Ok, I owe you huge thank you because guess what I discovered about five minutes ago?

I was nominated on the Naija Bloggers Award site! And more surprisingly, I was nominated for four awards:

Dedicated Blogger Award
Best Personal Blog
Best Everyday Read
Most Likable Blogger

I’m so flattered and I was so surprised that the first words out of my mouth were “Holy crap!”, which is not exactly fitting with what a good girl would say, is it? ;)

But honestly, thank you. Thank you for nominating me and please check out the other awesome nominees! I’m happy to see a lot of the bloggers I nominated on the list.

Voting starts at midnight, but I don’t know which time zone we’re talking about so you should do like me and check in often.

Good luck to all nominees, and a big thank you to the organizers!

11 thoughts on “Nominee

  1. Wow!!! Congrats GNG. I think you are a great everyday blogger too. I am off to check the site out. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  2. The whole thing is quite interesting. Was surprised to see that I was nominated. And I didnt even campaign. Apparently some people like to hear what I have to say. How awesome! Congratulations to you GNG!!!

  3. You're so lucky!…Maybe I'll nominee next year!….

    And good girls sometimes say Holy Crap…lol

    Thanks for stopping by!


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