It’s Nigeria’s birthday, what will your gift be?

Today is Nigeria’s 49th year of independence, and I am thankful for the nation that gave birth to my family and had an effect on my parents and their parents, resulting in at least part of the person I am today. I hope that one day Nigeria will serve as a model to other nations. It will take time, and there is much going on in the country to find fault with, but I believe that change will happen, hopefully during our lifetimes. There are many Nigerians out there who are doing good things both within the country and abroad, but it’s those folks who are doing bad things that get all the attention.

It’s easy to criticize the country (we’ve all done it) but how many of you ask what you can do for the country? I know I personally don’t ask myself that question; I often think “Well, I am one person, and one who isn’t as intimately familiar with some of the problems in the country like others are, so I’ll just cheer on those who are working hard to make a difference, who know exactly what’s wrong with the country and what needs fixing and how to fix it”, so I embrace campaigns like #lightupnigeria and hope that my meagre efforts help. Those are of course mere excuses because I could take the time to get informed, to find the information I need, decide what my contribution will be and do it. I’ve just been lazy!

Since it’s Nigeria’s birthday, I’d like to focus on the country and what we can do to help. One thing you can do is pick a cause close to your heart that affects Nigerians and give back somehow, either by physically helping the organization or through fundraising or donating of funds. Remember the Down Syndrome Association of Nigeria? Maybe you’re in a better position to help out this organization now. If so, don’t hesitate to do so.

If you don’t find anything out there that touches you intimately or inspires you, find it! When you find something that speaks to you, your commitment is stronger in my opinion. Onada started the Bright One Educational Support Fund, and I know there are others in blogville who are involved with charities. A charity doesn’t have to have a fancy website, brick and mortar headquarters or a lovely logo to be effective. Gbemi (I wish she’d update her blog!) held a clothing drive for children in Rwanda and Nigeria and clothing was shipped to those countries, and if you want you can start a drive for anything — school supplies, eyeglasses — and time it to coincide with your next trip to Nigeria. Choose a worthy organization, a family in need or a neighbourhood, and bless others as you have been blessed. I’m definitely going to do this the next time I go. And to all of you entrepreneurs, why not donate a portion of your sales/proceeds to a worthy organization? Share this information prominently with potential customers and you just might encourage more sales, making it a win-win situation.

This hasn’t been the best of weeks in my life and I really thought it would be a struggle to find something positive to share. But God wouldn’t let me keep earlier drafts of this post that poutingly said things like “this time I’m not going to force myself to share things that I’m thankful for”. Thinking of how you can help others can really lift your mood. It doesn’t mean that the troubles have disappeared, but thinking about something or someone else has given me a much needed break from not feeling my best. To keep the wave of positivity going, please share any organizations you know of that focus on making Nigeria better or helping Nigerians. Maybe you’ll share something that someone else might be interested in contributing to.

10 thoughts on “It’s Nigeria’s birthday, what will your gift be?

  1. Happy birthday to Nigerian.

    I feel you, this hasn't been the best week of mine too, but God is in control. How are you doing..

  2. Happy independence GNG.My independence post started off with me ready to blast 9ja but then i thought what have i done to make it better?

    Pele dear.Hope the rest of the week brings some positives

  3. Happy independence to Naija, this post is encouraging, did you notice people are quite reluctant to celebrate Naija's independence…everyone thinks Naija sucks. Thanks for doing this post, did something similar on my blog with a quizz….Hope you are doing good.

  4. Happy Birthday Nigeria!!! My hubby just told me this so in honor of the day my daughter has on green & white! Too badd she got dirty before I could snap a pic.

  5. Happy belated Birthday Naija!

    GNG: Did u go to the party at the embassy last nite? I found out about it late yesterday evening and was in no mood to brave the cold.

  6. i loved the post.

    im really tired of people bashing nigeria.i personally think that a lot of things we say about that country is piling up as curses against it.

  7. this is exactly what I'm talking about in my Oct1 blog entry! more people should have this same attitude about Nigeria… kudos GNG for this seriously, glad I'm not alone cuz Lord knows I'm fed up by the negatives/complaints from some of our ppl esp on a day we're suppose to celebrate our country.

  8. Thank God for Nigeria.

    GNG, this is very encouraging.

    I must admit , sometimes I also loose faith in Nigeria, I just lost someone that I believe his death could have been avoided if Nigeria was a better place.

    Well we just keep faith, keep believing and keep doing our own little part.

    How are you doing dear?

  9. â–ºBSNC

    Awww, I hope your week is going better now. In fact, let me email you to ask!


    You said it.

    Thank you…the rest of the week wasn't so bad.


    Yes, it's very sad that some Nigerians don't have national pride. I mean I can understand but we are the ones who should try to make a difference. Unless you're working to be part of the change, there is no real benefit of trashing the country in my opinion.

    â–ºAlisa N

    Awww, it is too bad your adorable one got dirty before you could snap her looking festive. Next year!

    â–ºMyne Whitman

    Thank you very much :)


    No I didn't…I heard it wasn't much of a party.


    Thanks for the comment! Yup, we should direct our words towards lifting up the country.


    But how can I find a link to your blog? It's great that you have the same idea regarding our country.


    My sister…how are you? I know you have been in mourning; I hope you're ok now.

    It's understandable that you who live in the country would have a what may seem to be a more negative impression. of the situation because it's more real to you. I am really sorry that Nigeria failed your friend. May he rest in peace.

    I'm alright…I will email you too! ♥♥

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