It’s Thursday so I gotta give thanks

Thursdays seem to come so quickly nowadays, perhaps because I sort of anticipate them by trying to figure out what I’m thankful for each week. In my last entry on immigration, I shared that I personally didn’t do anything special to end up here except be born to a really cute couple. :) I shared this because I wanted you to know that I am grateful for the opportunity that was given to me without any effort on my own part. I didn’t have to go through the arduous process, my parents did (ok, I did too, but I was too young to understand what was happening). There are things I don’t have to think about here because of my parents’ work to ensure our status here, and I am thankful for that.

One of my worst qualities is that I want to reap the rewards with minimal effort. I want my relaxed hair to grow nice and long and look healthy, yet I don’t deep condition it, don’t use the products I buy for my hair with any regularity, and I don’t ensure that my body gets filled with only nutrients that will help my hair. The same is true of weightloss: eating candy every day and refusing to exercise is not the key to sporting a svelte figure. When I hear that someone has lost an incredible amount of weight, I ask how because I’m hoping that miracle diet where you eat whatever you want and drop 50, 70, or 90 pounds just like that will come along. The same is true of my desire to be a decent photographer. I have the camera, I have a good reference book and borrow other books from the library often, yet I don’t read them, I don’t pick up the camera and use it every day. Instead, I grab it when I want to capture a shot, and spend more time being frustrated that the picture didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to rather than taking the time to learn why this is.

Uh, so you’re probably wondering Where is this going? What is she thankful for? Shebi I came here to help her thank God for her blessings?!? Well, I’m thankful that even when I make bad choices and mistakes every day, I live to see another day and get another chance to figure things out. I have been blessed to continue to stay healthy and safe despite unwise choices, and I don’t take that for granted at all. In fact, I have to work hard not to constantly feel like I’m a ticking time bomb whose bad choices will catch up with her one day because that kind of stress if not beneficial.

Finally, I am thankful for mail. I have always loved mail, for as long as I’ve been old enough to understand the concept. Up until a few weeks ago, when I would get home, I’d ask my parents or siblings if I had received any mail, and they usually have it stacked up for me. I check for mail every day. Even bills are ok, I just like having something addressed to me. Two of my “online” friends asked for my new address and I received welcome mail from them and is there anything that makes you feel more at home than getting mail addressed to you in your new abode? I don’t think so! I love receiving and sending mail (though I hate waiting to see if they received it, and I hate waiting to receive something too), and when the mood strikes I love writing and sending cards and letters. In this email, text message and instant message age, I hope sending things in the post never dies.

24 thoughts on “It’s Thursday so I gotta give thanks

  1. yea it`s true, i actually thpught today was Wednesday!

    wondering where the week is running to lool

    I love mails & taking pics

    as well


  2. You're so good at being thankful! A true inspiration.

    I love sending and receiving mail too, but I never do, haha. Receiving welcome mail to your new home is so sweet! I am sure you are a great photographer. I've come to find out, sometimes it just have to do with getting used to new routines?

    I bought my first ever video camera like 1 year ago, quite expensivly, but never used it. When going to nigeria last christmas I decided to start using it. In the beginning I forgot about its existence, but then I got so good and captured SO many cool things. Suddenly it had become a habit. Maybe you can try that?

  3. nice twist to ur thankful posts…n I'm motivated that u keep the thanks going weekly…keep it up girl…I thank God with u too…I'd say u try Adaeze's advice on the camera thing?…

  4. Amen, sending things on this post will never die..

    I am thankful that you are thankful :)

  5. I like your idea of giving thanks on Thursdays…We always have reasons to give thanks. If we can think well, we will thank well…

    Thumbs up!

  6. Yeah, I agree with JesusFreak, “Thanksgiving Thursdays” is a great idea, may God bless your grateful heart..
    And yes, receiving mail in the post is sooo nice.. The only problem is that its usually official and from companies, wouldn’t it be lovely if like the old days, we got long flowery letters from friends/boyfriends/toasters…”My fair lady, I write with longing in my heart to see the beauty of your smile as you read this piece of paper in your hands” :-)
    lol…ok hello letters from friends would do.. xx

  7. oh, i need your address too. :-)

    I love mails…snail mails we call it!

    Thanks for inspiring us to be thankful, GNG! Catch you soon on line. :-)

  8. i like the ocassional cards or invitations, bills? not so much! but i hate weeding thru junkmail.

    how are settling in?

  9. awww I loved this…it was different fro ur usual thankful thursdays.

    u just sound like a very sweet person! lol..

  10. Don't worry, you're not alone, I think everyone wants to reap the benefits of minimal effort in one way or another…

    I love mail too!

    And I'm thankful that we get to see new days despite our mistakes as well :)

    Hope you had a great weekend


  11. Gosh we have quite a few things in common! I always want to reap the benefit with minimal effort…this is why I never really learned how to play the piano. I took lessons for an eternity, but I wanted to be mozart without learning my scales properly…lol
    I also love love mail too! I have a prison pen pal and it’s the one form of community service I really enjoy. I love postcards, letters, everything! Thanks to facebook, and emails, and IMs, etc..all I seem to get in the mail these days are bills:-( lol…

  12. LOL!

    You are so right! Thank God indeed…I am just like that too, I am been forced to learn how to be patient and do due diligence…I bet you were what they called a natural in school…that is if you went to a naija sec school. They used to call me that because I could always do well without much effort…but when I look back I realize I always gave up on excellence and took the easy way out. If I had only worked a little harder, I could have been excellent.

    So yes, I agree, every day is a new chance to do it right. We don't get a do over, but we do get a new do…!

    Be well O!


    and incidentally, I hate, hate mail!

  13. lol..i totally feel this post MEN! but my friend, i have told u to chill on the ijekuje ;-)

    Meanwhile your attention is required on my blog x

  14. Yeah, thankful for second chances too!

    And I love receiving mail too! Sadly, in this part of the world most people hardly use the post offices anymore. Except for certain bill of course.

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