It’s never too late to give thanks

I am late with this week’s thankfulness blog but you will have to believe that I had a very good reason. No, I’m not engaged, and we praise God that no member of my family is sick, but between Thursday night and Friday morning, I was somewhere where it would have been impossible to blog, even if I owned a Blackberry, iPhone or other device that makes blogging on your mobile not such a chore.

But it’s all over now and I am SO THANKFUL for that! You do not even understand. I take my health for granted like most people do but I think sometimes God reminds us that we are human, and just because we haven’t accomplished x, y or z, it does not mean that we will live to do so. But anyway, enough about that. I’m thankful for my health and for our healthcare system here. What else am I thankful for?

One friend who lives in my city (who I met through this blog over a year ago) is right now in Nigeria. I’m thankful that she arrived safely and I hope she’s having a wonderful time. It’s kind of bittersweet to think that a year ago I was planning my trip to Nigeria after 15 years out of the country! Gosh there is so much from last year that I still haven’t documented that I want to. I plan to visit again in 2011 but so many times I’ve been tempted to make it next year instead. Patience is a virtue, right?


Thanksgiving was lovely! My mom and sister came over early and my mom wanted to help me set things up in the house but I tried to make her relax (my sister didn’t have to be convinced sha). We cooked the meal together, my dad and brothers arrived when the food was ready (of course) and we enjoyed a family meal. It was wonderful! They spent the evening at my place, even though the chairs aren’t so comfortable, even though the television wasn’t as big or as nice as the one at home, even though they had to use makeshift end tables to hold their desserts and drinks (or hold them in their lap). Instead my siblings told me how much they liked my place and my parents said how proud they (still) were of me. They made my night.

I’m thankful for my two feet. I don’t have a car but I have had access to car regularly enough that I forget it isn’t mine (*ahem*). So when I can’t have access to the car, the tendency to pout a bit is there until I remind myself that it’s not my car and also that I live close enough that I could walk to any kind of store I needed to get to within 30 minutes and buy what I need. For some, that isn’t a option, due to where they live or health problems. But I have no such hindrance so I’m thankful for that. So guess where I’m headed, by foot, right after I finish this post? To get some groceries!

The title of this entry was meant to refer to the fact that I’m late with the entry but it just reminded me that it’s never too late to thank someone in your life for something they have done for you, even if it’s been a while since they did that thing for you. If you still think of it and appreciate it, take the time to remind them. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t appreciate being appreciated. Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!

14 thoughts on “It’s never too late to give thanks

  1. First rarely happens, so you must permit me. now let me scream before i go and read.




    it looks like a thankful post, never bad to be thankful. let me read.

  2. thankful for even your leg-edez benz? i love mine too. God must sure love kids like us, who appreciate our two legs while watching others buy private jets. thank God your friend's journey went safely. take care

  3. Funny enough, I just got my Readers Digest and one of the things that was written about, is about being grateful and showing gratitude. Many times, we forget to give thanks for the things in our life. We forget to thank people that have encouraged us along the way and believed in our dreams and passions.

    I am happy you had a great thanksgiving. Chairs, table, TV, those are things. People first, then things.

    I am mostly thankful that most things that used to be dreams to me, are now realities. That I am tremendously grateful for.

  4. Hmm lol at the healthcare system in canada..

    They always diss ur healthcare system here in the states lol.

  5. um..cant wait for thanksgivin to come mhen..had lovely memories from last year's celeberations.

    Always good to appreciate the people we have in our lives and to appreciate God for the lil things we consider insignificant ..and kinda curious,where were you those days you said you couldnt blog?…a tunnel or somethin?

    Hope you have a nice weekend..

  6. Started posting a thanksgiving fb status in yoruba every two days or so and it was amazing that everyone who wrote a reply wanted to know what amazing thing had happened in my life, Nothing exciting had happened just that I felt I needed to praise God more, it just showed me how much I had taken God for granted only waiting to praise him when He did something big,a big lesson for me about the need to be and to remain thankful!

  7. what else are you thankful for?…..uh!!! me me me. be thankful for me

    lol, As long as you were able to post your thankful posts….the lateness is pardoned. Of course, the guys will come in when the food is ready..mschew!!!!

    have a wonderful week ahead

  8. interesting post. we will never appreciate our lives enough until we learn to give thanks for every passing day.

    i recently started a journal where i weekly write all the things i am grateful for, it has been of tremendous help.

  9. â–ºHyaw

    You made laugh with your four posts for real! Congratulations. You posted your post a full hour before the next person.

    lol my leg-edez benz served me well this weekend so yes, I'm grateful for them o!

    I hope you had a good weekend.


    Aww, thanks for the reinforcement about showing gratitude. "People first, then things." – I agree wholeheartedly.

    I'm so glad you have so many things in your own life to be thankful for.


    Canada's healthcare system is not the best in the world but it's quite good from my experience. I can't imagine why the Canadian healthcare system is being dissed when what is in place in the US doesn't sound that great (in my opinion).

    Thanks for stopping by!


    Only a month or so until you will be celebrating your own thankgiving! I'm looking forward to the Black Friday sales myself (hoping there are some good deals).


    Thanks for sharing your own story. It is so easy to take God and his blessings for granted. I'm sure your friends on facebook have been blessed or challenged to remember to be grateful as well.


    I trust you to give thanks with a grateful heart!


    Thanks darlin'! I can't wait to listen to that youtube link on your latest entry when I get home.


    You're cute. Of course I'm thankful for you, you with the great posts that always make me think.

    And yes, the boys timed their arrival very well.

    â–ºFemme Lounge

    I'm very much in favour of thankfulness/gratefulness journals. I should start one too, where each night before going to bed I reflect on the day.

    Thanks for visiting!

    â–ºMyne Whitman

    Thank you. You're always here with a kind word. You are appreciated.

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