Love seeking

When you’ve been single for as long as I have, it’s easy to give up, to stop believing that God has the right person waiting for you. Someone who will complete you in a way that can’t even be put into words. (And no, the implication is not that you were not a full person before him, but rather that having that special person in your life will will greatly enhance your life). So I start thinking that maybe my standards are too high, maybe what I want isn’t important in the grand scheme of things. I wonder about the few guys I could have dated and I wonder, did I let a good one go? Maybe, but I doubt it. When I’m feeling hopeless and full of despair, and wondering if it’ll ever happen for me, I watch this slideshow (offline, sadly!) of the engagement of the Atlanta photographer, … Continue reading

Non-Naija crush

The last two movies I’ve seen have starred this delicious man and I have to confess that I have a serious crush: His name is James Marsden and I just saw him in 27 Dresses.

The burden of Naija parents is not light

Here’s a great article on what immigrant parents go through. That is exactly what my parents deal with all the time. A friend of mine has a plan to be able to support her parents in a few years’ time and I had already been thinking of how I can accomplish the same thing myself. I just need an idea and a willingness to work toward it.

The men I never dated – McDonalds meeting

I wasn’t lying when I said you’d hear about the Naija men I’ve almost or never dated. We’ll make this the Friday feature (don’t worry, I don’t know that many guys so this will be over before long). I’ll go through the Nigerian men I’ve almost dated in reverse order, starting with the most recent. Last year, I met a guy on that horrible dating site I already mentioned. It wasn’t love at first sight: I could tell he was a decent guy—Christian, hardworking, educated—but in a couple of areas I could tell we were not going to be anything more than friends. He couldn’t really carry a conversation and we just had nothing in common. I am sort of playful and joking and he just didn’t really jive with me in that respect. And he insisted that our first meeting be at a McDonalds! I forgive him for that … Continue reading

Good and “bad” Nigerian girls

I don’t have anything in common with those Nigerian girls. Who do I mean by “those” girls? The ones who: wear a ton of makeup have bubble butts are super skinny or super curvy with minimal body fat talk “Black” (African Americans) have men chasing them from day one have had a sexual partner or twothree, and discuss sexual activities a bit too freely dress in low cut tops and high cut skirts, pants and bottoms wear high heels confidently are really loud at events so you know they’re there Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’m not loud when I’m with friends, but these girls are almost obnoxiously so. They seem to think that every social event revolves around them. When they are on the dancefloor, they aren’t dancing because they love the song or the act of dancing, but because they’re trying to impress someone. I … Continue reading

Why a Naija guy?

I was talking with my mom yesterday, and I beggedasked her to help me find an eligible man (um, not that I’m desperate or anything because nothing is less sexy than a desperate woman, no matter how good she claims to be ;)). Specifically, I asked mummy to find me a guy who was Nigerian, between the age of 28 and 32 and preferably living in North America. My sister stopped me immediately and told me I was being too picky, and she asked why he had to be Naija. My (perhaps superficial) reason is here but I want to know why I can’t put “Naija” down as one of the things I would like in a guy? If I meet a man who meets my other more important criteria (concerning religion, values and work ethic, etc) and he’s not Nigerian, I’m sure I wouldn’t be so stupid to let … Continue reading