Stuck between two cultures

When you are the child of immigrants, no matter where your family has come from, I think you go through a phase (that can last for years or forever) where you feel like you’re stuck between two cultures: that of your parents, which you usually claim as your own, no matter if you weren’t born in the same country as your parents, and the culture you live in, which you absorb because we humans are resilient and adaptable. I wasn’t born in Nigeria but I did live there between the ages of three and six. So even though less than 1/9th of my life was spent in Nigeria, I find the influence of Naija through my parents is strong. My parents, like most Nigerian parents, were strict. Education was important and excelling was drilled into me at such an early age that I wanted to be the smartest student alive. … Continue reading

My introduction

For a short snippet about me, please start at my About page. I have a 100 things list too, but it’ll take me a while to get up to 100 facts about me. I will be updating it as I go along. You can find some basic information about me on there too. I guess it makes sense to start with why I started a blog about being a Nigerian North American (NNA) who doesn’t quite feel like she fits in. Well, for one, I’m hoping to attract people in the same boat. You don’t have to be a Nigerian North American to have some of these feelings of course, but that is the perspective I know very well and I’ll be sharing.