Online dating: not just for geeks anymore

When you think of online (or virtual) dating, what comes to mind? Two geeks afraid to see the light of day, typing on their computers? An option for the hideous alone? Something to be ashamed of? People lying about their identities and not being who/what they say they are? Cyber sex?

Depending on your experience with online dating or what you’ve heard from those who have done it, all of the above and more could be used to define online dating. But as more people become connected to the internet worldwide, the perception of online dating is changing. Right now, in many parts of the world, online dating is an accepted way of meeting people, and it’s no longer shocking to find out that your colleague, hairdresser/barber or friend is registered with a dating site or has met a significant other online. And think about it: online dating is just another way of meeting someone. It doesn’t mean you conduct your entire relationship online; the hope is that the internet serves as a way of connecting you to someone you would not ordinarily run into on the street, either because they live on the other side of the world or because you have a different daily pattern from them.

Since the internet entered my life, I’ve accepted that you can meet people online and feel as connected to them as you would if you had first met offline (and I’m not talking about meeting people for dating; just friends). I have had online friends in the past, people I met through online forums or chat rooms, and I think the distance is the only think keeping some of these people from being good pals. In one particular case, as the years went by and the friendships deepened, I went to the US to meet some of the people I had gotten to know online, and enjoyed getting to know some of them better. I found that the people I liked online I still liked in person, and the ones that I wasn’t crazy about online, I wasn’t that impressed with them in person.

But back to ONLINE DATING. There is so much to say and so little time. Why’s there so little time? Well Vera is hosting a show on the topic this Saturday November 14 and I will be joining as cohost to speak on the topic of Virtual Dating. My experience with online dating is:

  1. Over the years I have been on several dating sites, some targeted towards Nigerians, Africans or anyone.
  2. I have met several men from these dating sites in person and gone on dates with them.
  3. I have met the love of my life through online dating. Oh wait, that’s a lie. But maybe it’ll be true by Saturday!

So anyway, I have some homework for you to do in preparation.

  1. Go to Vera’s site and vote (the poll’s in the top right corner of her site) for the response that best reflects your position on Virtual Dating.
  2. Go to the radio show’s site and set up a reminder for yourself so you don’t miss the show (near the top of the page, in the middle, there’s a checkbox you can select to get a reminder).
  3. Leave a question in the comments for me or for Vera regarding the show. Come on, don’t be shy. You can share something that you fear about online dating or something you’re curious about, or your experience with online dating (or that of a friend, or “friend”).
  4. Come back here in two days, where I will give those who are interested in trying out online dating some ideas of where to start.

16 thoughts on “Online dating: not just for geeks anymore

  1. there's certainly nothing wrong with online dating. I have a coworker who met her husband that way. I've met quite a number of people online and eventually being friends with them offline… looking fwd to hearing what ppl have to say about the show

  2. Online Dating definitely not for me….My criteria for finding a mate is/was someone i knew very well as in background, mutual friends and all. Thank God it happened that way. I guess it'd work for other people though!

  3. I don't know how the chatroom works and with the new time, it's too early for me to call in. But online dating, lets' see. Did you know I met my SO online? LOL…

  4. Nice the something filled out all the slots for me so that's encouraging me to comment.Don't mind my grammar

    Just wanted to say hi and I like online meetings

  5. I dont think that there is anything wrong with online dating but i cant do it.when you chat with someone you kinda have high expectations of how that person would be and then when you finally meet that person you just kinda feel let down.

    i dont think i can ever do it but hey i try not to say never.

  6. most of the guys i met online end up "not good looking at all" and its quite dificult to find someone sincere online…….so am not into online dating but i guess it could be fun

  7. suprise to see so many people loving online dating. i have never fancied it. guys you meet online tell so much lies about themselves …then start confessing when you catch them. i just can't tolerate.

  8. Online dating is an interesting topic, back in the days it used to be a taboo, but nowadays with blogs and social networks taking up so much of our socialising time, it is becoming more normal to meet people this way. Think about how many people blogging has brought you in contact with. That said, meeting someone online is only the first step. Getting to know them better still requires the "normal" things like actual voice conversations and face to face meetings.

    I like listening to Vera's show and participating in the chat room so I'll be tuning in this weekend. Catch you there GNG!

  9. u know what i think inline dating works o …I know few peeps who have met n got married thru facebook..this world as big as it is , is so small anyways you are bound to have mutual friends or family one way or the other ..9 if u r naija that is ol)

    I met my hubby at a club though loll…who would have thought! loved this post!

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