Not only stylish but versatile too?

To those of you who thought I was deserving of the Stylish and Versatile Blogger Award (or perhaps you had run out of people to bestow it on and decided to give it to me? Either way I’ll take it!), thank you. I apologize for the delay in playing along and if I’ve left your name off the following list, please let me know. Thank you A Witty Fool, Blessing, Lucid Lillith, Jaycee, Joxy and Sisi Yemmie.

Rule #1 is to thank the people who gave you the award. Rule #2 is to share seven things with your readers. I hope these are new facts for you.

  1. I can do a cartwheel, though the older I get the more it hurts to do it.
  2. I’ve gotten three traffic tickets: one for making an illegal right turn, and two for parking in a non-parking zone. In only one of the three cases did I have no idea that I was doing something wrong. And in one of the three cases I may have cried in front of the guy writing the traffic ticket (though not on purpose).
  3. I can’t enjoy dancing to a song unless I know the words. If I can’t sing along part of the joy is lost for me.
  4. I will usually cry if I see someone tearing up or crying.
  5. I smile at babies when I see them in public, and either mouth or say “hello”. The babies probably think I’m weird.
  6. I can’t wink properly unless I have my mouth slightly open.
  7. I have a bunch of binders that hold all my banking information, credit card bills, house-related bills and all other bills. I keep all my receipts and cross check them against my banking information and credit card statements. I find this all very therapeutic.

There are two other rules that I’m going to break: I won’t be tagging anyone and I won’t be telling them I’ve tagged them since, well, I haven’t. Forgiveness please (two points if you know what animated show that quote is from).

I invite you (yes you) to share one or two things that you would have shared had I tagged you.

31 thoughts on “Not only stylish but versatile too?

    • Lol no I absolutely am not! I've never even taken a finance-related course in my entire life!

    • Awww, I'm sure your baby is adorable and worthy of 5. And thanks! Maybe if I had a few kids I wouldn't have time to organize my bills any more! ;)

    • Thanks for your comment.

      You're right: it's most fun when the parents aren't aware.

    • I'm glad I'm not alone when it comes to singing and dancing.

      I guess I would become at least partially immune if my job involved dealing with tears on a daily basis.

      PS: I've now listed your blog on the Nigerian Blog Awards website as 365 Days Through Woomie's Eyes.

    • I'm not as flexible as I used to be and believe me: my body protests when I attempt such nimble movements!

      It's good to be organized when it comes to money so high five!

  1. Awww GNG you are too SWEET lol…winking with ur mouth open huh. if that was the case for me I dont think id ever be concious enough to ever notice.

    hmm one thing u dont know about me? I am very close with Enkay and she told me how sweet you are in person :-p No worries though, she didnt disclose any sensitive information! Hehe

    • hehehe…you're too kind! I'm not sure how I actually noticed that I wink with my mouth open…maybe someone told me.

      Awww! You're friends with Enkay! Small world it is. She's so pretty and she LOVES the camera. In fact I think she thought I came to Nigeria for the express purpose of snapping her pics! ;)

  2. well one thing i would have shared is i enjoy reading your blog and i think you are a great person. You didn't put you give great advice. That should be on the list.

  3. Lol @ #3. It's just too funny. So you won't dance if you don't know the song? Ha ha ha. And you're a cry-baby, eyahhhh :)

    • Have you ever tried a cartwheel, Vera? Maybe you can do it after all!

      Instead of commending me for being organized in one part of my life you condemn? You prefer file folders instead of binders abi?

  4. Cartwheels? not since I was like 6. I also wink and smile at babies when I see them. I also think the babies are looking at me thinking: "what a weirdo!"

    one thing about myself, I hate paperwork, so my staements, receipts etc are NOT in any kinda order, just piled up in a box ( a HORROR right now… tax season)

    • hehehe…I've thought that too, that the kid must think I'm daft!

      Did you have to mention tax season? Guess who hasn't filed her taxes in two years?


  5. Hiya,

    Just by a fluke I happened to find out that Mimi had nominated me amongst others for the awards, but really are you serious about having to share 7 things about myself? I don't mind but let me know for sure and BTW who started it? Just curious. ; )


  6. I'm kinda scared to try and do a cartwheel… it's been a long long time. I keep thinking I might end up face to the pavement. I like #4 – I'm the same, but for some reason it is only when I see men crying. I can wink with my mouth closed, but I can only wink with one of my eyes. The other one just won't close unless they are both closed. (does that make sense???)

  7. I used to love cartwheels! Till I learnt about gravity in physics classes. sad! I can totally relate to #3 and #5…. Infact I smile and mouth hello to dogs too.

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