My sister, my house, and sincere prayer

My sister celebrated her birthday on Monday of this week, and I am thankful that her life and health have been preserved to date, and she was able to celebrate with that decadent chocolate cake she loves so. Her and I have had our moments but I cannot imagine life without her and pray we are both blessed with a long and healthy life.

I found a birthday card that described our relationship really well, including mention of me being moody. She found that part especially funny (but she didn’t deny that it was true…hmm). Anyway, I intend to be hard on the birthday girl this year and continually nag encourage her to accomplish some goals that she has been sitting on blithely and not doing anything about for years. Sadly it’s a disease my siblings and I seem to have acquired: part laziness, part lack of motivation. We don’t use our time well and we seem to think we have limitless amounts of time to accomplish everything we need to do, which results in us either not getting anything done or we having to rush to complete things at the last minute, bringing unneeded stress to our lives in the process. I really want to change this about me, and I perhaps if my siblings have a strong example, they will be motivated to become more driven to reach for goals they have made.

A month ago, I mentioned that I officially owned my own place, but it turned out I was sort of mistaken. It has been a long process to get to today, where I can say that I really really own the place. Because the place has condominium fees, it had to be registered with the city before I could begin paying the mortgage. The builder, however, likes to wait until a whole bunch of homes are ready before they register them, so when I moved into my place in April, I was told that it should be registered by June. June came and went. July came and was nearly over when I received notification that it had been registered. That’s when I posted that I was an official homeowner, thinking that my waiting was over. But then I found out that my actual closing date (when I sign my name at least 25 times on various pieces of paper) wasn’t until almost a month later! I was irritated, I was cross because since April I have been paying rent for the place, money that doesn’t count toward my mortgage. When you add to that the fact that my air conditioning unit was leaking and it damaged the ceiling of the room below it, in a house that was brand new and not even four months old when the trouble started, you can imagine that I wasn’t the most cheerful person.

I have had many moments of frustration over the past four months, and in all the little things that happened along the way, I realize that I didn’t very often ask for guidance or pray about situations that were confusing or frustrating me. Instead I fumed about them or complained about it to anyone who would listen. This morning as I was running around looking for the items I needed to complete the deal, and reading through the list of closing costs, trying to understand what each meant, I was suddenly reminded that it had been at least three months since I thanked God for the fact that I have a safe place to live and that despite the bumps along the way, things have always worked out in the best possible way at the end of the day. I had spent far too much time focusing on the things that I couldn’t control rather than being thankful that the things that I did have a say in went so smoothly. I had a moment with God before leaving for work and it felt good and calming to give thanks for all that has happened and share what was currently frustrating me before going to meet with the lawyer.

While I was praying I felt really aware of the fact that God doesn’t just hear our words and think, Oh, GNG’s praying for good health for her family. What a good girl, He actually looks deeper and sees our heart, our motivation, and that scared me a bit. It’s easy to get so caught up in saying a pretty sounding prayer, asking God to be with the usual people on our list without really thinking of what you want God to do in their lives. I know He knows the needs of our loved ones better than we do but I just find sometimes my prayers seem so routine and not very thoughtful (meaning I feel like I’m praying on autopilot). Happily, today it didn’t feel that way, and I hope to be more thoughtful when I pray.

So to recap, I am thankful for my sister’s birth (and life), finally being a homeowner, and receiving a lesson on sincerity in prayers.

What are you thankful for?

20 thoughts on “My sister, my house, and sincere prayer

  1. Hey GNG,

    Glad u r finally a homeowner. Officially, officially. I am thankful that i don't have lab until 1pm tomorrow and i get to SLEEP IN! Oh what luxury!

  2. To God be all the glory, great things he has done..

    Congrats on your many sturvs and hope you continue to have the spirit of discernment to lead you to ask aright and in sincerity…

  3. Thanks od for your sister's life….you know this post reminds me of the saying 'God looks at the heart and not the outward appearance'. Thanks for this reminder..

  4. Great Post.

    I am thankful for the opportunities that God gives me everyday. I don't always see or make use them. The fact that he continues to be merciful and give me opportunity after opportunity to better myself everyday is truly a blessing.

    Again, congratulations on being a home owner :) You worked hard for it, you deserve it and I pray that you build many beautiful memories in your new home.

  5. Hehehe! When i was reading the bit about the processes for house ownership I was like, Haven’t I read about this from GNG before?

    But then you clarified that you thought the first time was official but then this time it’s really OFFICIAL. So congrats!!

    Many more blessings to you sister!

  6. Happy birthday to your sister and CONGRATULATIONS on being a homeowner!!
    How wonderful!!! I am so happy for you!!

  7. â–ºsting

    My dear med school student…I hope all is well o.

    Yay! Enjoy sleeping in and thanks for being glad with me!


    I love that song. We used to always sing it in a fellowship I used to attend.

    Amen to your prayers!

    Have a blessed weekend.


    In all things give thanks so way to go, sister!


    Yes, that passage was in my head when I was writing about sincerity but I like how you put it out there.

    Have a beautiful and restful weekend, dear one!


    Thank you! I'm hoping the next time I talk about the house it will be to give you a tour!

    Amen and Amen…thank you for reading and wishing you God's infinite blessings in your life.

    (Ps we need a blog update)


    Welcome to my blog and thank you for reading.


    Thanks friend, especially for your encouragement along the way. It was nice to have you as a great example of how to do this home ownership thing!

    You said it: His mercy and the opportunities He gives us are gifts that we should not take for granted.


    Aww, thanks girl! I love your enthusiasm!

  8. reading this made me think about my sisters too, my 'wish' of owning a home, and yes… prayers!!! Thanks for these reminders GNG!!

  9. Happy birthday to your sis and congrats on being a homeowner.

    I am thankful for life itself, i ve seen too many deaths….

  10. â–ºJabez
    Thank you for commenting and for the reminder.

    Yes, deaths can really remind you of how blessed we are to be alive abi?

  11. I thank God on your behalf for everything. I find myself praying on autopilot quite ofter. It's sad that it's only in desperate situations that I pray fervently and with tears streaming down my face..sigh. How are you anyway?

  12. My sister, thank God for everything no matter the outcome, hopefully you get all your wishes back especially the condo place. Must to suck real bad.

    Happy birthday to your sweet sister, reminds me of mine, can't stand mine but we still sisters. Hope you enjoy your week. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  13. Thank God for you, your achievement and ur sister. More especially i like the lesson u learnt in prayer. It is also a lesson for me :-)

  14. Thank God for you, GNG. Usually people tend to forget to thank God . . . even for the seeming little things. Glad to know you're one of the 'grateful ones' too. God must be pleased. I agree with you too on what the Almighty looks at when we pray . . . our words are probably inaudible to Him (of course He chooses to be that way if ever Geebeeit actually happens). rather, he looks at the heart the prayer comes from and that's what ultimately determines whether he hears us or not. I sure like this one. Congratulations once again.

  15. I love reading your blog. It's refreshing to see someone who echoes so many of the thoughts and reflections I often have … and brave enough to share it in such a public space. Keep doing what you're doing!

    God Bless you :)

  16. â–ºButtercup
    Thank you for your comment. Your description of your prayer in desperate situations reminds me so much of when I am in the same situation. I guess all we can do is recognize it and strive to do better.

    I am doing well o. I need to go check out your and Chari’s blog.

    Hello iyawo (wife in Yoruba)! lol at “I can’t stand mine but we still sisters”. I think the feeling is sometimes mutual between my sister and mine. I hope you and your sis will only grow closer as the years go on.

    Thank you kindly. I checked out your blog and I loooove your work!

    Thank you for your constantly encouraging comments. As someone that I look up to when it comes to walking with God, comments like these are appreciated.

    Thank you so much! I’m sure we are all grateful; I am just following the examples of aloted, writefreak and others on blogville who started giving thanks regularly. It reminds me to focus on the good in my life.

    â–ºMyne Whitman
    Aww, thanks so much for your comments on the radio show and thank you for listening!

    Oh, thank you for this comment. God bless you too…I appreciate your kind words.

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