Weekly to dos: seven

Each week I’ll post a portion of my to do list for the coming week. The following Monday I’ll update you, hopefully with pictures, and share my list for the next week. Reading Change Your Words, Change Your Life* wasn’t on my to list, but I found time to read nine chapters of it because it’s a good book. Home Complete the pantry challenge from the January Cure. – Thank God this is finally off my list. It took me two hours to get it done but my kitchen cupboards look much better now. Blogging and Websites Keep up with new requests to list blogs on nigerianblogawards.com – Yes! I’m on track with this and by God’s grace I’ll continue in this vein for the rest of the year. Keep up with Nigerian Blog Awards inquiries. – Done. I want to stay on track with this one too, so that … Continue reading

Thankful: January 2015 + thoughts on teamwork

January ends in two days, and I thank God for each and every day this month that we were able to wake up, for preserving my health so that I didn’t have to miss work or any events I had planned. I also thank God for:

  1. Ves’s help with the coding to make the nomination form for the Nigerian Blog Awards work: a friend in need is a friend indeed.
  2. Strength and perseverance to run the Nigerian Blog Awards—God is and has been my strength!
  3. My mom’s delicious meals, which I’ve been enjoying regularly this year.
  4. The lessons I’m learning about the power of our thoughts and our words, thanks to Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind* and Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life* (which I’m about halfway through). Controlling my thoughts and words will be a journey, but I’ll see improvements before I reach my destination, which is encouraging. The verse I’m focusing on this week (with minimal success, ahem) is: Continue reading

Weekly to dos: six


Last week’s list contained more items than my usual list because I wanted to push myself to optimize how I spend my time. I was moderately successful I with the list. To remind you:


  1. Complete the pantry challenge from the January Cure. – I was at home for only three hours this week so it just wasn’t doable (I know: excuses, excuses!).

Blogging and Websites

  1. Keep up with new requests to list blogs on nigerianblogawards.com.Done, but barely—there are a few submissions that don’t quite fit so I need to follow up with those people. Requests are coming in daily, which is nice.
  2. Keep up with inquiries concerning the Nigerian Blog Awards.Done
  3. Post second blog post on goodnaijagirl.com. – Nope; this week, by God’s grace!

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Weekly to dos: five

January 18 already; wow! I hope that 2015 is treating you well so far; as for me I can’t complain. Because it’s a new year, I have a strong sense of expectation and I believe that any dreams of mine that require me to apply myself to will come true. However, my inner critic is already telling me that this is just another year that will end in disappointment like past years—I intend to prove “her” wrong.

This week's to dos

Thanks to my colleague Emily, I found out about Apartment Therapy’s annual January Cure, where each day, participants are given a challenge related to making your home look and feel better. The goal is that by the end of the month you’ll be living in a home that’s less cluttered, cleaner, and more welcoming and relaxing. If your home could use some love, check out the challenge!

  1. Complete the pantry challenge from the January Cure.

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Happy Birthday, goodnaijagirl.com!

Happy New Year, friends! My first post this year is courtesy of the fact that today is goodnaijagirl.com’s seven year anniversary and I realized it about halfway through the day. If anything was going to lure me to write a post today, it’s that. Here’s my first blog post: For a short snippet about me, please start at my About page. I have a 100 things list too, but it’ll take me a while to get up to 100 facts about me. I will be updating it as I go along. You can find some basic information about me on there too. I guess it makes sense to start with why I started a blog about being a Nigerian North American (NNA) who doesn’t quite feel like she fits in. Well, for one, I’m hoping to attract people in the same boat. You don’t have to be a Nigerian North … Continue reading

Thankful: December 2014

It’s Christmas Day! I’m very thankful for the Reason for the season (Jesus Christ), and even though it’s easy to get caught up in the “gift-giving-and-getting” aspect of Christmas (guilty over here), there’s something about the quietness of the morning that reminds me what Christmas is about. I hope you’ll be spending the day with loved ones—I’m spending Christmas with my parents and brothers. My parents and I have been blessed to celebrate 33 Christmases with my sister; this is the first without her. However I’m happy that she is with her cute little family, as she should be for Christmas. I’m also thankful for these other things. It’s hard not to reflect on 2015 since the year will be over in six days. If I’m honest, this year wasn’t successful to the level that I wanted (I’ll share more about this at the end of the month), but I’m … Continue reading