On giving God the praise in all circumstances

While thinking about all that I have to be thankful for, this song came to mind:

This song was written by the worship and multicultural ministries pastor at my church and he’s the one singing in the video above. The song doesn’t sound like it usually does because at church there are a ton of other instruments and singers accompanying the instruments. The words are great!

So, what am I giving God the praise for this week?

  1. For the way my parents love me. I have never doubted their love for me, and this feeling just grows. The older I get the closer I feel to my parents. I am so thankful for who they are and how devoted they are to my siblings and I. I am truly blessed.
  2. The unbelievable generosity of my friends. I signed up to raise $1,000 for a cause dear to my heart (finding a cure for diabetes) and my deadline to raise this money is May 26, four months from today. Already my generous friends have helped me reach 39% of my goal. Every time I get a notification of another donation my heart just swells. By supporting me financially these people are also supporting my upcoming 5K run/walk and I am so motivated to train my heart out.
  3. My “just enough and not too much” house. My colleague told me about a cute book with the title Just Enough and Not Too Much that teaches kids to be happy with what they have and to not want more things than they actually need because a cluttered life is often not a happier one. Although the book is for kids we can all learn that lesson. My two-bedroom house has plenty of room for me, but I have this tendency to be a packrat, to the point that I’ve been telling myself that I need a bigger house. But will that encourage more of my packrat behaviour? Probably, which will lead to me being grumpier and stressed (that’s what having too much stuff does to me!).
  4. My church. I’ve been going to this church for just over a year and I feel freer and more able to express myself at this church than I did in my old church that I attended for 20 years. I know that my former church must have prepared me in some way for this church but it’s still so great to feel this way. The sermons too are really good (though I need to work on applying them).
  5. People who are following their dreams and making things happen, because they inspire me. One really can go from having an idea, to posting pictures of it or publicizing it to Facebook, to registering a company or buying a storefront. I was very excited to see someone reaching the next stage in accomplishing their life goal.
  6. Unanswered prayers, even though I’m disappointed by the answer. It’s funny because I don’t know if I actually feel thankful for this quite yet…but I hear you should give thanks in all circumstances so I’m trying this on for size!

I hope you have plenty to be thankful for! To close, here’s another original song by Pastor Paulo.

12 thoughts on “On giving God the praise in all circumstances

  1. Yes! Amen!! Love this post! I love when people connect with a church because I know its totally God. Think about it. Many may have tried this church and not left with the same reaction or connection that you have. God matchmakes us with the things He has planned for us! How awesome is that?!?!?!

    I am in full support of #3. I am just as guilty of wanting more of SO MANY THINGS that I have just enough of. I think we are being brainwashed by the media, reality TV, social media, wealthy friends, etc, and have no inkling when/what is happening. May God help us all.

    • Thanks miss.fab and you're so right! The funny thing is that my parents have been encouraging us to try this new church but I guess I felt like "How can I leave this church that has been a part of my life for 20 years?" But for sure I feel that this is where I should be so I'm grateful for that.

      I have to constantly remind myself not to keep seeking more of things that I actually don't need (latest want: an iPad!). You're right: only God can help us!

  2. It certainly pays to give thanks in ALL situations – difficult though it sometimes is.

    I'm glad u r loving ur new Church – please apply those sermons oh…lol.

    Thank God for your friends and their generousity – all the best with your 5k run/walk, and raising all the money you need for the diabetes cause.

  3. As the Yoruba saying goes, ope lounje re, i.e. Thanksgiving is what God eats. Regardless of whatever situation we might find ourselves, theres always someone worse and we should always give thanks to this awesome and unquestionable God. Kinda curious though, why did you leave your former church of over 20 years?
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    • Thanks for your comment and welcome back!

      I left my former church because we got a new pastor about three years ago and something about him did not feel right to me and it was affecting my ability to draw close to God. I just didn't feel that he was a good fit for the church.

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