In Toronto to see Joyce Meyer


I’m in Toronto this weekend to attend my first Joyce Meyer conference! After all the yakking (1, 2, 3) I’ve done about loving “Mama Joyce” as Super Working Mum calls her, it’s only fitting that I come and see her when she’s only a four-hour train ride away. This is also serving as my vacation—I think it’s the first time I’ve left my city in nine months!
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Good Naija Girl – AuthenticityHave you ever discovered a blog and fallen in love with its author, to the point that you find yourself searching online for as much information about the person as you can find because you want to e-know them better? Or maybe it was a YouTuber who enchanted you. Maybe you’ve even reached out to the blogger or video blogger (vlogger) to say hello because you wanted them to know how much you enjoy their work and tell them that you think they’re cool. If you have, join the club because I have too! I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been smitten with bloggers over the years after connecting with their writing, their brand, or who I imagined they were from reading their blog or watching their vlog. While I was stalking—I mean researching—a vlogger last year, I came across a forum where people who had allegedly met her shared their disappointment, using words like “rude”, “conceited”, and “snobby” to describe her—a far cry from the sweet charmer she appeared to be on YouTube. In the eyes of some of her (now ex-) fans, she had failed the authenticity test. Continue reading

Don’t jeopardize your citizenship!

I read a story about a family whose Canadian citizenship was revoked due to lies they told about living in Canada when they were actually in other countries. This is a big no-no: most countries require you to live there for a certain amount of time before obtaining citizenship, and once you become a citizen you need to live in the country for a certain amount of time each year to keep the benefits of citizenship (such as “free” healthcare in Canada).

Every once in a while there’s a news report about people who accidentally or purposely jeopardize their status in a country—some are caught and some are not. My family’s experiences have definitely affected how I’d react if I was faced with a tricky situation—I may end up with enemies, but so be it. Continue reading

Thankful: July 2014

This month’s thankful post falls on the last day of the month so if you signed up to receive love notes from me you’ll receive an email from me later, and in it will be a picture from the event that I spent the end of June and all of July working on—more on that later. I’m waiting for the professional pictures to come in to see how things looked because it was all a blur. I only snapped one picture and it was of my friend Ves trying iyan (pounded yam) for the first time. Every July for the past 10 years I’ve sold beverages at a local music festival as a volunteer. Ten years is a long time to do anything but I love freebies: in exchange for my time, I get access to concerts. Thanks to this festival I’ve seen King Sunny Ade, Femi Kuti, Drake, Kanye … Continue reading