Cleaning up your online life: old blogs

Spring is just around the corner: forget spring cleaning—how often do you go around and clean up your online life? Today I want to talk about cleaning up your old blogs. Wendy told me about a website for the Great Dane dog breed, and she told me that the founder of the website passed away last year. What disturbed me is if you visit the site there’s nothing to indicate that the founder is no longer alive. I’ve thought about how I’d want my online life to be handled when I’m not around—I try to keep an up-to-date list of my email addresses and their passwords, and the passwords to other important online sites for this reason. Morbidness aside, my bigger issue is that I’m a recovering hoarder, so I have blogs in various locations and they’re still online, almost 10 years later: Diaryland: Between 2002 and 2005 I ran … Continue reading

A group for single, Christian women in their 30s

This past weekend I was wondering if there were any good resources out there for single Christian women in their 30s who would like to marry and have children and are hoping that God’s will aligns with this! Do any readers of this blog fit this profile or know people who do? If there’s interest and such a community doesn’t exist, we should start one to talk about the challenges of waiting, encourage each other, and pray for each other. This group would be specifically targeted toward Christian women in their mid-30s or older who are single and open to talking about their experiences (using a nickname, if desired). I would want it to be a very interactive group where we all feel free to share our feelings. So, who’s interested? Please send an email to jummyATgoodnaijagirlDOTcom or leave a comment below.

Do you overuse abbreviations?

It all started with text messages (SMS), I’m sure: we had to keep our messages short, in the 140-160 character range, because that’s all SMS could handle in one message. If you sent a longer message you could expect it to be broken down into several messages (iMessage, BBM, Viber, and Whatsapp messages are sent over the internet rather than the phone network so they’re not really SMS vehicles in my mind). Sending SMSes costs money so abbreviations make sense from a financial point of view. Then Twitter came along with its 140 character limit, leading to the need to be creative with how you convey information (unless you have no problem flooding people’s timelines with a large number of tweets). But just because SMS and Twitter restrict the number of characters per message, it doesn’t mean we have to carry that to Facebook updates, comments on blogs, and emails! There’s a place for different types Continue reading

Thankful: February 2014

Thank God for bringing us to the end of another month! Yes, the year is moving too fast as usual, but as long as we’re here for the ride we should be thankful. I don’t believe in coincidences—I believe God uses so-called coincidences to remind us how blessed we are and to get us to take the focus off ourselves, among other things. It has been a month of revelation for me. One of my 2014 goals is to refine my friendships: I want friends who need me as much as I need them and when I’m the only one in the relationship who’s leaning on the other, I feel uncomfortable and dissatisfied. It’s not that my friends are unsupportive; some are just not making me feel needed. This may be because they’re married and they have someone to bounce ideas off of, and that’s the way it should be … Continue reading

This time next year I will be a B School scholarship winner

I’m an inspiration junkie and I dream of being a location-independent online entrepreneur. One of my biggest sources of inspiration when it comes to entrepreneurship is Marie Forleo. If you don’t know who she is and you have a business or want to own a business one day, please visit her website, sign up for her newsletter, and watch MarieTV. You’ll either click with her or not; I’m firmly in the first camp—I can’t get enough of her practical and useful tips. She’s best known (I think!) for B School, an online 8-week course that she opens up once a year. The cost of B School is steep for some (this year the cost is $1,999 USD or just over N331,000.00), but I know it would be worth every penny. Whenever I come across a website and a business that I think is cool, I almost always find out that … Continue reading

Compromising or settling – Part 2

When I last talked about compromising versus settling, I mentioned the benefits of having a List. A flexible List used as a guideline rather than a rigid rule is a good thing in my books, especially if you tend to get carried away by your feelings early in the relationship. When a relationship ends, you can usually see those red flags you initially overlooked so clearly! My colleagues pointed out that maybe I should elaborate on my definitions of compromise and settling from what I shared in Part 1. A friend shared her definition with me: you compromise on things and settle for a person—I agree, but I think you can also settle for things. Lady Ngo mentioned in the comments of the last post that to her, compromise requires contributions from all involved, whereas settling is uneven with respect to contributions—it’s possible for someone to think you’re perfect, leaving … Continue reading