On finding my blog’s purpose

My last entry was about the steps I’m taking to figure out my life’s purpose but I briefly mentioned my blog’s purpose too. Have you ever thought about why you blog? I do, because I don’t just want to be cluttering up the web for no good reason. Another good reason to be clear on your blog’s purpose is that if you want to one day monetize your blog, a blog that has focus will be easier to monetize than a blog full of random posts.

As I thought about this blog, these are the themes that came to me.

Forum for Nigerians to interact
When I first started this blog I wanted to create a forum where Nigerians–those born and raised in Nigeria, those born and raised abroad, and everyone in between–could interact and learn about each other and more importantly from each other. There are so many topics that can encourage discussion, from talking about the question of genotype to names that make it hard to live abroad to wonderful Nigerian hospitality. I’ll always be interested in discussing topics like this because I want to know more about the country and culture I came from.

Single, searching, and matchmaking
Another topic that came about in the early days of this blog was my personal search for love. I wasn’t shy about sharing my desire to marry a Yoruba man* and four years later that hasn’t changed, even though my heart has experienced some bruising in recent times. It turns out I’m not alone in the search for love so I tried to do some matchmaking, namely the matchmaking experiment on this blog almost three years ago. It was well-received but no long-term couples resulted from it. I’d like to facilitate something like that again. I’d really like to start an online dating site for Nigerians but that is a complex undertaking.

As a result, I’ve incorporated my single ladies blog entries into this blog. I have lots to share about my single and searching journey and I can’t wait to engage with people going through the same similar situations.

(*By the way, I’ll happily marry any man that God makes extremely obvious to me that I should marry, but I had to state my preference. I am quite a sucker for the sound of a man speaking Yoruba, though I guess that’s a flimsy base for a marriage!)

Cooking Nigerian food (for beginners?)
Although spending the day in the kitchen is never my cup of tea, once I’m there, I enjoy myself. I want to learn to cook the yummy Nigerian dishes my mother prepares effortlessly and I’ll be documenting these lessons on my blog because a) someone else may be able to learn from my fumbles in the kitchen and b) I like the idea of being able to look back and see how I’ve grown as a cook. Though it makes me nervous, maybe one day I’d share food of my culture with my non-Nigerian friends!

These are the three main areas I want to blog about and I’ll be focusing my time on them on a more consistent basis. In addition to these main themes, I enjoy the challenge of coming up with Thankful Thursday posts because my life has been positively impacted by thinking about what I’m thankful for.

What is your blog’s purpose? How closely does what you’ve been posting about match your purpose?

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