Friend zone

I used to think it was great to have a lot of friends; now I’m more interested in quality, so I’m looking for friends who share my values, I want to deepen existing friendships that are mutually beneficial, and I want to distance myself from people who no longer add enough to my life. Since I’m trying to break a lot of bad habits, and since who you hang out with affects who you become, I’m paying more attention to the energy that I give off when I’m with people, and I’m also paying attention to the energy of the people I spend the most time with. I’ve never had much use for male friends, meaning I never sought out friends of the opposite sex on purpose, but I think my low maintenance, jovial side attracts guys who want to be friends—only friends. After decades of this, I’m over it: … Continue reading

Weekly to dos: two

Thank you, Highly Favored and Aloted for warning me that I may not complete everything on my list, and encouraging me not to get too discouraged if that’s the case. I don’t believe in making excuses but given how these past two weeks went, I’m happy with what I did accomplish. I haven’t slept on my bed or in my house for over two weeks and if you subscribe to my newsletter you’ll find out why shortly (if you don’t, sign up!). Spoiler alert: it’s not actually juicy gist; I’m just trying to build some suspense!

Last week’s goals:

Pack away summer clothingDone except for a couple of things that need to be washed
File bills, statements, and paystubsDone! In addition to this shelf of binders I have two filing cabinets

Weekly to dos: one

December 1 already? God help us! My day-to-day life lacks structure and accountability. I like to pretend that I don’t have any responsibilities: rather than live by a budget I prefer to bargain shop, avoid unnecessary fees, use coupons, and try to live below my means. I’ve rebelled against diets since I first knew what the word meant. Some weeknights I’ll stay up until 4:00am working on something, even if I know I have other things (work) to do the next day. Oh: and procrastination is my love language. This was fine in my 20s (some might say it was only fine in my teens—don’t hate!) but this is no longer serving me, and I’m certain that I’ll never reach my full potential if I continue in this way. So, I’m starting a new series, Weekly to dos. By sharing a weekly to do list, and updating it the following … Continue reading

Thankful: November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, US-based friends! I hope you enjoy the holiday and spend it with people you love, and good food should be part of the plans too. Canada celebrated Thanksgiving over a month ago, which is very convenient because it gives us much-needed breathing space between Thanksgiving and Christmas! A thankful post on Thanksgiving Day could not be more apropos! Here are the things that I give thanks to God for this month: Two weeks ago I marked my 9-year work anniversary at my current place of employment. I’m thankful that a one-year contract turned into a permanent position and despite the ups and downs and uncertainty the organization has experienced, I’m thankful for a salary allows me to pay for all my needs and many wants too. I’m thankful for the people who have or will be reviewing my upcoming ebook (it’s been upcoming since March, blush!) and provided … Continue reading

Gaining weight

How do you keep your

Several months ago on my way home from work, I pondered what it would be like to wear a thin suit. They have fat suits that can turn a 140lb person into a sumo wrestler; imagine if stuffing myself into a super-stretchy suit and zipping it up could make me 140lbs! While it would be great to wear cute clothes, I’m more interested in how my experience of the world would change if I had such a different body. Would I be more confident? Would I do more daring things as a result? I don’t know, but if there was an instant way to find out, I’d sign up for it. I’m fascinated by the mental process of weight loss, especially if one has a lot of weight to lose. Continue reading

5 things people who wear glasses think about

Last week’s Throwback Thursday picture on Facebook (check it out!) was of me in the very early days. You can tell it was the very early days because I’m not wearing glasses! I’ve been wearing glasses since 1987, before some of you were born. My glasses-wearing journey could be another blog post, so in the meantime here are five things that you probably don’t think about in the same way if you have good or perfect vision:

first-glasses-1987 Continue reading