New month, new lessons

Hello friends!

Happy New Month to you! Wishing friends and family a happy new month is such a Nigerian thing to me (but maybe other non-Canadian cultures do it too?). Anyway, I love the surprise text messages I get from several friends, wishing me all sorts of great things in the new month. Waiting until midnight strikes on December 31 to send such wishes is just too long because we need encouragement and reminders to be hopeful every. single day.

(Or maybe it’s just me?)

(It’s not. This life is hard.)

March was a challenging month for me in every area of my life: career, relationships, friendships, finances, health, and sense of self-worth. I was never hopeless or in total despair and I did have honestly thankful moments. Even at my worst I was so glad that my parents’ collective health was ok. However, I battled and am still battling anger, disappointment, fear, insecurity, whininess, pity-seeking, selfishness, and pride. I feel sorry for anyone who had to hear even a bit about how I’ve been feeling about all the different areas in my life. The good news is I’m getting through it and I truly thank God for that.

One great blessing that happened was yesterday. It was Earth Hour and between 8:30 and 9:30 in the evening people around the world were encouraged to turn off their lights and generally consume as little energy as possible. I was committed to this idea. My laptop’s battery and phone battery were almost completely drained so I plugged them in before Earth Hour with the idea that I’d have enough “juice” in them to power them for the next hour so I could stay connected to the world. But as I ran around my house unplugging everything, I realized that to truly commit to this, I would have to unplug my modem and my router, meaning no internet on my computer!

(The horror, right?)

But I’d still have my phone.

However, five minutes into Earth Hour, I realized that wasn’t how I wanted to spend my hour. Instead of it being a case of “Let me use all the devices that I can until they die and then sit here counting down until 9:30pm”, I wanted to to use the time to reflect so that’s what I did. I prayed about some of the things on my mind, brought up all the scenarios dancing around my head and tried to work out strategies to tackle them. I should have written it down but I was in a cocoon I had created for myself with blankets and asking me to move would have been too much.

However I’ve taken time today to write down most of it and work on a plan for success in those areas that are lagging.

And guess what? The hour flew by, I came out of it calmer and more at peace.

March was not easy but I did learn some lessons:

  • Sometimes the very thing you think will bring you closer will drive you apart.
  • Just because something is your priority does not make it someone else’s priority, no matter how much they love you.
  • Very few people in this world can give you unconditional love like family.
  • Don’t settle for less (especially with cable and internet companies!)
  • You will probably regret letting your pride win (this is a lesson my pride insists on letting me learn the hard way…ouch in advance!).
  • Fear of failure will stop you from reaching your full potential so DO IT ALREADY. I can do it!!! (To help, I’m watching Living Fearlessly tomorrow).
  • You cannot make someone want the best for themselves. If you’re working harder than they are for it, there’s a problem there.

I wish you all the best in April…let’s show this month who’s boss!

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