My blog turnoffs

  • Infrequent posting.
  • Too many colours and font sizes used in one entry, especially colours that make my eyes hurt.
  • Oversharing about your sex life, real or fictional.
  • Excessive vanity, unless it’s done for humour’s sake.
  • Trying too hard to be funny, or to write in a style that seems unnatural to the writer.
  • Writing that is full of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

The best part of the above is everyone has a different idea of what is acceptable so really this list is not very useful to a blogger seeking to stay out of my bad books, something that was done deliberately because I don’t want you to think I’m picking on you specifically because I’m not :)

The biggest turn off to me though is the “firsting”! Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s a compliment to the blogger that you want to be the first to comment on their blog (especially since you don’t get much from it but the “rush” of being first — or is there a prize no one has informed me about?) but can’t you write “first” then leave something substantive? Some people simply declare that they were the first to see a blog post and don’t even read it…ever. I’m not sure why but that really bothers me. I feel that bloggers share posts and leave their comments open to solicit opinions or insight or even just have an area to exchange jokes and perhaps this firsting business is a case of the latter and I’m just too old, unhip and uncool to see that? Someone explain it to me please!

And while you’re at it, share your own blogging annoyances below.

Edited to add: sting reminded me of one of my other blog-related woes, something that some bloggers insist on putting me through. I am speaking to archiwiz, Solomon Sydelle, Oluwadee and sting sef, but since I love them I guess I don’t mind so much that they put me through hell every time I have to comment on their blog.

What am I talking about?

Let’s say I read an entry on Writefreak‘s blog and want to comment. I click on comment and this appears.


I select the third option, fill in my details and drop my comment.

But when it comes to those four ladies (and others of you), I get this screen:


Guess what? I don’t have a blogspot blog! And I’m never logged in as so I always have to a) logout of my email and log back in as GNG or b) use the second option which requires me to login using my old blog location, (instead of first before I can comment, and then if I want to leave a link to my current blog I have to post it in my comment! Phew! That is more exercise than I should have to go through to drop my comment, don’t you think? Especially if all I have to say that day is “First!” ;)

30 thoughts on “My blog turnoffs

  1. Lol!!!that was done on purpose GNG!!!hee her hee!!!I guess it's different strokes for different folks!To be honest I love to be the first to leave comments on my favourite bloggers' posts…but because I know my peops on blogville are quite fast,I simply mark my spot before I go back to read the post!!!

  2. I remember from way back that u hated the first thing. I have joined in the firsting frenzy, but i always try to leave a comment also.

    My totally hate the oversharing of sex details. I don't even read them in my romance novels, u can't be sure i don't bother reading them in blogsville. I don't really want to know about that.

    I still hate the word verification thingy with a freaking passion.

  3. Hi!!!! i agree with you to some degree in what you have stated above.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. i have been reading yours for so long but has not left a comment. i will explain privately. LOL!!!

    God bless You!!!! hoping to read more of you….

  4. while i think the "firsting" thing is a compliment to the blogger too, sommetimes i think it can become the obsession rather than actually reading the post and initiate meaningful dicussion.. I must however quickly add that the bulk of ppl who typically claim first spot, also manages to say sthng useful most times so maybe its a moot point.. …

  5. lol@no limit

    I know you cracked YNC up big time, also Goodnaijagirl must have spanked you

    I really can relate to what you are saying, the worst for me is blogs that kill my eyes. You all know I wear glasses to read in class so reading a blog that tint my eyes. I don't even bother myself to kill my eyes.

    Every blogger is different, those "First" thing is for the fun of it. I can relate to doing one myself, honestly it feels great when you are first to read a blog post. you know human nature is to be the first at all

    Just to let you know, you have been tagged with the "Honest Scrap Award"…I love your blog, you deserve an award….Much Love

    Have a fabulous Sunday.

  6. Ok, gng! U've just become uncool! How can u not like the first thing? Neways, we still love you ;)

    Anytime I shout "first" I ALWAYS read the post, I might not comment afterwards, mostly because I don't know what to write; too emotional post, don't want to be patronizing, or I'm reading in class or on my phone and can't comment properly, (gosh! I need help!! I'm reading this in church!!)

    Oversharing sex life? Hmn not my writing style,

    Excessive vanity? Try not to comment on such posts, or stroke such egos.

    Too many colors? I'm guilty ma! /// but one color is soooo boring! ;)

  7. lol…….. firstly, ive replied to the country music comment. can i say here that ur now officially one of my fave bloggers. ive never met a nigerian that loves country music, gosh i love u so much right now. I feel u on the over sharing of sex life too….. and i hate really really colorful blogs. dont even get me started on font size……

  8. It just occured to me that these turnoffs could be somebody's blogging turn on.

    The internet is like a big fishing pond and like you said "everyone has a different idea of what is acceptable"

  9. oh yes!! Same here I hate it when people overshare their sex life or even their life…for me it's too much information

    or maybe i am a bit of a prude..

  10. I feel you on the first thing, I didn't get it at there is a prize or something i didn't know about during blogging orientation.

    I hate music that comes on immediately, trying to find the pause or mute button. I mean music on your blog is good (Like mines) but let me be the one to push the play button.

    Hate " I love your blog" comments, cos you know they aint reading shit

    Hate advertisements comments

    Don't really mind some sexual posts if it is a good story but post with."this boy, this boy this boy that boy seem too childish for me

    anonymous blogger comments.

    .too many pet peeves. but hey I still love reading blogs, another mans meat is another mans poison and sometimes we also fall into doing what we hate.

  11. Hey GNG I feel you on the "first" thing too, it's quite harmless though :)

    I don't like comment moderation and word verification. Usually I don't bother leaving a comment if I have to fill in those things.

    Guilty about infrequent posting – so I can't really blame other bloggers. Sometimes real life just takes your attention for a while.

  12. â–ºNoLimit

    I knew at least one person would do that…wasn't sure who! My beef is more with people who yell "first" and disappear, and you know they never read the entry. They don't "deserve" first place in my opinion when compared to someone who's genuinely trying to respond to the topic at hand (see? for some reason it's as if being first is an honour!). I agree 100% that it's a case of "to each his/her own" and for now there will be no penalty for declaring first status on this blog. :)


    Ah, as long as I can find the stop button I don't mind it…and I've sometimes been introduced to new artists through the music thing so I guess I'm less picky about it…unless I'm at work!

    Thanks for stopping by!


    Oh yeah! I remember commenting on your blog about that…lol…I guess I should let it drop abi?

    It's funny: I didn't think you'd be the sort to hate oversharing sex details! I'll make sure to keep them to a minimum if I'm ever compelled to share ;)

    Ah, word verification! That reminds me of something else I have to edit the post to complain about.


    Thanks for commenting (and being a longtime reader!). I'll email you to get the scoop on why you haven't left a comment o! It's not an obligation to comment, but I'm glad you came out of hiding. :)

    Thanks for the wishes of God's blessings.

    â–ºDanny Bagucci

    Ah, I think you have a point about it bordering on obsession actually, and I will reluctantly chime in my agreement that oftentimes the "firsters" do follow up with something useful. But when they don't….grrr :)


    Don't mind NoLimit, YNC: she knows she's in my good books so she dares all sorts of crazy things.

    I should have added that I like reading an entry first, but I don't feel the need to declare it. Lol maybe it makes me feel smug sha…we humans are funny creatures.

    Thanks for the tag! I will make my way over to your blog and follow up on it. You're so kind and I'm sending you back some love too :)


    lol "just" become uncool? I hate to say it doll but I was never cool! I appreciate you still loving me o because without bumight love well half of blogville (if not all of them sef) would desert me!

    Reading in church? Nooooooo — you are b-a-d! Wait so do you comment first then read, or read then claim 1st place?

    Ok, I understand that one can read and not feel compelled to comment but then why even bother to say first? I guess it's their way of saying they came by and read it, abi?

    I didn't have your blog in mind when I wrote the list. Honestly (it's Sunday so I can assure you I'm not lying).

    â–ºfunms-the rebirth

    Yaaaay! I'm off to read your comment on your blog!

    Tiny fonts bug me the most…my eyes start to protest!


    You are totally right, so this should be taken as one woman's opinion, nothing more.


    You're cute! Some would argue that it's their blog so they can share whatever they like and if we the readers don't like it we can leave. And I guess they'd have a point. I can be prudish too…curious but I also have a personal sense of what I think is 'acceptable' in certain arenas.

    â–ºFemi B

    lol blogging orientation!

    Advertising comments are annoying! The only time I don't mind it is when it's for a good cause that isn't simply to (potentially) line the pockets of the blogger.

    But if the person attaches a false name to their comment you'll think they're not anonymous when they really still are so I don't know o…

    You're so right of course that we can fall into doing what we don't like. So, if you see me yelling "first" anytime soon…KILL ME!

    â–ºFavoured Girl

    You're right that the "first" thing is harmless, despite the fact that it annoys me.

    I always wonder how much spam those people who comment moderate or have word verification get…or am I wrong with my assumption that they have put those things into effect for that reason?

    One man's infrequent posting is another's too frequent posting. I honestly think you should post when you want to, but when it's months between entries, well, I guess I don't tend to feel close to the blogger. You're right that people's lives are busy and their obligations extend beyond what blogville wants from them, though.

  13. Crap! I couldn't be first. I would have just layered on your pet peeves, but since I can't do that, well let me share.

    One of mine are the "holier-than-thou" bloggers. Those that feel that other people "hate" and dislike/disapprove of things and end up doing the same things on their blog. I can literally feel the poison sometimes, but frankly its their life.

  14. Ugh.. that first thing drives me CRAZY. Luckily I don't seem to get it much on my blog. It irritates me when I see it on another blog. And what's worse than the first, is when the next FIVE comments are filled with discussion about how the commenters missed being first. It's like, seriously?

    The color thing is huge turn off to me too. I read most, if not all my posts in Google Reader, which has a white background, and half the time, the text goes missing because the author decided to put it in yellow. Such times, unless it looks really important, I leave the post.

    Music? Don't get me started.

    I don't really have beef for infrequent posting, because I do it too. I feel it's better to have intelligent posts once every two weeks than meaningless drivel every other day.

    Someone stated somewhere, that it might be the preference of the author to have all this stuff. Well, you're displaying stuff for other people to read, the quality should come before your fancy. IMO.

    I'm sure there are other things that annoy me… just cant remember… :-)

  15. No biggie each to his own style…Some people are budding writers others are just logging entries as an online journal…..

    For me personally I don't care what people chose to write about but like you I can't understand the 'firsting' and the music

  16. hehehehe

    the verification thingy is a turn off for moi as well

    but i believe it is there to prevent spams

    I don't know how effective that is but that's what they say

    On the sex thingy,

    I say private things should be left private

  17. I never even thought about blog turnoffs. I don't think I have any… To me it would be akin of saying, I'm going to someone's place and deciding which way their house would be better.

    For me it's more about the subject matter and the authenticity (read not afraid of being themselves) of the reader. It's really important to me that the reader be real and authentic. Usually, you can feel it.

    The blogs that I don't find particularly interesting are gossip blogs (I don't care about celebrities).

    I have one pet peeve though and that's even in real life. I have a hard time with people who try to tell how other folks should be or behave. Self-righteousness really grates me. So I tend to avoid people (or blogs) who have that feel. The preachy folks. Reason why I find organized religion a bit annoying (to put it mildly). Except for that, if I like what you write I read, if not, I just go on my merry way. The world is big enough to accomodate every one.

    Have a good week, darl!

  18. I feel you….I didnt quite understand the first thing too…but I got into it I guess…

    I think people writing in the way that isnt normal to the would be quite a turn off for me…someone does that and it PISSES me off…I shall reserve any more comment.

    Nice post by the way

  19. Baaaahahah! I never got that first thing either. At all. Let me know if you find out that there is in fact a prize. And I guess you are turned off by my blogs since I do not post as frequently as I could. But that will change soon, don't worry. You always comment on my posts though, and I am very thankful. I guess you're just humouring me because I'm your cousin. :D

  20. I'm very guilty of the infrequent and colorful posts. I LOVE color….it makes the world look different.

    I don't think I have any blog turnoffs yet. I got on here cuz I couldn't keep a journal and this has been helping me a lot.

    The firsting thingy seems fun and it just makes me laff when pple do it.

    Being on here makes me feel like I have nothing to hide, although I love keeping my love life private but sometimes I can't help but share with others. Someone might be facing the same situation and my post might just help out.

    All in all I love reading ur posts when I get the chance to. Have a wonderful evening. God bless!

  21. Hey…whats wrong with being first??

    I tend to agree with Bumight…there are some posts you read and other than first you really dont know what to posts..I dont deal well with death..broken relationship posts…especially when u already commented and told her to move on 50 times b4 it happened…

  22. HAHAH….i love this post

    i had grammatical errors tho, when i started my blog

    guess i was in a rush

    and YES…i just figured u weren't using blogspot

    i was wondering cause i like ur layout

    i must confess urs is way annoying LOL


    email website….ahah

    all dat info 4 1 comment? LOL

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