Matchmaking on the brain

Though it’s been less than 48 hours since I posted the profiles of nine bachelors here, I feel like I have been silent for too long. I know some people have questions or comments about how the process is going, so I feel a report is needed.

  1. I have been contacted by seven women, three who expressed interest in one guy (not all the same guy), and four who expressed interest in two or more guys on the list. I’ve passed information on to two guys so far, and will be passing on information to two more guys as soon as one of the women who sent me their profile clarifies something for me. So that means that five of the guys on the list aren’t getting any love! Come on, ladies! Don’t be shy (and check out point #4 below).
  2. I don’t know any of the men with profiles personally. I have informed the ones I have sent women’s profiles to that I feel that in a small way, my including them in this project means that I am vouching for them. I know it doesn’t really, but early on there was a guy who was clearly not treating the whole thing seriously, and I told him that I could not help him.
  3. Just to remind people: the purpose of the Online Meeting Project is to bring people in contact with each other with the hope that both parties will be honest about who they are and what they are looking for. If there isn’t honesty, that can affect the possible outcome. To that end I have asked the men I have forwarded profiles to to refrain from leading any women on, and if they are not interested, they should let the women know.
  4. Women’s profiles will not be posted on this blog. They will be forwarded to the men they refer to and he’ll take it from there. So that means no woman has to worry that people will be reading her profile and trying to guess who she is (if she happens to be a blogger).
  5. I think some people were expecting more profiles to be posted but you have to realize that it’s a fairly brave thing to put yourself out there to have your profile read and judged by an audience. And let me not lie: Nigerians aren’t exactly known for keeping their opinions for themselves so I know some guys refrained from submitting a profile because they didn’t want to deal with comments or attempts by readers to identify them. Blogville is a mostly friendly place, but every now and then some not-so-pleasant people come out to play.
  6. And finally, I appreciate all the comments from people who said that since I’m single (which yes, I still am), that qualifies me to take part in this project. However, that was not the original intention behind the project so I am happy to be a facilitator. Although I appreciate the support, I am not taking part in this. Maybe if someone starts their own dating site for Nigerians they can allow me to join free of charge. Deal?

If you have any other questions, let me know!

In related news, I have been trying to do some matchmaking in person too. I met a friend’s new girlfriend, and she mentioned that she has a female friend that she’s trying to set up. I don’t know any males looking for love right now but then she mentioned that she also has a male friend who is looking for someone special. I thought about one of my colleagues that I mentioned here and the process has started to introduce my colleague to this guy. Obviously I don’t know my friend’s new girlfriend well enough to call her a friend, and I have not met this male friend of hers, but she showed me pictures of him and told me a bit about him and really, it doesn’t have to be that serious: if they meet, and they don’t like each other, they go their separate ways. It doesn’t have to be this huge deal where you go into an in-person meeting knowing everything about the person. All you really need to know in time for the first date is whether or not you have to be afraid that this person will chop you up into tiny pieces, right? ;)

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