I watched Jenifa (Parts 1 and 2) for the first time two days ago and I was surprised by the plot. I thought it was going to be a lighthearted film about a country bumpkin going to the big city and dealing with culture shock, only to land on her feet and even teach the so-called ‘city folk’ some good lessons.

Although there were many funny moments, especially in the first part of the movie as we watch Suliat transform into Jenifa, I didn’t see any of the darker undertones coming (and yes, I haven’t watched a lot of Nigerian movies). I’m trying not to spoil the movie in case there is anyone besides me who hasn’t seen it yet (doubtful).

I naively didn’t immediately get what these women were doing to attain “Bigs Girl” status. After watching the film, I asked a friend if things like what happened in the film actually happen on campuses and she said they do. I can’t even imagine it! I guess I’ll just thank God that I didn’t come into contact with such things and that a movie can still surprise me.

I watched an interview of 9ice on Funmy Iyanda’s show once, and he mentioned that one of the reasons he left school before completion was because he was trying to escape cultists, as they are apparently rampant on some campuses. I had that in mind when watching the ending of the first part of Jenifa, though to be honest I didn’t think cults on campus were really a big deal.

(Yeah, I guess I can be naive.)

All in all, I thought the movie was pretty well done, and I like the message at the end. Was anyone surprised by the way the movie unfolded? Did you or anyone you know have to deal with any of the same things the movie covered?

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  1. first!!!!!!!!!!

    yes things like this happen in Nigerian colleges.There are girls who will sell their souls to achieve bigz gal status!

    .wow sad to hear that 9ice dropped out cos of cultisim! the way things turned out in Jenifa was somehow o…i didnt see that coming..but i guess that is the reality o

  2. Am I first?

    hehehe! Jenifa made me laugh.

    Knowing the way Nigerian movies can be sometimes, I wasn't surprised at the way the plot unfolded (At least I'm not as naive as!)

    What I like however was the way they wrapped comedy around it and still pressed home their point.

    Thanks for your good wishes on my birthday!

  3. So true!…

    I didn't expect the move to unfold with the way it ended.

    She having AIDS and all

    Asides that, it was really a good movie!!

    yea, cult is really serious back in Nigeria.. Sadly

  4. I laughed the whole of part one…then sobered up in part two…I tot it was just going to be a comedy as well..

    I actually hate part 2…Somethings should be light,we dont have to take the moral stand all the dam time…

  5. I agree with AfroBabe.. What tires me with nollywood films is the feeling that karma always catches up..

    I used to know lots of 'big girls' on campus who ended up getting married before their 'goody two shoes' peers. And are living happily ever after..

    PS.. No, I havent seen the film but I get idea..

  6. By the end of part 2, the foolishness and very inaccurate depiction of the wages of being a 'Bigs Girl' kinda pissed me off. Naija movies need to get a bit more responsible about sex ed.

    BUT having watched many many movies as well as spent more time in Naij in recent years I am increasingly coming to the conclusion that unlike all other world cinema, our films are a correct depiction of real life! Kai!

    Search on YouTube for a Unilag girls video…..real life Jenifas in full living colour!

  7. @RocNaija seriously, you have to watch it…Part 1 is the current 'One Dollar' phenomenon…what will you do when people are cracking jokes on "Suliat ni kan, Ayetoro kan….ousssss!" lol! (sorry, indulgent moment!)

  8. Well, i liked Jenifa…it was hilarious and i like the fact that it had a message. I didn't expect the second part to get so serious but it was still fun to watch…they got some of the message wrong but then, i'm a believer in people learning their lessons so…i kinda liked it.

    And as for aristoism, GNG, gba! It's on all the campuses…as for cultism, it's in a lot of schools but my Uni was quite sheltered for it, we only had an instance of cult strike and it became a nationwide issue!

    Suliat kan, ayetoro kan! lol

  9. Can't say I've seen the movie meself, but it seems everyone here in Naija has.

    Cultism in universities?

    Yes they do exist. Alongside partying social clubs.

    From a firsthand view, most of the cults are really not into juju. Its more of drugs, violence and power. Yes, they do initiation ceremonies for new members where blood is used to swear oaths.

    These are bad enough.

  10. Jenifa is a very hilarious movie, I think the craze about it is the comic way in which the message was passed across. As a GNG in canada you might not really get the drift of the movie, for many of us that attended nigerian universities, we can easily identify with the phenomenon called big girls which is actually crazy down here and many times you find out that many of the girls that find themselves in this web of gbogbo big girls are most times girls with very low self estimate trying to prop up themselves into what they are really not, and in the process also get their fingers burnt. I guess, dat what made jenifa get all the noise and attention, besides it was mixed with lots of comic and funny accents.

    Im sure, u still had a feel of d 'gbogbo big girlz ' drama!lol…

  11. lol..the movie was merely comical to me..but now u have brought another angle to it …maybe cuz i know all about cults and wat not..

    yes cults, ariztos (dating rich older men), becoming biggs girls happen a lot in many nigerian universities

  12. I was rather disappointed with the ending. There are loads of gays folks here and they dont walk funny nor do they smell. And an STD other than HIV when not treated does NOT turn into AIDS. bloody retarded i reckon!

  13. I haven´t seen part 2 yet …I will watch it as soon as possible

    jenifa is not the only nollywood film that has addressed this issue. The question now is, is the society learning anything at all from all this.

  14. while in Nigeria, knowing how turned off I can get my some Nollywood movies, my cousins convinced me that Jenifa was different and blah blah blah… a MUST SEE… well I watched the first part… thought it had funny bits… didnt watch the end.. i was warned about it and left the room…. I think the movie started off great then morphed into being not so great and also giving some incorrect information at the end of part 2… i'd only recommend part 1 if anyone must see it….

  15. You finally watched that movie. That movie…Mscheeeeeeeeeeeeew!

    The hype made me not-open-minded to it. It gets irritating.

    About cultists: Did you ever ask me how many Universities I went to? Or why I left the first university I went to…..

    cultists were after me because of a girl …who happened to be a high school mate! NOTHING WAS BETWEEN US O.. but only because the girl came to my house often.

    The next thing….they wanted my room mate and I to join because they thought we had 'lots of money'. THey beat the guy!

    ME…JEJELY, I left the school o

  16. I think Jenifa has serious issues which it tries to address, ie. cultism, aristoism, etc. but wraps it all up in beautifully done comedy…I have a similar post on Jenifa and the lessons I drew from the movie…

    @ Roc: I understand ur point, and that of Afro, but I must point out that as per ur comment, it's not who gets married first, but the integrity with which u get in2 the institution of marriage…

  17. @Roc and Afro: you cant escape karma in a nigerian movie, actually im yet to see it happen in ANY nollywood movie. ….actually gbogbo big girls escaped karma

    There are cultists and Bigs girls in almost every nigerian university.

    I guess the good thing about Jenifa is that its a very successful movie THAT HAS A MESSAGE. its not the first movie to address such issues, but its one of the first to have that much commercial success.

  18. Part 1 was hilrious…part 2? ehm, not so!

    the repercussions of their actions were too extreme. Almost unrealistic as there are people who end up with great lives after this. I do not condone the actions of those girls, bt the movie is meant to be light hearted like Afrobabe said!

  19. there is so much controversy about that movie…

    cultism is very very real in Nigeria, ur heart would be grieved if you knew the extent….

    i thought the movie was exagerated a bit as well but then again, people have confirmed that it depicts what really happens in the uni's at home….

  20. Ok, thats it. i have heard so much of this movie. A friend even sent me clips from Youtube, i just didnt get into it. The movie earned the lead actress the best actress award in the just concluded AMAA award. Like most people commented….their are cults and all those in naija universities. At a point, it seemed like the cult was drifting into high schools too.

    @Afrobabe & Roc….Not letting Karma catch up with someone is a good twist, which is what happens in some Hollywood movies, but in Nollywood, we are more morally/culturally centered and I am yet to remember a movie (without a sequel) that ended in suspense or with no moral aspect.

  21. Loved it :)
    Part one actually…part two not so much and I was completely shocked by the whole party thing and that girl dying…Like that wasn’t what I was expecting at all…

  22. I didn't finish reading cuz I haven't watched yet… So I didn't want to know what happened…lol After exams I promise to watch Jenifa…so i can understand why i say "Suliat Kan, Ayetoro Kan!"


  23. Funny movie but they lost me when they started talking about her friend who likes anal and then died from it abi wetin she come die from again. I no understand that one oo.

    LMAO @ the supposed bigger babes wey no sabi put make up on. I mean those chics had cake on their face. That will give Stella Obasanjo(RIP) a run for her money sha.

  24. Yons, As in, Its Like, I mean, You know!

    Obviously seen it loads of times. I loved the part 1 better than the 2 though. I felt as if gbo gbo bigs girls shudnt have gone scort free like that jo. And Jenifa dint have to have AIDS

    But there you go! Na Naija film!

    Its one of the very few Naij films I have actually enjoyed though- but then again, I hardly eva watch 'em

  25. the movie Jennifer depicts what happens in Nigeria thats why its a Nigerian movie and yes alot of times karma catches up with people it takes time which was well depicted in part two as this was later in life and dont forget her roomate who was determined to get married did and met a man who would love her with all her garbage as with most big girls! we only hear they are married but not what they go through to get married as for the anal loving girl it was a combination of all her vices!

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