Mostly about the NBAs

So the Nigerian Blog Awards began on May 30 as planned and I disappeared from this blog. It’s definitely not a coincidence. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work to do (more than you can imagine; I’m not just saying that!). For most of last week I felt overwhelmed by it all but thanks to God I managed to get things more or less sorted out in time to go on my annual weekend camping trip.

I’m not the best at group work and depending on others because I like to set a standard and then do whatever is necessary to meet or surpass it, even if it means staying up all night to tweak the most minute details, even if it means coming to work late (after telling my employer I’ll be late of course, and arranging to make up the time). My family and friends tell me that when it comes to things like this I’m too picky and detail-oriented, so because of that I don’t bother trying to recruit helpers because I just don’t think anyone would be as into this as I am, and be willing to give up sleep for this. (The only exception is that I will cry out to BBB every now and then because she proved last year that she’s very good at getting things done!).

Perfection is impossible, and the glitches we’ve had so far (like the “little” matter of some people not receiving confirmation codes) has been extremely frustrating. Thankfully it seems to be behind us for the most part (at least until I check the email account for the blog awards again!). I’ll have to look into ways in which I can better utilize the resources out there to make things easier so that I’m not missing work or losing sleep over the awards. It’s only the second year that the awards have been under my coordination and I expect it will take a few more years until things are well organized and the awards practically run itself (a girl can dream!).

So please, if you have visited the site and you have constructive criticism to share about the process, feel free to share it here or you can wait until we ask for it on the awards site (which I usually do after the awards are over). Suggestions are carefully considered for incorporation into the next year’s awards process.

But enough about the awards: How are you doing?

8 thoughts on “Mostly about the NBAs

  1. The site is wonderful. You guyz are doing a great job. it is not an easy something. I am fine thanks you : )

  2. Sincerely GnG, you’ve been amazing. Outstanding is all I can say. Yes, we all may not see everything behind the scenes but I must confess, we all appreciate you. BBB, thank you for always been her shoulder to cry on. And if you need one more shoulder, don’t fail to call on me; Yes, me! I can help too…

    – LDP

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