More about the contest!

To respond to some questions and comments about the contest that is going on on this blog:

  1. There is only one entry per person for the first three prizes. Leaving a comment on that entry enters you for a prize. In the case of people who commented more than once, I am combining their comments and the number that their comment is is based on the first comment left by the person.
  2. For the second set of prizes, you may enter once for each prize being given, as long as you are eligible. The two prizes that are related to a blog or website design only apply to those of you with blogs or websites.
  3. If you want to win one of:

    • Anne‘s jewelry
    • Tayo’s web design services for a blog banner
    • Ruthie’s earrings
    • Seye‘s web design services for a blog banner

    you need to send a 40 word (maximum) paragraph to WIN @ GOODNAIJAGIRL.COM. That’s 40 words, not pages, not dollars. And forty is the maximum: if you only want to send a sentence or two, that’s welcome too!

  4. You don’t need to create a new email address to send your entry from (good question by Vera): just don’t mention your name or your blog in the actual paragraph you send. It’s ok for your email address to have your name, blog name or part of your name or blog name in it.
  5. Any comments made by me on that entry do not count. In fact I’m going to incorporate my comment in italics with the comment of each person, for this entry only, so that it doesn’t affect the counting.
  6. The contest closes on Thursday February 26, 2009 at 11:59pm EST. Hurry up and enter!

Please feel free to leave any other questions or comments concerning the contest here.

13 thoughts on “More about the contest!

  1. Hey GNG,


    Its the 2009 awards for naija bloggers. Come have fun! And pls help promote by copying the icon and posting it on ur blog page.


  2. â–ºbumight

    And have you submitted this essy, missy?

    lol at your firsting. It's a game now abi? ;)

    â–ºDanny Bagucci

    You're running out of time, Mr.!


    I visited the site o! And posted the icon..see it there? On the right?


    You better talk to the random number generator!


    Good luck! It'll be announced soon now!


    You didn't enter for the website designs though! I'm going to send you an email o!


    Go write am now!


    Go away jo!


    It's naijagirl, not babe! :)


    YOu haven't missed it yet!

    â–ºJide Salu

    Hello and thank you for the compliment!

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