Thankful: April 2015

This the first month that I can say the winter weather is finally behind us—I’m so thankful for this! God brought many other reasons to be thankful in April; read on to find out what I’m talking about.

  1. April 6 is a special day for our family: two years ago on that date, my sister and her husband got married, and one year ago on that date my nephew was born—a child is a pretty great first wedding anniversary gift, if you ask me! ;)
  2. I’m thankful for health: on Easter Monday I went to the hospital and when I was released several hours later it was with Continue reading

Incident with a neigbour

I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. —Romans 7:15

Life would be easier if becoming a Christian included surgical removal of my “mean thoughts” and “unkindness” parts! Sometimes I’m so fixated on what’s “fair” that I forget to be kind, generous or gracious. Instead I’m petty: if a colleague leaves a dirty cup in the sink and forgets about it, I won’t wash it because in my mind they put it there so they should wash it, but if I’m already washing a couple of things how much extra time does it take to wash a cup?

My Christian walk has been feeling more real over the past seven months. I see areas in my life that need improvement. Behaviour that I wouldn’t have thought twice about (like the pettiness above) feels wrong. I’m less inclined to judge others or tell them what to do. I’m slowly learning to keep quiet unless doing so would harm someone (this is hard, especially at work!). Continue reading

Thankful: March 2015

It’s the last Thursday of the month and you know what that means: time for a thankful post! This month was light on blog posts, but not on things to be thankful for. I’m thankful that spring is finally here, at least on the calendar! You probably wouldn’t be able to tell if you base it on the temperature (10 degrees below zero, Celcius!). During the day it warms up enough to melt some of the snow that has built up so I am thankful for that. And it’s so much brighter out there thanks to the hour we “lost” by turning our clocks forward by one hour (for daylight savings time). Since I’ve been spending more time at my parents’ house during the week, my mom has been spoiling me with her cooking—usually by the time I get home dinner is ready. Cooking is her passion and when people … Continue reading

What is the value of a personal blog?

Food blogs challenge our culinary skills by inspiring us to try new recipes. News blogs keep us up to date with what’s going on in the world. And then you have the personal blog. What does a reader gain from reading someone’s weekly to do list or a recap of their weekend? What is the value of a personal blog? I’ve had some form of personal blog for over 12 years. The oldest post I could find online is from November 18, 2002: This blog was an online diary using Diaryland; I wrote a lot about wanting to lose weight and about my (many) unrequited crushes. I didn’t care if anyone was reading initially—which is good since you needed a paid account to accept comments and I was too thrifty for that. After a while, as I moved from blog platform to blog platform, eventually ending up on WordPress, I … Continue reading

Weekly to dos: eleven

Am I the only person having trouble keeping up with 2015? Something is UP with my time management so I took Monday off from work to focus on the Nigerian Blog Awards. It was a good move (I had a productive day), and it reminded me how nice it would be to work from home! Getting out of bed has been more of a challenge than usual each morning this week and I’m certain that I’m coming down with a cold! Though it’s days late, here’s a review of last week to dos.

Last week's to dos Continue reading

Thankful: February 2015

Are you a grateful person? Do you immediately look for the negative side of any good thing that happens, or are you able to enjoy something for what it is? Some people seem to have a more positive outlook than others, but unless there’s a medical or psychological reason for this it makes me sad that someone would choose to not be happy most of the time. We’re alive, we’re not incarcerated so we have of freedom of choice and can decide each day what we want to do, even if we wish we had more options, even if we wish we had better options.

A negative outlook is poisonous: negativity breeds more of the same, and worst of all it spreads, especially to sensitive people who let others affect their mood more than they should (not that I have any familiarity with people like that; ahem).

I could look up grateful and thankful in the dictionary to be sure, but I see gratefulness as an attitude that leads to the action of giving thanks. I give thanks to God every day because I’m grateful that I’m still here, especially when people are dying every day from all sorts of things: terrorist acts, crazy weather, allergy-related deaths, car accidents…the list goes on. This month I’m sharing the things that stood out. To me they aren’t coincidences or stuff that “just happened”—they’re acts of divine intervention.

cute-birthday-girl-m Continue reading