Ose ose, Oba nla*

I know for certain that it it still Thursday on the west coast of North America, so with that I post this Thankful Thursday.

  1. Last week, I reflected on how short life can be, and what a gift it is. Like I mentioned, our family had experienced a scare, and I’m here to thank God for protecting my family from the events of last Wednesday. When a scare is over, and the panic dies down, life pretty much resumes, but in this case there were little “hiccups”, that had us consulting with doctors after the original incident. Things are not yet perfect but wow, I will thank God from the bottom of my heart for preserving this life. Thank you!
  2. One of my TMINDs is getting married! Remember the guy who insisted we meet at McDonald’s? He’s found his lady love and he is going to marry her this year! I’m happy because he is such a great guy, with a lot of faith in God. Whenever I talk to him, his faith creeps into the conversation and I feel encouraged by him. When I have a concern and I mention it, I truly believe he will pray for it like he says he will. He wasn’t the guy for me, but now he has been blessed with the woman for him and they will celebrate their love this summer. Yay!
  3. Another of my TMINDs has found a job! I didn’t write about this guy because there isn’t much to say: we had more of a teasing relationship, kind of like brother and sister, perhaps because he was in Europe while I was here, and because back when I met him (online), I was not a fan of online dating. He recently received his papers to live and work in Canada and is currently about 5 hours drive from me and had been looking for a job for a couple of months now. He will have to move across the country but I am glad that he’s getting established here and his almost-fiancée will be joining him soon!
  4. My mother’s cooking. It is absolutely the best. There is nothing she can’t prepare (except puff puff and buns for some reason!). Lock her in a fully stocked kitchen with Yinka Ayefele blaring and you may not hear from her for months! Of course even if she couldn’t boil water, this woman would still be my hero: her boundless energy, the love she oozes for everyone around her, her sharp temper and her physical adorableness are all just too much. I’m sorry I gush about her so much…I do this in person too.
  5. I’ll be moving out of the family home in a short while. I have lived at home, with my family for almost 30 years! I did not even leave home to attend school. What a blessing that my parents put up with me for that long, and I know they’d let me stay with them for another 30 years if I needed or wanted to. Many did not have the luxury of having a safe roof over their heads, with parents who are intimately concerned with their well-being. I had that and have that and am beyond blessed by this.

    I can’t even imagine all of the huge changes I’ll undergo, but I already know that I’ll miss my five family members and not being in on the family gist. However, I know there will be many rewarding and wonderful experiences that will come out of this move, and I’ll be only a 15 minute drive away so I think I’ll survive (but will they survive without me? Do not tell me that the answer is a resounding “Yes”!).

  6. My ability to sleep. Forget your sleeping skills and how good you think they are: I have you beat. I have fallen asleep on the bus, at work, at church, at my friends’ house, anywhere you can shut your eyes for a moment. I can sleep on the hardest of ground if need be (see our relatives in Naija thinking my sister and I would be pampered princesses!), sitting up or leaning against a wall. One of my colleagues can’t sleep in a bed if it isn’t her own; she even has trouble in a hotel with a lovely king sized mattress. Me, I really don’t need much. I am hoping my unborn pikin (child(ren)) will inherit this super talent from me and exercise this skill and ability from Day 1.

    And for the record just because I have fallen asleep in these places doesn’t mean I do regularly. I’m just bragging that I could!

(*Does the title say what I want it to say in Yoruba? I think I heard those words in a song once?)

(Also, thank you for the comments on the last entry. I’m still working on responding to everyone!)

23 thoughts on “Ose ose, Oba nla*

  1. Thankful to God on your behalf!

    I love what you wrote about your mum…..so sweet, I pray God would help us , so our children too would have beautiful things to say about us.

    for the life GOd saved in your family, the testimony would be permananet.

    Moving out of your family home?………It would work out for your good….they sure would miss you.

  2. I'm thankful for your mum and the changes you're about to go through! You can only become a better person!

    And Yes, they'd survive without you! lol….

  3. Thank God for your mum o!…wow congrats on your move!ermmm I'm afraid the response is truly a resounding YES!!!lol

    I have the ability to sleep anywhere too…I mean a-n-y where!I guess that makes me a "boy scout"!!!lol

  4. Yup! a lot to be thankful for..!

    My sister has skills that'll probably rival yours.. she can sleep through a storm..

    Saying that, I slept through an armed robbery in my house in Lagos once..

    Considering they let off a few shots by my bedroom window.. that was a mean feat!

  5. ur mum is a yinka ayefele fan, dat's cool. I am also an ayefele fan. can't stop playing the cd in my car. Thank God for the things that bring us constant joy.

  6. hey there!

    yeah i thank God that you have a whole lot of things to be thankful for and you pick out the time to actually count your blessing.I'm afraid I'm not that thankful but I hope to be


  7. haha, I saw the yoruba on my blog roll and was like hmmm, whose teaching this girl yoruba. Cool cool I saw the house pictures..oh my potential. When you do it up pls post pictures too,

  8. Congrats on your move …30 years with your parents…Wow and I can imagine how ur new apartment would be like!!! Ur parents are nice o…they didn't pressure you to move out or get married.lol I am happy for your thank you post. U deserve the best.

  9. Baba is a gem-

    me mom is also the bestest cook ever……..

    once i was asleep-i was carried…shaken…prodded

    i did not wake up

    it took the whole hostel for me to belive my body went thru all that activity and i didnt wake up

    i can sleep for 14 hours straight without waking up to pee

    i fall asleep everywhere/anytyme

    all i need to do is close my eyes

    someone once told me if a new drug needs to be provided to out do valium-a little of my blood will help

    so can you match that

    I"M BRAGGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. It's so good that you're being thankful for little things. Sometimes I forget and I hate it… My little sister just passed an entrance exam so I'm extremely thankful…

    Thank God your brother was fine! I've learned to value life as well…

    P.S. those sleeping skills are madd o! not even a joke..if it's not a bed or couch or a table in the library(dosing off mid-study), I can't do it!…lol

  11. LOL @ falling asleep in all kinds of places – Once came back totally drained from work and fell asleep on my couch cos i was expecting some friends to show up. They did – banged my gate, rang the bell, called my phone and all but shook the house down. Finally woke up to see them asleep in their car at 5.00am.. Even i couldn't believe i slept thru it all

  12. I am glad things are better for you now. Like what you said about ur mum, I feel the same way about mine as well- She's like my paddy more than she's like my mum!15 mins from home is not too far- you'll probably end up goin there 2 have dinner b4 u go home! Ha!

  13. i envy your sleeping abilities. lol. i lie in bed for about 2 hrs before i can go to sleep. pity

  14. 1. Thank you Jesus for protection!

    2. Truly happy for TMYND #1 – he has achieved something i am looking to do.

    3. Truly happy for TMYND #2 – he also has achieved something I am looking to do.

    4. I remember sleeping over at your house once. I wish I could remember the cooking, but I am sure it was delicious. What I do remember is that your mom wanted to do my hair, but I said no. I have no idea why. When my parents picked me up, my mom asked me why I didn't let your mom do my hair. I actually remember thinking I would be disloyal to my mom. I still regret not letting her do my hair.

    5. I am soooo excited for you! I want to come and visit you, not saying I would be able to any time soon. You have achieved something I am looking to do too.

    6. I used to not be able to sleep anywhere, including the plane. But it was more due to being afraid of being found in an embarrassing, mouth-wide-open and drooling position. Now I just sleep with a blanket over my head. Or something.

  15. I follow you to say Ose Oba nla nla…I so relate with #1 even if you didnt give specific details, I know exactly exactly what you are talking about! and the sleeping bit, I know I can bit you in that, I can sleep while standing, i dont even need a wall, may your children inherit it o! its a to-die for gift when i think of those who need sleeping pills. And yea, what will life be w/o mothers?

  16. waow for the past 3 decades u've never lived on ur own?! This is big! And i support u living on ur own before getting married. So u know where u're moving too? Found a place yet? U excited?

    Well the good thing is u wld have had plenty of money by staying with your parents all this while.

    I wish u all the best. :)

    79 babies rock!!! Got anything planned for ur b.day? I'm still trying to figure out what to do for mine. If u've got any suggestions- do send me way. cheers! :):)

  17. I am thanking God with u ….am sure ur folks will miss u

    ah GNG- me and u must have a sleeping competiton!

    one example comes to mind. during my nysc in Naija some years ago, i was suppose to give a presentation of the bank i was working with at the tradefair centre but we were waiting for the projector or something sha. anyway while waiting i started feeling sleeping i didnt know when i crawled under the table and slept off!

    when i woke up, customers had come and gone. my colleagues were wondering where i was…omo i was so so embarassed to come out from under the table…fine babe like me, in my suit, under the table….!!!

    that is just one example o.

    p.s see us bragging about sleep! kai!!!!

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