: You did an incredible job with the awards, I think what I liked the most was the professional presentation (the blog format, the voting forms, voting & promotion deadlines, and professionally done banners). Those things are definitely worth a pat on the back. Also, you were able to answer to attacks in a professional manner (instead of fighting back).

  6. GNG

    by the grace of God we would meet in person soon

    good job on the awards i cant stop saying that

    so thankful for things we take for granted

    the idea of marriage scares me

    i just hope that the right person come s along, at the right time

  7. About meeting people through blogging, it's crazy how many great people you meet through blogging. Even though the awards are over, I hope we can all stay in touch.

    Thanks for the work you put into the awards. I've probably said that like 500 times, but it is much appreciated :)

  8. You did a great job on the awards. You put in your time, money, ideas…. God bless you for these.

    Hope to see you someday too. I've met more people through twitter than my blog and would love to meet more. I know we've got a lot of interesting people here too.

    There are a lot of things we take for granted and its only a person that thinks deeply understands that some of those things are worth thanking God for. The truth is we don't know the value of what we have until we loose it.

    Its good to have u back. :)

  9. being thankful for the things we even forget to acknowledge..' yep it did cos sometimes we forget those lil things that matter.. thanks for reminding me..

    And you did an awesome job with the awards – congrats

  10. Congrats again on the wonderful outing with the 2010 NBA awards. I also love meeting people I met online in real life. It so funny sometimes too. Let me go read your post.

  11. Did you say you've ben blogging for 8 years…

    i absolutely loved the review of the book and without a doubt, i'll get the book.

    Just continue remaining blessed and great!

  12. GNG…well done with the awards…

    Though HE tarries he shall surely come..

    why u no dey response to my buzzes naaa…"busyness se??"

  13. em…. I didn't get my $5!

    I am also very thankful for the things we take forgranted. all of those things that we forget to think about or thank God for and sometimes need bloggers to remind us that they are NOT so easy to hold on to.

  14. i've only been blogging for a short time now, but its refreshing. I enjoy reading what others have to say. it makes me realize that i am not isolated in my taughts. I can't image not reading blogs now.

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