Lending a helping hand

Remember the question I asked you a week ago? If you wanted to buy something but were still deliberating about it, would having it go on sale be taken by you as a sign that you should definitely buy it?

Well, I bought the item—a very sexy printer (I know, I’m a geek)—because I really need it for something I’m thinking of embarking on, and it was on sale. I had no idea the printer would be so large and so heavy! I almost died transporting the thing back to my workplace, which was at least 20-25 minutes away by foot. I sha persevered; I had no choice since all the taxis and buses decided to disappear from downtown when I needed them most. Even though I had to pause for a rest every five minutes or so, I made it back to the office, arms quivering and covered in sweat! I wanted to go take a shower once I arrived back in the office because I felt so gross. For a full two hours afterwards, holding anything heavier than a sheet of paper caused my muscles to twitch in exhaustion. Two days later I still felt soreness. I am not even exaggerating.

So not only am I thankful that the printer was on sale, I’m thankful for the coworker who insisted on driving me home! This was such a blessing: this colleague lives nowhere near me. In fact, she lives the opposite direction from me, and I live a solid 45 minutes away from our workplace by bus (perhaps 25-30 minutes by car). She saved me from the dirty looks of fellow passengers on the bus, plus the trouble of getting on and off a bus with a cumbersome load. Although this colleague is not religious, she often exhibits actions that Christians should embrace. In fact, sometimes you can’t blame those who shun religion, especially when these non-Christians see how some Christians behave! When I was soliciting donations for a cause close to my heart, this colleague donated three times the amount of the average donation I received. She buys treats for her colleagues every now and then, for no particular reason. And she’ll drop her own work to help anyone who asks. And can you imagine: she was apologizing to me that I had to carry the printer down to where her car was parked! Anyway, I was really blessed by her generosity last Friday evening, going so far out of her way to help me.

This idea of having a helpful nature is one that I have to constantly work on. I am fairly helpful, but I prefer to volunteer the help, rather than be asked to help. So, if I see someone with a need that I feel I can provide, I will do what I can to help, but if someone asks me to help them, sometimes I can barely hide my irritation that they are daring to request help, and sometimes interrupting me at that! How dare they! But what if I don’t see the need? How else will someone communicate to me that they need my assistance?

My dad is fond of saying that the true meaning of sharing comes out when it’s inconvenient to do so. If I have two full meals before me and you ask for one and I give it to you, I am sharing, but since one meal would be my normal consumption, I’m not really suffering by sharing; I’m saving myself from overeating. ;)

But if I have one meal in front of me and we’re both starving and I divide everything in half and eat half of what I’d normally enjoy if you weren’t around, well that’s truly sharing. Similarly, if you only help people with what you think they need help with and only when it’s convenient for you, and you don’t respond to their actual cries for help because the timing doesn’t work for you, you’re not really being as helpful as you may think you are.

So anyone who wants to help me:

  • find a good man
  • become a master cook
  • get away for a nice relaxing vacation

please step up! No kind offers will be refused.

18 thoughts on “Lending a helping hand

  1. There is this guy in my office that is so nice. Too nice. One day I asked him what is his religion. He told me none. I was shocked. Meanwhile, there are alot of Christians around me who does not help me as much as he does. I feel your gratitude.

    Speaking of meals, I just put up a post on how I shared a meal…and the resulting blessing.

    Let's talk offline about the vacation. I am going for one tomorrow…

  2. This post really opened my eyes.

    Although I help when it's convenient/inconvenient for me, I never saw it from the point through which you explained it.

    hmmm bless your heart for this post

    oya let us join hands and pray for a good man.

  3. Everyone needs to read this post especially guys, most guys tend to look away when a woman is carrying a heavy load in the states….I love this post. Kindness should be offered at all times. I love helping others but sometimes people don't help back to me. I tend to look up the creator to repay me back for my kindness….not perfect at it though.

  4. this really makes sense

    someone like me who finds it hard to offer people things cos I think maybe it's too small or not good enough or some other reason

    I guess I'll try to offer first and then it's for the person to refuse

  5. I share Bagucci's thought on this..We never know how lil measures of help puts a smile on people's faces..I have a co-worker whose fav words are–smile for me–lil things go a very long way if its genuinely from the heart..

  6. find u a good man? Let me find myself one first. lol!! I'm impressed that u put it out there like that- i defintiely will keep u in mind. xxxx

  7. Awwww she is what I like to call a good soul..

    Girl, I could actually feel the strain on my arms as you discribed it….I almost threw my shopping bag of naija food away once…just moved and couldn't find my house…was so weak by the time I got home, my hands would spam if I tried to remove my shoes…just slept off like that!!!

  8. “the true meaning of sharing comes out when it’s inconvenient to do so”…nice & wise saying by ur dad…

    lovely post, deep meaning…thanks for sharing GNG.

  9. Nice reminder about the things we should do. I especially like the way you ended it. No troubles Ill keep you in mind and Ill send u a comment as soon as I find one:)) thats the number 1 thing, i cant help with the others sorry:)

  10. For some weird reason, i was imagining you carry the printer on your head. It sure would have made ur life easier. lol

    Wish i could help with all those things.

  11. Your friend is so nice. I just moved two weeks ago and having to pull and drag things, made me appreciate the people who offered to do little things even more.

    I am offering cooking classes..lol…holla at me!.:)

  12. â–ºfunms-the rebirth

    I hope you've arrived safe and sound in Naija by now. I'll have to see if I can connect with you in the same timezone one day!


    I read your entry – what a great story. I feel a strong connection between our most recent blog entries.

    Have a great vacation!


    Thanks so much for visiting, and for commenting. It is greatly appreciated!


    You said it!


    Thanks sweetie.

    Yes o: we have to pray hard.


    That's great that you're a helpful person. It does hurt when someone doesn't help you in your own time of need. Keep on helping though; you're doing the right thing.

    â–ºAnoda Phase

    Thank you for commenting…I hope you've been well?


    Smart guy! I think your plan makes perfect sense. You might be surprised how blessed someone is by your "small" act.


    "lil things go a very long way if it's genuinely from the heart" – well said.


    lol shebi I'm older? I should be the one who find a good man first o!

    (lol we searching sisters will stick together)


    Hello o! Nice to see you around these parts.

    I'm glad you could sympathize with me. lol @ almost throwing your shopping bag away (I know how you feel though).

    â–ºMyne White

    Thank you! You're very kind.


    lol you're sweet. Thank you!


    lol with my sense of balance I would have dropped the thing in seconds flat if I had tried carrying it on my head. It would require too much balancing for its size. Don't worry: when I come and visit you I will let you help me find a man and help me learn to cook. And naturally, you will pay for my trip to visit you so then you can help me with #3 as well!

    â–ºMs. O

    Oh, I could come to your cool new condo and learn how to cook! We all know you're one of blogville's foremost cooks.


    Wait a minute, didn't you just get back from a trip to the west coast? Sure, it was for a purpose but still, it counts as vacation! ;)

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