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If you receive my monthly missives then you’ll soon read some of the back story to this vision board post (and if you’re not subscribed, sign up right here for a “from the heart” message from me, once a month). Ok, let’s talk about making a vision board.

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Vision boards apparently gained popularity after the book The Secret was published about 10 years ago. I haven’t read the book but I heard that it’s about the law of attraction (the idea that you can attract what you want into your life from “the universe” by being what you want since like attracts like), and manifesting things in your life by seeing them before they’re actually there. Vision boards help you see something “for real” before it materializes in your life. I believe in God so instead of putting things out “into the universe”, I’ll use my vision board to communicate what I want God to bring into my life.

Making a vision board is easy: grab some magazines or brochures, cut out pictures of things, people, words, phrases, etc., that represent what you want in your life, stick these cutouts on some sort of paper or board, and voila—you have a vision board! There are no rules: if you want to search for images of what you want online, print out the pictures, then cut them out, go for it. Tailor the process to you: you can create a digital vision board on your computer or phone using available software and apps; your vision “board” may look more like a list of goals rather than pictures; the main idea is that you have a place where you can see what you want before they appear in your life.

It took me a few days to find the right images to capture what I wanted on my vision board and once I decided I made the commitment permanent by sticking the images down. After I finished making my vision board, I put it on my wall (you can see it in some of my Periscope broadcasts). I also took a picture of it and made it my computer’s screensaver and my phone’s background image so that I see it multiple times each day. Want to see my board?

Making a vision board - Good Naija Girl

It’s largely self explanatory, but here’s a quick tour.

One order of romantic love, please!

If you’ve read this blog for longer than a minute, it won’t shock you to see that I’ve dubbed 2016 as the year of love: I’m (over)ready to find a good man to go through the rest of my life with (God willing). I’m ready to fall in love and to be fallen in love with; let’s get this going already! I pushed myself out of my comfort zone by including images of engagement rings on my vision board: knowing myself, it’s hard to imagine being ready to be engaged to someone after knowing them for less than a year but nothing is impossible with God!

A profitable business and a status symbol

Again, this isn’t new: I want to develop an online business that allows me to retire from my 9-5 before I turn 40! Working for “the man” until I retire 30 years from now isn’t my long-term dream. How I wish I could go into details about this but don’t worry, I’ve already started drafting my no holds barred post. In the meantime I need to 9-5 hard and also hustle hard in my home office (which I need to set up). And let me just put it out there: I want a MacBook Pro. I want to make money. I’m ready to hustle to bring these things to pass.


Over the years some of my friendships have changed, sometimes under upsetting circumstances. Not all friendships are meant to last forever and we can make new friends at any age. I want to continue examining my friendships to make sure that anyone I call “friend” is person that I actually want to be friends with, and more importantly, I need to make sure that I’m being the best friend possible to those who I do want to remain friends with! I want to be trustworthy, caring, and supportive of every friend in my life.

Live my best life

I want to live my best life by traveling, eating good (healthy) food and exercising to have the best body I’ve ever had. I want to enhance my look with light makeup, making a conscious effort to look my best each day. I want my home to be inviting, cozy (not cluttered), and organized. I want to take more leaps of faith, not knowing for certain what the outcome of a decision will be, but trusting that it will be ok.

The key to it all: God

I MUST connect with God in a way I’ve never connected with Him before: everything I’ve put on this board does not matter and will not come to pass unless I seek Him first (Matthew 6:33). We have to want God more than any of the other things on our board, yup, even more than a spouse or children. This has been a struggle for me at times because I get caught up in the things of earth rather than thinking of eternity.

So, that’s my vision board! To take the vision board to the next level, for each goal, I need to list a few solid things that I can do to bring that item into my life and…DO THOSE THINGS! A vision board doesn’t change your life unless you do the work so if making a vision board is on your to do list, please also take consistent actions to achieve your goals.

In fact, last week a friend who watched one of my Periscope broadcasts where my vision board was visible in the background called me out: she saw that my board says “look my best” yet her sharp eyes noticed that in that particular broadcast I wasn’t wearing any makeup. It didn’t feel great to be called out because it reminded me that I was behaving in my old ways that have not led to success, but instead of being a baby I promised her that I would put on some makeup that day, I sent her photo evidence, and I’ve been making an effort to wear at least a little makeup each day since.

One more thing: if you do make a vision board, I want to see it! Tag me on Twitter: @goodnaijagirl.

Have you ever made a vision board?

17 thoughts on “Making a vision board

  1. I’ve never been one for vision boards but I’m seeing them crop up all over the place these days – I’m going to a program next week where we have to make one, so I guess I’ll be on that train soon.

    Anyways, I like the ones you’ve picked for yourself. And you’re so right about having to do the work. It’s like making plans but not actually doing anything about them – makes no sense.

    Kudos to your friend for making sure you’re doing what you need to do to keep your end of the vision board. She’s a keeper.

    • Pinterest can certainly be used to create (a) vision board(s) if the things that are pinned represent what you want to have or do.

  2. This is a nice and catchy way of putting down your goals. It will take some time to get all the pictures you need together though. So what happens to the ones you achieve before the year runs out? Do you pull them off?
    By the way, well done! …Hope you’ll try your best to achieve all :)

  3. On make up: I’m afraid to say I was wrong. Make up definitely makes the woman. It irritates me when I see people respond differently to you based on their perception of what your status is.

    But time and time again, people have treated me differently based on my appearance. Once in a while I’d get comments like “did you just come from a meeting?”

    I love vision boards, they just take way too long for me to create. Procrastination is to blame!

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