Oh so thankful!

God is so good! This week has just sped by and I was all set to post this entry at midnight when I got a message from my blog host saying the site would be down until 1am. I just went to bed.

I am thankful for the following this week.

Use of my legs
I don’t have a car, but my parents have been exceedingly generous with the use of their car. This week I decided to see if I could do without using it once. On Tuesday evening I needed to do some light shopping, and the store I needed to go to was a good 25 minutes away by foot. I whined and considered trying to take the bus there but I eventually put on my running shoes and walked. It was bit cold but with good music in my ears it was very doable. Next time I’ll eat dinner before going out though!

Having the option to walk somewhere is something I definitely take for granted. It may not ever always be the preferred choice but at least it’s one I have.

A functioning immune system
I have a cold but the fact that 48 hours has made a difference is testimony to a functioning immune system, especially since I didn’t take any medication for it. I still sound a bit like a frog and my nose is plugged but I feel sooo much better than I did on Monday evening and that is something that I am thankful for.

The Save to Splurge Challenge
The fabulous Onada came up with the Save to Splurge challenge at the beginning of this year. The plan was that anyone who wanted to join the challenge would share how they would save some of the money they regularly spend (on eating lunches out or on coffees, for example) and then use the money saved to either pay down some bills or buy something lovely. We had to set goals for how much we thought we’d save.

I joined this challenge reluctantly because my track record with sticking to anything for longer than a few days is ABYSMAL! It just does not happen. In fact I think some researchers need to use me as their guinea pig to study this phenomenon. Back when I thought diets were the way to lose weight I’d say I’m on “such and such” diet and be off it before 24 hours has passed.

But this challenge stuck, shockingly enough. I have bought my lunch for most of my life, and at my current workplace where I have been for almost five years, I have bought my lunch every day. So my personal challenge was to bring in my lunch once a week, which would make my savings for the eight weeks of the challenge $64. However, the challenge was bumped to nine weeks in length and this is the ninth week and I have saved nearly twice that amount because I actually made the extra effort to prepare enough dinner so I had leftovers and I actually remembered to bring the leftovers to work!

Unlike the other ladies, I didn’t intend to splurge because I couldn’t think of anything I wanted that would be in that price range. However, during my walk on Tuesday evening, I decided to stop at a shoe store and saw these two pairs of summer sandals and um, they had to go home with me (click to make bigger).

payless sandals1

payless shoes2

I think I may have broken the rules of the game by splurging before the challenge is over but when your feet are size 11 wide, you don’t hesitate when you find shoes in your size. I snapped them up kia kia, and I even had coupons to soften the blow of paying full price (and thankfully, one pair was on sale). I’m very pleased with my purchases.

Funm’s reading challenge
I love to read but sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day to get things done, including reading. That’s why I was excited by Funm’s reading challenge. Also, the fact that I proved that I could stick to a challenge made me eager to give this new challenge a try! I’m going to try to read two books a month (versus the challenge’s four books per month) and I’m starting with the book on the right. So far, I love it! The jist of the book is that women who want to get married should be looking for those qualities that make a man a good longterm partner, and that focusing on things like chemistry or sparks doesn’t guarantee a better marriage than those who marry a guy who is nice, dependable, so-called “boring” guys. The book is not telling women to settle, but instead encouraging them to compromise. I’m interested in what I’ll take away from the book.

There was a time when reading a book a week wasn’t a challenge at all, because in a week I could read three or four books. Now I have to actually remind myself to make time to read. Hopefully I’ll be able to consistently make time for books.

Upcoming good news
A friend of mine has some good news coming up and I’m too excited on her behalf to say nothing at all. I’m definitely thankful for that.

And those of you who have good news to share and are biding your time before revealing it to your loved ones blogsville, I’m thankful for that too!

18 thoughts on “Oh so thankful!

  1. Hmmnn..lets see..what am I thankful for…

    I am so thankful for where God is taking me too.. It is an amazing place and I cannot wait to get there…

  2. I'm thankful for everything you are thankful for, sis.

    After a depressing day yesterday, thinking & praying about Jos and the babies massacred, I woke up this morning refreshed and having a clear idea on how to make a tiny difference. I am thankful for that.

    I am especially thankful because in the last 10 days, 2 babies have been born. One to a friend and one to my cousin. They are healthy, they are loved by so many and their arrival has served to enrich so many.

    Mo dupe!

  3. I'm thankful that you feel better…sheeesh…I hate having a runny nose. Hmm, challenges are great…I wish there was a "don't be a time-waster" challenge somewhere.

    I'm thankful for knowledge. I'm learning new things everyday (at an alarmingly rapid rate) which I know will become useful to me in the nearest future. I'm thankful for God's guidance.

  4. I am pretty THANKFUL too. just yesterday, I got a job offer from a HUGE International Agency. I dont start until April, but I will be celebrating starting now.

    I read alot as well. and like you I used to go thru about four books a week, I having been reading lately though, cuz I have been too broke to spend cash on books and i have been banned from both libraries near my house. (LONG story and I AM innocent! LOL) sounds like a great idea for a challenge though and who knew that saving money was a good idea? hun!

    Thankful for U and for me! have a good day.

  5. i am thankful that i am well and healthy.I started getting symptoms of the flu yesterday but woke up this morning feeling brand new.i hope it stays that way

  6. You are so cute. I was giggling at how you just had to buy those sandals. I know the feeling.

  7. Hmm…those sandals are cute especially the first one. *side-eye* to show my envy.

    Re:the reading issue, I'm so ashamed at how my book reading rate has slowed sha. Only God can help my case now…lol.

    @awittyfool, LOL about your library woes.

    Thankful for God's protection & good health. Amazing how we take these for granted.

    @solomonsydelle, to say the Jos tragedy is heartbreaking does not even begin to capture the gravity of the situation.

  8. Thankful for so much too! I have taken a lot for granted.

    Thank God you feel better

    I am short of words about the Jos crises, I once lived in Jos, its so disheartening………..

    How are you doing?

  9. I love your shoes and it's ok your splurged early! Thanks so much for participating and once I get the shoes I'll post an iphone photo!!

  10. Girl… I can totally relate on the whole shoe spluging thing. I too have a size 11 W foot ..so when I see something in my size..knowing I don't have the luxury of going else where to compare prices… I just jack them quick quick before another big footed sister can get them lol!! Good blog!

  11. I'm late but truly thankful for Gods healing. Been out for a while recuperating and you cant tell how grateful I am to be 'back' to blogsville and to be reading this! Oluwa seun!

    I'm thankful you have thankful posts up too!

  12. Cute sandals! I have a gold and brown pair that are similar. I luv this sandal weather :-)

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