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My parents are well aware of the time I spend blogging, and my father in particular thinks it’s a complete waste of time. Ok, maybe only mostly a waste of time, but he thinks I should be writing something that can be published in a more traditional way. He thinks I could write a book.

(Oh, and he’s asked me not to mention him in my blog so I’m sure this post will just thrill his heart!)

Anyways, my dear Pops (yup, I call him Pops, or Popsicle or pumpkin Pops—don’t ask) thinks that blogging is okay, but writing something along the lines of an article for a publication such as a magazine or newspaper, or a book would be far better use of the hours that I spend blogging. I wasn’t kidding when I said I spend a lot of time revising blog entries; for me blogging is a time-consuming work. And I try to respond to most of the comments I receive by email too so that adds to the time I spend on blog-related stuff (I know, Don’t cry for me Argentina, right?)

Before I started blogging, I may have thought of how cool it would be to write a book but it wasn’t ever a dream of mine. Once I started high school and decided that I would go into the medical profession, the idea of writing as a profession never crossed my mind. Then university happened and one thing that was consistent was the need to know how to write well if you wanted good marks. I always loved writing and wordsmithing so I was in my element when I had to write essays.

Four years after university and I’m not in the medical field, and likely never will be, so I have to start accepting my current career—which does involve some writing—as my actual career, and not just something I’m doing to pass the time. I also do some editing in my work and I think that’s why in the past, friends have come to me with a book to be edited, a master’s thesis to be read and edited and countless essays. I have a friend that when she has an important letter to write, she drafts it and asks me to “finesse” it. I love doing that. But all of this doesn’t mean I can write.

So I’ve been asking myself: do I want to write, or is blogging enough? Do I feel that there is a story within me that needs telling? Can I write? Maybe I’m really more suited to writing compelling letters about how someone will take legal action if their requests are not met, or emails asking someone you don’t know to be your mentor.

I have been a reader for my entire life, but I’m not delusioned enough to think that loving to read means that you can write. And of course you want to write your own story and not just mimic style of your literary heroes, so that’s something else to think about.

As I’ve discovered the blogs Nigerians, I’ve noticed that for a number of them, blogging is not the only writing they do; there is other writing that they spend the majority of their time on, and that is the reason they stay up till 3 in the morning, banging away at the computer keyboard (not to blog, like I do). They are working on a project: a novel, a collection of stories, an article, a play, a screenplay, the list goes on!

From Adaora to Favoured Girl to Vera, we have talented writers among us who are working away at accomplishing their writing dreams. There’s also the author of The Mrs. Club among us as a blogger: someone who has published a book and who also blogs.

Writing a book is not easy, but it might be a worthwhile undertaking for someone who already knows she enjoys writing. I don’t know if I will go forward with it, but it’s interesting to think about anyway.

Oya, writers let’s hear you: Do you write? Do you want to write? Do you have a plot but don’t feel you can write it? I want to know!

16 thoughts on “On writing

  1. Hiya, there’s an interesting debate on my blog. Your contribution will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. I took a look at Adaora's blog and it was amazing! Loved it! I want to read the other two as well. I love writing although I haven't written much on my open blogs… I plan to subscribe to everyone. This is very encouraging… I am currently unemployed so I have a lot of time on my hands… LOL… I pray that I find a job and stay away from all of the crazy negativity going on… I am not very outgoing…

  3. ADD, one word that describes me. Can read but can't sit long enough to write. lol

    (Off to stalk those writers to mentioned in the post —>)

  4. GNG, oya clap 4 yourself.


    U sang Olo mi, n u did really good.

    U pronounced d words rightly too.

    Good job.

  5. I write, but not books.

    I write posts on my blog, n i have written a few articles.

    Am not sure I'll ever write a book.

    4 now its articles, blogs n responding 2 emails.

    There is a writer in everyone, its just that there r different ways 2 write.

  6. I don't write

    I don't want to write

    Hell I don't even like reading

    But I think you are talented and you should seriously pursue writing a novel. If you can make money out of a hobby, then thats icing on the cake!

  7. Writing…hmmm, that enigmatic art; in that you are loved and disliked at the same time (for proof, please visit the current discussion on my blog about Vogue Italia's all-Black spread, I'm getting killed at the moment!!). Anyway, we all have a book in us is the old cliche, and its true. But few of us find the time, and energy to actually exert words page after page over a concentrated period of time. For some it comes easy; for others it doesn't.

    It especially interesting to note how African women, especially Nigerians have flooded the blogosphere. No harm done, but its quite a talking point that someone needs to pick up on. I write, the whole nine–a book, poems, articles–blogging is just a way of lending my voice to public discourse as I detest social networks. But, great topic to start though. Oh and I believe Femi basically gave Seun his touring schedule of last year, cos Femi didn't come stateside this year.

  8. I love writing so much!!! I'm presently a student of electrical engineering but casting my mind back, I always wanted to be a journalist since I was like 6yrs old. That's why I blog. Cuz I love writing. I read a lot of articles too, magazines and journals in engineering, leadership, and more and I'm working on publishing.

    Nice post, partner!

  9. you totally need to write a book! You are an amazing writer! I love writing as well and i'm halfway through a novel though i've put it on hold for the summer….i definately want to read a book from you though!! do it :)

  10. I barely have the skills to be qualified as a "writer". Apart from blogging occasionally, i doubt if i could termed a writer

    i would have loved to be a writer though, just dont have it in me..

    Nice Blog, u rock!!!!

  11. Your dad is somewhat right. Before I found blogs, I spent alot of time reading and writing. I only wrote 2 articles this year and they both got published-but iv wasted so much time blogging. Blogging is good practice…but it can become a distraction…

    I believe you can write a book if you settle down to do it! Good luck babes!!

  12. I used to like to write, around the age of 12-15, I had that teenage angst going on. I had an older lady friend at the time and she would encourage me to keep it up but atlas it wasn't meant to be.

  13. u wont believe i have been on a book for like 2yrs now, its not an easy task, u tend to loose interest in it atimes then sometimes it just flows from within…

    howdy gal?

  14. This is beautiful o! you've come a long way o and keep evolving over time and it's always for the better!

    RYP: I communicate better through writing, but i'm a lazy writer! :-)

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