This time next year I will be a B School scholarship winner

I’m an inspiration junkie and I dream of being a location-independent online entrepreneur. One of my biggest sources of inspiration when it comes to entrepreneurship is Marie Forleo. If you don’t know who she is and you have a business or want to own a business one day, please visit her website, sign up for her newsletter, and watch MarieTV. You’ll either click with her or not; I’m firmly in the first camp—I can’t get enough of her practical and useful tips. She’s best known (I think!) for B School, an online 8-week course that she opens up once a year. The cost of B School is steep for some (this year the cost is $1,999 USD or just over N331,000.00), but I know it would be worth every penny. Whenever I come across a website and a business that I think is cool, I almost always find out that … Continue reading

Compromising or settling – Part 2

When I last talked about compromising versus settling, I mentioned the benefits of having a List. A flexible List used as a guideline rather than a rigid rule is a good thing in my books, especially if you tend to get carried away by your feelings early in the relationship. When a relationship ends, you can usually see those red flags you initially overlooked so clearly! My colleagues pointed out that maybe I should elaborate on my definitions of compromise and settling from what I shared in Part 1. A friend shared her definition with me: you compromise on things and settle for a person—I agree, but I think you can also settle for things. Lady Ngo mentioned in the comments of the last post that to her, compromise requires contributions from all involved, whereas settling is uneven with respect to contributions—it’s possible for someone to think you’re perfect, leaving … Continue reading

Finding love online – Data, A Love Story

This post talks about an unorthodox approach to finding love, which is not for everyone. I really haven’t done the methodology justice so you should probably read the book or you can ask me questions about anything that doesn’t make sense. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! If you have a sweetheart, I hope you’re planning something special for him or her (hint: special doesn’t need to be costly or time-consuming!). If you don’t have a sweetheart, show non-romantic love to someone: a sibling, a friend, the person you buy your lunch from every day. My plans for the evening are to go for a lovely dinner with a friend at one of our favourite restaurants, The Keg steakhouse. I read a book last month on the topic of finding love. The title was Data, A Love Story (author: Amy Webb), and I discovered the book last year when its author was … Continue reading

Going to Africa

It bothers me when people talk about going to Africa when they’re really going to one specific country in the continent. I also get growly when people list off the “countries” they’d like to visit one day, and include Africa in the same list as Norway or New Zealand. If someone tells me they know someone who’s been to (or is going to) Africa, I always ask “Which country?” Just touched down in Africa with @ChelseaClinton. Excited to travel for next 10 days to @ClintonFdn projects. #Africa2013 — Bill Clinton (@billclinton) July 31, 2013 People generally don’t say they’re going to Asia or Europe (for example) unless they’re actually planning to visit several countries in the continent; even then they’ll generally specify which countries they’ll be visiting. I have to admit that Asian and European countries may be better-known than African countries. Some may not know that Africa is a … Continue reading

I’m making progress and asking you for two favours

Where are you going? I don’t blame you for running since I’m asking you to do work but give me 5 minutes, please. First! I’ve made progress in achieving my 2014 goals. Having your goals right in your face is the best way to make sure you don’t forget them—print them out or write them down, and stick them to your mirror, bedside table, vehicle dashboard, wherever it needs to be to catch your eye on the regular. To make it supereasy to follow along with my goals, I’ve created a page for each category of goal, and I’ll update each as I have new information: Friends goals Love goals Work goals Other goals You can also access these pages from the home page: just hover over “THE GIRL” on this site’s navigation menu and there it is! Secondly, I created a supershort survey that I’d really like your feedback … Continue reading

Compromising or settling – Part 1

My friend and colleague Wendy tossed a question to me a couple of weeks ago. She wanted to know if I thought there was a difference between compromising and settling in relationships. Compromise has such a positive connotation: if you’re unwilling to compromise you’re considered stubborn. But settling? Well, we all breathe a sigh of pity for those who settle, don’t we? Oh, Kemi? Yeah, she settled with Wale. I guess she got desperate—you know she’s almost 40 right? I thought about Wendy’s question for a moment, and my reply to her (via text) was “The difference between compromise and settling is how YOU feel about it. Lol what I may consider a compromise you might see as settling…this should be blogged!” And here we are. The List—setting the bar The only way I will follow my heart these days is if my head has given my heart permission, meaning … Continue reading