Thank you

I don’t say it enough (ever?) but you are amazing. Yes, you, lovely person who makes the time to skim these blog posts or read them and leave thought-provoking comments (online or offline). And special mention to the Allisons of my life who stroke my ego and make my head swell in person as if they’re being paid to do so—I am so blessed! You are the reason I have a public blog—anyone who says they blog “only for themselves” while running a public blog is lying: if you were blogging for yourself, why would you a) publish your blog online and b) publish your blog online without password-protecting it? (And if the reason is you prefer to type than write by hand, you can type your posts in a file on your computer or in Google docs (if you want to have access to it anywhere) without anyone in … Continue reading

Understanding Black* hair: a journey


One of my favourite movies is Something New, with Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker (aka Patrick Jane from The Mentalist)—I could watch the movie every few days and not get sick of it. It’s not a new movie but if you like romantic movies it’s a must see—if you hate it the chances of us being best buddies is probably zero—sorry. The strong theme through the movie is interracial relationships and I swear the character played by Sanaa (“Kenya”) is me, or how I’d be if I was model-gorgeous and Continue reading

Lost: testimony at the Joyce Meyer conference

jummy-meyer-poster-watermarkAfter the Joyce Meyer conference, I stayed in Toronto for an extra day to spend time with my dad and my brother. My dad made the two-hour round trip bus ride to see me and I had been looking forward to seeing him. We were going to meet right after the last conference session on Saturday around noon. I was eager to tell him how the event went and share some pictures too.

After we met up, we wandered around downtown Toronto for a while before finding a restaurant. Once we were seated I reached into my purse to take out my camera and discovered that my camera was gone! Continue reading

Joyce Meyer on generosity


Have you ever had an experience that moved you yet when you tried to capture it in words to share with someone you couldn’t do it justice? That’s how I feel when I try to tell people about the Joyce Meyer conference I attended almost two weeks ago. If you ever have an opportunity to attend—do it. You may be surprised by what parts of her messages strike you—for me it was usually simple things that I’d heard before, probably from my dad, that had me saying “Amen” out loud.

Bring a notebook to the conference because there aren’t sermon outlines to follow along with. The event was filmed for television and should be available in about four months—I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s broadcast so you can watch it or listen to the podcast. Continue reading