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Happy New Year!

I am on two dating websites, one geared toward Nigerians and one that is more general, and I’m quite disappointed that the former continues to earn me “flirts” (indications of interest) from men who are in their 40s or older.

I’m not saying these guys aren’t perfectly lovely men who would make good boyfriends or husbands, but I am an ageist and I refuse, at the age of 30 years and 7 months (exactly) to date a man ten or more years my senior. I just won’t do it!

(Picture a 3 year old girl stomping her foot and throwing a tantrum.)

I’ve wondered out loud to friends before why older men are attracted to me online (in person, men aren’t attracted to me) and I think it’s because I look older with this extra weight I’m carrying. They probably see me and think of a woman who has had a few kids and the bonus to them is I actually don’t have these kids so they don’t have to worry about trying to win anyone over.

So if I needed one more reason to focus seriously on weight loss, I now have it: so men my age will look at me and think “hottie”, not “mummy”.

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