Life is short

For me, this week is all about being thankful to God for life because it can be so short. A friend sent me a his story about a girl, Katie Kirkpatrick, who got married despite being so very sick with cancer. She died five days after her wedding, at the age of 21. Here is a link to the forward…it is hard to read the captions and see the pictures without getting choked up.

To see their love and her joy on her wedding day despite the difficulty of their journey is truly priceless. They could have decided that since her prognosis wasn’t good, it wasn’t worth her using all her strength to have a wedding, that she should not overexert herself like she did.

It makes me think of all the times where I have let something minor affect my enjoyment of something. For example, I was hosting a party last week and I let the fact that I couldn’t find the particular music that I wanted eclipse all the preparation and hard work I had already put into the whole thing. In the end it all worked out, but my tantrum and frustration with what was truly only a small part of the whole event was just unreasonable.

Here is a woman who could have let her illness take over, she could have used it as an excuse to do nothing. Instead she squeezed the joy out of every last moment; she found reason to celebrate, to be happy. If she can do that, despite her pain, surely we can come through the negative events in our lives and look for the good in it. And I don’t even want to think of how difficult this whole thing was for her family and her husband, watching your loved one dying and in pain yet having to put on a happy face for her sake.

I’m inspired by the story, and so thankful that my health has been preserved through no effort of my own. How can I not be more proactive in preserving my health? How can I not appreciate life? How can I not be thankful?

Edited to add:
I can’t believe I forgot to add another reason to be grateful for our lives: the plane that vanished into the Atlantic this week. How many of us have been on flights that are full of turbulence, on planes that we look out the window and see the parts of the wing fluttering like paper in the wind? Am I the only one who fears for her her life when she’s thousands of kilometres above the ground? Yet God has ensured the safety of plane, directed the pilots and protected us, flight after flight. I am sorry that so many lost their lives, and pray they rest in perfect peace. But I am so thankful for those of us who will fly around this world, time and time again, and arrive in one piece. It is a gift.

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  1. GNG you are an amazing woman. I love your outlook on things.

    Thanks for putting this up. I always think like this as well, but every reminder one gets is a blessing. How can one not appreciate life, I agree. We are all very blessed to even have the opportunity to be blogging. It means we aren't poor,. we aren't hungry, we aren't dying, we have our precious lives and they belong to us. We are free.

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. We are too blessed to be stressed!

    Life truly is short! Live it to its fullest!

    I'M LIVIN MY LIFE (hay ayy ayy)

    IN STYLE…..

    it is only by His grace oh

  3. Oh my God…I got teary eyed reading that

    Life is short oo… just like in that jill scott´s song we all have to start living our lives like it is golden.

    have a fabu weekend

  4. I watched this story on TV a few months back and you are right its difficult not to get chocked up. It is a very touching story and we can all learn something from her strength.

  5. Oh my goodness…I had to start/stop reading that about 7 times…thank goodness nobody came into my office….*sniff*

    She smiled no matter the news she got. Amazing. I admire people with an outlook like that.

  6. What a sad story and a lesson for us to be grateful for our lives? Thanks for sharing

    The flight 447 gave me goose bumps, can't believe people would just dissappear like that, very sad and make me question life…one has a lot to be grateful for. May their gentle souls rest in perfect is truly short.

  7. She has taught us a lesson that no matter what, we should make the best of every situation. From today, when i find myself complaining about anything, i will remember this post

  8. Gosh, it’s such a sad sad world we live in. May God continue to spare our lives..amen.. How are you, sweetie?

  9. Always churning out very tot provoking and realistic pieces week after week. your obviously a truly amazin nigerian woman–one of a type.

    I read the piece and was shaken to my foundations.To say it was very touching would be stating the obvious but in all things just like the Holy Bible instructs, 'give thanks'.

    Life is indeed short and the earlier we realize that we're not here or continue to enjoy the things he has bestowed upon our lives by our faithfullness but by his sheer mercy and compassion,the better.

    Thanks for sharing this and may God bless you tremendously for touching lives–just as you did mine now.

  10. i was so sad when i hrd the news about that plan..I always hate flying and i always dedicate my life to God b4 i fly all d time-lol!!!!!!

    will check out the story of the girl with cancer

  11. I'm thankful for that too especially since all the members of my family are always taking one flight or another to one place or another…I was terrified of flying until my friends died in 2005:… and then I realized that God has a plan for us all and that my fear wouldn't stop anything from happening if it was meant to *sigh*

  12. im scared of flying eh..and i might go back to naija this year hopefully..and that thing scared me eh!there r so many things to give thanks for….but most times we focus on the bad.nice one..first time here..i think.

  13. That story is so sad. May God give her family the strenght to overcome the grief..

    I am always scared of flying..

  14. I could have sworn I commented already. May God just continue to protect and keep us and our loved ones..amen.

  15. Inspirational as always..
    Another home run..
    Gotta admit, that plane had me shook up..
    Lemme know what you need help with..
    Who knows..

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