5 things people who wear glasses think about

Last week’s Throwback Thursday picture on Facebook (check it out!) was of me in the very early days. You can tell it was the very early days because I’m not wearing glasses! I’ve been wearing glasses since 1987, before some of you were born. My glasses-wearing journey could be another blog post, so in the meantime here are five things that you probably don’t think about in the same way if you have good or perfect vision:

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How do you feel about Halloween?


I think I learned about Halloween when we moved to Canada in 1985. We didn’t take part in Halloween initially, but once I discovered that it was a night when people willingly, happily, gave children candy, I was sold. I must have begged my parents to let me go trick-or-treating because I remember my dad being against it. I worked on my mom—she knew I was in it for the candy so she persuaded my dad to let us go and get our sweet on and that’s how my sister and I got to go trick-or-treating for the first time. Our costumes were homemade: my sister was Cinderella (back in her servant days, not when she was a princess) and I think my face was painted and I wore mismatched clothes.

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One year later: my grandma


Wednesday of last week marked the one year anniversary of my paternal grandmother’s death. I didn’t remember the anniversary until the following day—it came to me suddenly on my way home from work. Even though I had spoken to my dad on the phone that Wednesday evening, he didn’t bring mention it; he later told me that he didn’t want me to feel bad for not remembering. Continue reading

Thank you

I don’t say it enough (ever?) but you are amazing. Yes, you, lovely person who makes the time to skim these blog posts or read them and leave thought-provoking comments (online or offline). And special mention to the Allisons of my life who stroke my ego and make my head swell in person as if they’re being paid to do so—I am so blessed! You are the reason I have a public blog—anyone who says they blog “only for themselves” while running a public blog is lying: if you were blogging for yourself, why would you a) publish your blog online and b) publish your blog online without password-protecting it? (And if the reason is you prefer to type than write by hand, you can type your posts in a file on your computer or in Google docs (if you want to have access to it anywhere) without anyone in … Continue reading