Last update on the Online Dating Project and thankfulness

I didn’t put an end date on the Online Dating Project when I originally wrote about it but all good things must come to an end. So, Saturday December 5, 2009 at 11:59pm EST will be the deadline for women to provide me with their profile to forward to the bachelors listed here. So if you’ve been holding back, you’re running out of time!

A short summary:

  • 9 men who ranged in age from 19 to 36 signed up (this dropped to 8 men later on)
  • 12 women contacted me and provided their profiles to pass on to the lucky man (or men) who caught their eye
  • geography appeared to play a huge role in the men who were contacted and the women who expressed interest. Location matters!

A few of the men and women involved have given me updates, which wasn’t necessary but was nice to hear. Some men liked the women who contacted them but didn’t feel any chemistry. I don’t think we have any love matches (yet?) but we may have a meeting or two in the works and at least it allowed people who perhaps wouldn’t ordinarily meet to meet. Maybe a couple who met on here will one day matchmake for each other! Maybe I’m getting carried away.

I’m happy to report that all the men complied (or are planning to comply) with my plea suggestion that they respond to every woman whose profile is forwarded to them, even if just to say that they don’t think they’d be compatible, so if you submitted your profile and haven’t heard back from the guy, please let me know, so I can check to make sure I forwarded your profile. I did send confirmations to each woman (with the exception of one that was confirmed via chat) so we should be fine.

* * *
This week has gone by really quickly, which I really needed because I’m a bit car lagged from my trip to the US last weekend. I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep it seems. The fact that I’m writing this is a testament to the first thing I’m thankful for: traveling mercies. People get into car accidents blocks from home so to drive five hours away, most of it in the dark, and arrive both at the location and back home safely after spending a night in a different country is something to be grateful for. I didn’t drive sha; it was my friend. The two of us who didn’t drive were lucky to have a friend who enjoys driving and drives well, so well that we didn’t have to worry about our safety (except when he was checking his ipod!).

I am still thanking God that although we have had some snow flurries, it has not stuck around on the ground. This is a miracle! It’s actually usually warmer when the snow is falling but snowy weather means slush to walk through, and this slush often freezes overnight making walking and driving a bit more treacherous. I don’t mind the cold so much, it’s the slippery roads that frighten me. I just need the snow to hold out until Monday evening, because I have an appointment to put snow tires on my parents’ car that morning. I don’t want to have to drive in bad weather with summer tires to get winter tires put on the car.

Last week I was thankful for friends who accept me as I am; this week I am thankful for friends who are committed to helping me be who I want to be. I have an addiction to sugar that I’ve been trying to kick half-heartedly and it’s nice to have friends say that they’ll do whatever I want them to do to help me detox from sugar and get on the right path. Friends who support your goals and dreams make the journey that much more pleasant.

I’m thankful for the reduction in H1N1 outbreaks in Canada.

I’m thankful for life, my own and that of my family, friends and everyone who draws breath without difficulty. This is my same old song and dance but life is a gift! So many are plagued with health concerns that prevent them from enjoying the kind of life they have. You don’t have to be 100% well to enjoy life but there are some conditions that make it harder to enjoy life (in at least some small measure) than others. If you wake up and are mostly pain-free, thank God. If you can do something you enjoy doing without wondering if you can physically do it, be grateful!

* * *
A friend I met through blogging almost six years ago mentioned that a friend of a mutual friend had passed away. I’m not sure if I’m just weird, but I think my healthy fear of dying means that unless the person is in their 80s or older, I get emotionally impacted to hear that someone has died, and my heart just feels a bit sore after hearing the news.

This particular guy was only one year older than I and passed away from cancer less than a month before Christmas. Losing your loved one is sad any time of the year but if there’s one holiday that makes you think about family and togetherness, it’s Christmas. A friend in Nigeria lost his father two months ago and he was telling me how difficult Christmas will be. I am just wishing these two families a peace and sense of understanding they never imagined coming to them, and continued strength as they deal with their losses. And to anyone remembering a loved one this holiday season, I am thinking of you and have said a prayer for you. May you focus on the happy memories alone.

7 thoughts on “Last update on the Online Dating Project and thankfulness

  1. My heartfelt condolences to the grieving families.

    I also lost a good friend 3 weeks ago. Today's his birthday and his 2nd wedding anniversary was to be early next year. His wife is so distraught! he'll be buried next Saturday. He died from complications after a minor surgery.

    May their souls rest in peace.

    Sorry! Didn't want to sound too melancholy.

    thankful with you too dear for journey mercies. Hubby's been on the road a lot lately and each time he goes and returns safely. truly grateful!!

  2. interesting project…just now finding out about it. if i wasn't on a self-imposed man-fast, i definitely would have jumped on it…err, okay, maybe bad choice of words. looking forward to a more detailed post about Nigerian attitudes towards online dating/relationships…

  3. oh no, i did not see the remainder of the post. really sorry to hear about your loss. i hear you on being thankful for life…

  4. Aww,it seems a missed out a lot on your project……but yea,location matters…..

    Also sympathize with ya,dear………Hang in there!

  5. Fingers crossed with you, there should be a good match in the works. LOL.

    I'm thankful everyday, God has been very faithful.

    Young and premature deaths also get to me, heard about a couple last month. May the souls of your friends rest in peace.

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