Thankful: June 2015

June is my favourite month: the weather is warm and it’s my birthday month as well and being alive to share a thankful post is always a good thing! Without further ado, on to the thankful points!

::one:: I have to start this thankful post off with a huge shoutout to my brother-in-law. He really went the extra mile for me this month, investing his time on a project that I could not have done without his help, because the work had to be done in Lagos. I’m so thankful that he was there for me. He’s been a good in-law from the beginning, calling to say hello and encouraging me with Continue reading

Delayed gratification

Who likes waiting for something they really want? Not me! But thanks to my parents I can handle delayed gratification. Learning to save and invest are among the best things my parents have taught me: my mom is thrifty and is good at stretching a dollar, especially at the grocery store (all Nigerian women must be born with this ability!), while my dad is into investing. Because of my mom I love sales and find it nearly impossible to buy things at full price. I also inherited from her Continue reading



36 years ago, at 1:22pm EST, I entered the world and the world was never the same! That’s not conceit: I believe each of our arrivals on earth has changed the world forever! Happy Birthday to me! 

I had to take the last few minutes of my birthday to write something. I thank God for my life. I thank God that I’m still alive. We all know how fragile life is, how someone’s life can be Continue reading

Hair tales: no big chop, no go-to style (yet)


A strand of my hair that perfectly shows the relaxed and unrelaxed parts

It’s been almost six weeks since my last hair-related post and I’ve been dreaming of the day when my hair will return to its former fullness and thickness (like when I was around 10 years old or around age 17). This is the problem: I want to get from point B to A quickly, forgetting the time it took to get from point A to B. Continue reading

Questions for the unfulfilled

First off, Happy Birthday to Maggielola, the awesome woman behind Worship and Swag! May God continue to bless her hustle and her life as she shares her message with the world.

My birthday is less than a week away, and there’s nothing like an upcoming birthday to trigger introspection. Around this time for the past few years, I crave alone time to spend thinking about my life. I mostly think about how I’m not where I thought I would be by this age, and to be honest I get frustrated and upset about it. I know that beating myself up mentally won’t change things, so I shut down the pity party as soon as it begins.

The questions I’ve been asking myself are: Continue reading

Thankful: May 2015

Another month is overrrrr, my friends! I hope it was a good one for you. As I mentioned in the combined monthly newsletter for March and April (if you didn’t get it, what are you waiting for—sign up!) sent last week (hides face), the past two months have been lazy for me. I finished off the month on a more productive note by sorting through the clothing that had littered my bedroom floor for longer than I care to admit.

No month would be complete around here without a review of the things I’m thankful for so here we go!

  1. We celebrated Mother’s Day earlier this month and I’m thankful for the incredible woman that I get to call mom. She’s caring and she always has our best interests at heart. The funny thing is Continue reading