My word for 2014: Brave

BRAVEminiHave you ever selected one word to focus on for a year? This word is supposed to represent what you want in your life and be the filter through which you run any decisions you make. I initially dismissed the idea because I thought it would be hard to pick just one word that could apply to more than one area of my life, but the word that keeps coming to me is BRAVE. Continue reading

Two tips for managing long-distance collaborations

I worked with a few sponsors for the 2013 Nigerian Blog Awards, and before that, I collaborated on small, related elements of past Awards. All of this was done long-distance. What I learned is long-distance collaborations, like long-distance relationships, are not ideal. I will never forget the potential sponsor who had me jumping through hoops for two months last year, working my butt off on different proposals and ideas, only to cancel the agreement when I contacted them after a week of silence and no response to two of my emails. The worst part to me was the feeling that if I hadn’t contacted them, they wouldn’t have contacted me to tell me that the deal was a no-go—which is unprofessional in my books. That experience and another one in particular have taught me so much about how I’ll handle such opportunities this year. Here are two challenges of long-distance … Continue reading

Thankful: December 2013

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas—mine went pretty much as expected; it was really nice. The only surprise is that I missed most of the Boxing Day sales because I was just so tired! I didn’t know what to do with myself and my sister finally had to ask me to stop complaining about missing the sales but this is something that hasn’t happened in a long time. I hope it’s not a sign that I’m getting old! Something about the Christmas season always makes me reflective, and I know I’m not alone. In this last thankful post for 2013 I end the year with a lot of thankfulness. I was actually tempted to post this a week early because I am SO THANKFUL this month! God is faithful, but nothing reminds me of this like when we experience near-misses, when you realize how your life could have changed … Continue reading

Christmas is coming!

Christmas tree and cardsReady or not, Christmas is coming. I’m not ready but I’m not stressed either. The last few months have been busy so I decided not to stress over things that I don’t have time for this year.

I didn’t make or mail any Christmas cards to friends this year, which means I didn’t send cards to any readers of this blog either. Late last week I was trying to design a card but as we got closer and closer to Christmas I realized that the cards would not arrive on time. I received some cards in the mail from people more organized than me, but instead of making myself feel bad, I sent each person a message, thanking them for their card, and wishing them a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2014. I’ll be better prepared next year. Continue reading

Looking forward

Guess what? 2014 is coming, and this girl has goals aplenty! I’ll be exactly 34.5 years old tomorrow—needless to say I don’t have time to dilly-dally, nor do I want to anymore. I don’t know how many years I’ve been alotted and there are a ton of things I want to accomplish so I must get going. I was listening to Steve Harris‘s Get Started Get Hungry podcast yesterday (link) and because I’m an inspiration junkie it was just what I needed. There were some great nuggets in there, things we’ve heard before but forget in the busyness of life. Finding ways to not forget these nuggets will be an important part of 2014, so part of my game plan is to post sticky notes on my mirrors, tape them to my car’s dashboard, and attach them to my laptop. 2014 cannot be like the previous years—it must be incredible. … Continue reading