Not impressed with organizers of Nigerian events either

Ms. O wrote about her disappointment with promoters of concerts and that reminded me of this entry that I started a few months ago.

Earlier this year, I went to the eLDee concert that was heavily publicized, and was disappointed. I felt bad because I convinced a few friends to go with me and nobody got their money’s worth.

When I heard there was another Nigerian-organized event being planned a few weeks later, I decided to give it a try, but sadly it disappointed again. I will officially count on Ms. O and Bob-Ij to advise me on events that are worth it and events that have “Fail” all over it.

When my friend and I arrived, we were the first two females there. The other six or seven people there were guys. We went in, called our friend who had arrived there before us (he had said the place was completely dead), and he met us there. We stood around waiting for people to arrive for a couple of hours and they just trickled in. I felt horrible for the organizer because when we left after a couple of hours there were less than 50 people in the whole place. He was actually in the back of the bar taking shots of alcohol and looking very down when we left him.

The organizer tried to get people in a party mood: he came up to my friend and I a couple of times and told us to not worry, that there would be tons of people arriving any moment. Sadly he was wrong. The DJ was great but for some reason no one was dancing! I’m not the type to open up the dance floor so maybe everyone who was there that night felt the same way. Even the bartender started drinking Red Bull to stay awake, it was that dead…she certainly did not sell up to 30 drinks.

Let me give the organizer credit:

  • he came up to us and welcomed us and thanked us for coming
  • the DJ was good
  • the club was nicely organized
  • we received a facebook message after the event, thanking us for braving the rain to come

But again, I left feeling cheated and angry that once again I was duped by something that sounded good and would have been good had it delivered what it promised. I honestly believe that we have to support our fellow Nigerians who take on these initiatives but how many chances should they get? Nobody wins if we give up: Nigerians don’t get an opportunity to meet and mingle with people in the same city that they might not otherwise meet, and promoters or organizers decide that there is no need or interest on the part of Nigerians in this city for such events, which is totally wrong. When I think of Femi Kuti and King Sunny Ade who are coming to my city this summer, I can be happy that at least they will come (God forbid bad thing) because the organizers are not amateurs and have consistently delivered on their promises year after year. Perhaps some of these people running around calling themselves promoters should volunteer at this festival and learn a thing or two about how to organize an event and deliver what you promise.

I’m sure the organizer of this last event I attended barely earned enough money to pay the club for renting the space, but he wasn’t the only one who lost out. What about those of us who paid to come to a club and were sorely disappointed?

18 thoughts on “Not impressed with organizers of Nigerian events either

  1. And I just blogged about a Nigerian Movie premier I went to. Like you I convinced a few friends to come with me as well.


  2. Experiences like this can so put a damper on your 'going-out' spirit.

    Was there any special artiste billed to perform? Or the organizers just failed to get enough people into the club to make a buzz?

    Pele! Seems to me like the organizer felt just as bad as you guys did.

    He still has a lot of homework to do.

  3. I am so with you on this. I went to a fashion show that featured M.I and though it was in a posh hotel and whatnot, it started at 10 as opposed to7 pm. I thought that wasn’t too hood either

  4. Only 50 people, poor guy he must have lost alot of money and nobody was dancing haba salt on top injury. I hope this organizers wise up, very soon they will be the only one in their show..

  5. only 50 peeps showed up!


    that`s a blow to someone`s ego mehn!

    they should get their act together…


  6. definitely go for Femi kuti, Sunny ade, and if i might add, Lagbaja. those are seasoned entertainers WITH THEIR OWN BANDS.

    i went for lagbaja's concert a while ago, and even though the hall was only half full ( it was a huge hall), it was still a great crowd and i got my money's worth!

  7. Beware of Facebook events, my friends are complaining too. I hate going to parties where people are shy to dance, am with you on that one, love this post….

  8. i think its becos we lack customer service mind set. and never willing to spend money in the right place. lets tell them to spray some muscicians- u'll see the dollars rolling. lol!

  9. I agree with Tigeress oh. Most of these guys lack a customer service-driven mindset.

    First off, knowing that too many Nigerians would come late, they should have ensured that in their publicity they should have emphasized no lateness, and that the event would go on regardless of who comes late.

    Its good that the organizer sha behaved well afterwards. The last Nigerian even I went to had us waiting for almost 2 hours to enter the hall, then 1.5 hours before the main attraction showed up. It was so disheartening.

    I'm sure Femi Kuti's and Sunny Ade's shows wouldn't be like this. First of all there would be hundreds, if not thousands of people. And most of the people would want to be as close tot he front as possible.

    And the dancing? Yikes! I'm the type that can/will open the floor oh, but usually only if there's one or two other people willing to join me. For the most part people just like to stand around and compare people's outfits and bags and guess how much others make, when they should be boogying the night away.

    Sorry dear. Hopefully it will get better soon.

  10. yeah, that is not cool at all!

    If you were in my area, would invite you to our Naija hang outs – they are low key events but the amount of friendships you develop are lifelong ones.

    Take care, babe!

  11. Perhaps its a reason to stick with the tried and trusted.. and only venture into the murky waters when enough extra information has been gathered..

  12. I recall reading the last entry you made on these events….I hope next one is better. I sure would feel bad going and not getting my money's worth. Maybe you and your friends should brave up the dance floor and dance to the good music, why let a good music go to waste cos no one is dancing? why let your money go to waste when you can dance your money's worth on the dance floor?……you and friends should goof around on the dance floor then when people start coming in, you can go chill at the bar or something. I just love having fun and I like to make fun out of anything, especially in naija organized parties

  13. What a damn shame. I'm sure you're more than likely to never attend another event after this. How are you otherwise?

  14. last year i was in Naija and attended the Sarafina show put together by MTN. we were kept waiting for over 2 and 1/2 hours before the show that time period i walked over to a local viewing center and watched a full EPL match. the show did not start till about almost 9pm and when i left at 11.30pm the show was still on.

    the painful aprt was that the crowd was less than 60 persons!!

    can you imagine spending millions to fly an over 50 person cast and crew for a world class stage performance and there was that tiny a crowd.

    if i was the MTN CEO, someone would have some serious query on his table the next monday morning.

  15. I agree with you definately it sucks with such promoters. Its the same thing here in Sweden. think it´s a global problem

  16. ah sounds a bit familiar. except here they are full..too full of people and everyones talking while someones trying to hold a speech. i agree people need to support the initiative takers and get there ON TIME!
    where are u and how are u dearie? havent seen u on my blog lately i always love ur comments *hint hint* lol

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