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Many women are talking about “going natural” with regard to their hair, so not using chemical relaxers or texturizers in their hair. Some choose to wear their hair out, others keep their natural hair in braids or twists or some other style, while some mix it up. There are a lot of opinions out there about going natural, but that’s not what this is about.

I’ve been relaxing my hair for almost 15 years now, though in the last five months I’ve left more and more time between relaxing my hair due my Nigeria trip and then because my schedule and my hair dresser’s were not compatible: I relaxed my hair in early October, then at the end of December, and I’m schduled to relax it tomorrow, for the first time this year.

I’ve written about relaxing my hair before, about how I always get my scalp burned. I found a new salon near my parents’ place, and when I met with the owner, I let her know that in the past I’ve gotten my scalp burned. She said that won’t happen to me because she feels many hair dressers leave the relaxer on too long. She took the relaxer off sooner than I’m used to, but the end result was fine (and only the edges burned because I had just bathed before coming in…when will I learn?). By my December appointment I hadn’t relaxed my hair in 12 weeks and I told her. She said it would be no problem.

She styled my hair as usual and it looked fabulous. A few days later my roots didn’t look so great and after I washed it I realized that my roots didn’t look relaxed once I let my hair air dry. My mom and sister commented on it and at first I wasn’t going to say anything. But then my sister went to my old hairstylist and came back singing her praises, and that made me resent that I was paying more at this new place and wasn’t satisfied. So about two weeks after my December hair appointment, I called the hairstylist and told her that my hair wasn’t relaxed all the way through. She asked what I would like to do: come in and have her fix it or wait until my next appointment. My hair is pretty fragile so the thought of putting more relaxer in it so soon sounded like a bad idea so I said I’d wait until my next appointment.

When it was time to make tomorrow’s appointment, I called her and reminded her that I had called a couple of months ago about my hair. I asked if she remembered my call and she did, but now she said that when your hair is freshly relaxed it shouldn’t actually be straight at the roots, that it’s the hair dryer and flat iron that make the hair flat. This is the first time I’ve heard this so I’m not sure: is it true? When she’s relaxed my hair before it’s been pretty straight at the root so I feel like the December appointment was just a mistake.

Anyway, my plan is to go in tomorrow and when she’s ready to take off the relaxer I’ll ask if she can leave it in a bit longer than she likes to or test to see if it’s been fully relaxed. I have to admit I’m curious to see how she’ll treat me because customer service is an area where every salon I’ve gone to slacks in. If she says that she may not have left the relaxer in long enough last time, or if after finishing my hair she asks if I’m happy with it, that would be great. And of course if she gives me a discount for this appointment because last time’s wasn’t to my standards, that would be even better. Otherwise, I may have to see if there are other good salons in the city worth checking out.

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15 thoughts on “More about my hair

  1. how much will i spend to relax my hair errrrr nada
    first of i went natural a year ago
    and second if i had to relax id get a friend to do it for me
    its pretty basic, no need to waste money on that.

    havent been to a salon in canada yet cos ive had in dreads for about 4mnths now when i take it out id just do a hot oil treatment carry my natural afro for a week and then my friend will help me sow on a weave,
    i have no intention of dashing out money in a salon, its so effing expensive
    i should prolly start considering making peoples hair for money
    i fix a decent weave and i can braid too

  2. I think u should try changing ur relaxer to a different one. Mayb u shouldnt go to her, cos its the relaxer thats makes ur hair straight from the roots not the hair dryer etc!

  3. Are you talking about Kim? I have an apt. on Thursday to relax my now 100% natural hair…yeah I know.
    I dont know how "relaxed" your hair got but She is technically right though, you should never relax your hair bone straight, thats what kills the hair but most people like the bone straight look.

  4. When i get my hair relaxed, the guy that i go to sometimes just combs it out, and styles it without using anything but a comb. I get my hair wrapped to dry by the way. So i don't think u necessarily have to straighten it out with a flat iron. I think she's lying or doesn't know what she's doing.


  5. never really spent much on my hair…had it in a boyish cut from 10-18, relaxed for a year in mum's kitchen shop :), then back to short hair and now longish natural. i don't like going to hair salons cos it cost so much! plus the time and not so great customer service puts me off…

    my sis had been growing her hair without relaxing it for a year, she's just relaxed and it looks great. straight, shiny and full. also she did not have any burns to her head. So yeah, it can be done, you just have to find the right person…kinda like a relationship eh?!

  6. Mehn i used to send about 90/100quid on my hair when i was sporting a short do every couple of weeks. I’ve since gone natural so now its money on braids and weaves and such.

    I don’t know if bone straight is the wrong way but ive heard that people that do not want bone straight use a texturizer to soften. I wouldn’t want to get a perm that didn’t leave my hair bone straight tho’…and you know you can never get your hair as ‘fly’ as they do it in the salon so yea…gimme bone straight please!!

  7. I have not relaxed my hair since maybe October??? I'm not trying to go natural, though. It just happened. I had a weave on my head, then I braided it. Anyway, time passed, and here we are. Per how much I pay to relax my hair, it's about $8 or so. Yeap. I buy the perm kit – Optimum Care, to be precise – and Funmie does my hair well. And no, it doesn't burn either. I'm current;y looking for ways to make that $8 cheaper sef. LOL. Some day, I'll put a picture of my permed hair up. Naturally, I don't tip her either :D

  8. Sometimes I wish I never relaxed my hair. At first 'we' were told to stick to one relaxer brand or else your hair would get damaged and change colour. I stuck to "Bright & Bubbly" kit like it were a taboo to use the cup version of the same brand (even when my wallet screamed for help, lol). Outcome : SAME STORY. :(

  9. I think she is lying as well. Your hair should be straight when you relax it. You need to look for a better person. I have never paid to relax or do my hair. I am blessed with a great twin and friends : )

  10. Hmmmm…. I have been natural for 26 months now and I.m lovin i. But when i was chemically treating my hair, i that every 8-10 weeks.

  11. I agree with the hairdressesr. We really shouldnt let perm the hair so straight. but then again, you may just have to change your relaxer. Some relaxers do the work with minimum time. I also find that if the scalp is well based, it reduces the burning.

    I last retouched in january. costs me 25 painful pounds. next time I am doing it myself! My boss will say, Ginger, what is there in reading instructions and relaxing your hair that a saloon staff can do better than you?

  12. Don't believe the hair dresser. Your hair should be straight after a relaxer especially at the roots! If your scalp consistently burns after regular relaxers you should try a milder relaxer. Maybe one the the no-lye kiddie perms would work well with your scalp. When you go to the salon ask your hair dresser which different relaxers she carries and what she recommends for sensitive scalps.

  13. less than that…in fact, only the cost of the relaxing kit, cos I either do it myself, or have my sister/mum do it for me.

    I don't tip when the salon owner does my hair, but if it is one of the workers, then I certainly do.

    Do you use relaxing kits or ordinary relaxers? Your hair might have a tough texture like mine…so ensure you use a "super" not "regular" relaxing kit.

    Don't wash your hair at least 2 weeks before relaxing so it doesn't burn, and avoid bathing just before relaxing either, so the edges don't get burned. Also, dont comb/brush your hair too close to the scalp before and during relaxing…

    If you are going to leave the relaxer in longer than usual, then make sure you stand/seat directly under a fan, to cool your scalp…

    Hope these few tips work…Cheers.

  14. So how did the appointment go? I have paid close to $100 for a hair dressing appointment with relaxer and treatment, I left the lady after that. Last paid $65. I agree that hair doesn't have to be so flat, blow drying will give the straight look till the next appointment. All the best with your hair.

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