Look what I got!

This was written around 3:00pm

It’s a beautiful Monday afternoon. I got out of bed at the decadent hour of noon and I just finished eating brunch. Omawumi is playing in the background and I’m just chilling.

Oh, maybe I should mention that I just received the Omawumi cd about 30 minutes ago?

Yup, I just got a package from Nigeria and I’m feeling pretty darn blessed right now. Check out my bounty:

First, there’s the cd, that was sent to me because the giver loves Omawumi (and I am loving it!):


Second, there’s the clutch that I won last year. It’s even more lovely in person:


And finally…last but not least is the Mildred Bag:


One view is just not enough:


Everything is far more beautiful in person than any camera can capture. Once I post this I’m transferring all the contents of my old purse into Mildred.

Thank you, Amina of Gidan Nodza for your generosity! When I say that words can’t express my appreciation, I mean it. How did GNG get so blessed?

26 thoughts on “Look what I got!

  1. Happy Easter! Good gifts uve got here. sure ure not sharing. lol.

    Love Omawunmi, she sings good. Enjoy the rest of the week . ciao

  2. i like the clutch… might need to check out Omawumi… do you have a favorite track on there?.. very cool that we both got something free! :-)

  3. Wow! I love the wins, great prizes and that cd is worth it knowing the song would uplift you spirit…nice!

  4. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr GNG I have a Naija outfit that would go with clutch oh, seriously!!! You can use the bag to comfort me over my homelessness LOL!!!!

  5. See groove, GNG u're loved o! :-)

    Funny enough I've had that Omawumi CD for almost 3 months now and I still haven't listened to it…..

  6. Lucky you…….Haven't been able to listen to omawunmi's album….but will try to since most ppl here says it's good……enjoy the rest of your week

  7. whooptee! You really are blessed babe! I'm sneaking to Ottawa to steal *ahem* your stuff LOL. :)

  8. Omawumi is cool; has this S.A overtones to her songs. I also recommend K'ore's ''Olorioko Again'' (the guy from Infinity; they did the hit ''Olorioko''); dude sings mostly yoruba, dont even understand half of what he's saying but i'm just loving it!

  9. â–ºFabulo-la

    Yes, you should check her out.

    I had a good Easter, thanks for asking!


    Happy Belated Easter to you! lol I'm not sharing o! Well, I could share the cd :)

    Thank you…I'll definitely enjoy the week.


    Thanks so much…I sure will enjoy these lovely gifts.

    â–ºDiAmOnD hawk

    Hmmm…I don't have a favourite track yet, though I do like the groove of Serious Love Nwantiti.


    The clutch really is cute!


    Thanks dear…I'm blessed gaan. hehe, you too like the clutch abi?


    The cd is very enjoyable.


    I think you'd enjoy the cd.

    â–ºcaramel Delight

    Thanks o! The clutch is super cute! Umm…I wish I could send it to you but um…well…I don't want you to look at the clutch and think of being homeless ;)

    â–ºMs. O

    hehehe…you're full of love, missy!

    â–ºJaycee (E.A)

    hehe…yup, I'm enjoying the Mildred bag, got a compliment on it today.


    Oh! I guess you're busy grooving to other artists?

    And you're right: I'm very very loved!!


    Thank you…I can't complain. And I agree with you re: Omawumi.

    â–ºDami B!

    Thanks for commenting.

    Yes, I bet you'll enjoy the cd…you enjoy your week too!


    hehehee…I'm going to have to put it all under lock and key! Don't even try it darlin'!


    hehe, I'm not enough of a music conoisseur ma'am but check out this review though!


    Oh, thanks for the musician recommendation! I've never heard of K'ore (though I guess I must have since Infintiy rings a bell).

  10. Gosh!! Geeeeee ennnnnnn geeeeeeeeeeee did u use that camera to take these pictures??????? Can I have the picture with the bag on the chair?????

  11. Awww nice presents you won my 'lazy' friend..lol

    Lazy you, getting out of bed at 12…i won't be surprised though with you staying up at ungodly hours!!!

    Enjoy your pressies!

  12. I WANT WANT TOOOO!!! 'in a spoilt brat's tone'!!!lol

    Great gifts babes…you deserve it and much more! bit that bag…come on gal! be a sistah!!!lol

  13. This is one of the posts that leaves a dude wondering what he should say…lol

    girl talk can be funny. Did you give that bag a name or thats the designer's name?

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