Just the usual hare in the house scenario…

Even though I have lived with my Yoruba parents for almost 30 years, apparently a combination of too much sleep on my part and poor listening skills can still make me misunderstand them.

I hear my mom tell my dad she’s going to go get a broom, so I go to get it for her. When we meet, I ask her what they need the broom for.

Mummy: I just cut his hair.

Oh my gosh! What???? (At this point she gives me a puzzled look at my reaction.)

I just cut his hair.

OH! I thought you said “I just caught a hare.” I was thinking that this house has become a wilderness!

hehehehe. Yes, I honestly thought she said “a hare”. In our house! Goodness!

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14 thoughts on “Just the usual hare in the house scenario…

  1. LMAO…..but on a more serious note, are there people that tutor yoruba???im surrounded by Igbos and I never get to practice.

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