Would you like a Christmas card?

Christmas is just around the corner and I’d like to send Christmas cards to some readers of the blog like I did last year and the year before. Instead of just sending you one card, I’d like to send you two: one addressed to you from me, and one blank card that you can send to a friend! If you hate Christmas cards, I apologize: my plan to send iPads is not yet financially feasible! This offer is only open to the first 25 readers in North America and Europe who qualify. If you’re interested: Sign up for my mailing list by filling out the form below removed because timeline has passed. Don’t worry: you won’t be bombarded with useless information or harassed regularly by email (I prefer to harass in person–hehe!). You can also unsubscribe whenever you want. Leave a comment on this post, letting me know that you … Continue reading

The girl I used to be

I bought an ebook that’s supposed to help me figure out what I want to do online. The first exercise in the book asks readers to think about what friends and family would say they’re known for. This has stumped me for about a week now. I started thinking about the girl I used to be. That girl hardly ever swore, not because she was a goody two shoes who refrained from swearing to act superior to others, but because she didn’t feel the need for it. My parents didn’t swear (they still don’t), and they didn’t allow swearing in the house so it never became my regular way to express anger or frustration (I was a brat so I would slam my door if I was angry!). I was the girl who would say frig once in a blue moon and have people look at me in shock, and … Continue reading


It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and I have plenty to be thankful for! I’m thankful for the long weekend, which means spending more time with my family, especially my dad, who is in town. I thank God for my mother, her boundless energy and enthusiasm for life. I also thank God for preserving her health and for allowing that smile to be on her face even after a tiring week. I am blessed that she hugs me and tells me she loves me every time I see her. I’m thankful for my sister and how loyal she is: she always has my back when it’s me against someone else, no matter what (I can’t say the opposite is true!). I also thank God for her generosity, especially with her time and her willingness to help me when I’m in dire straits. I thank God for friends who listen to me … Continue reading

Love and Learn – Conclusion

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Love and Learn series! There are other shorter tidbits to share, but these are best worked into future entries. Here’s a summary of the lessons I learned from my first serious relationship, which I’ve been sharing with you over the past few weeks. I hope these will be helpful to you. I will put God first because that is the key for everything to work. This means I’ll pray for a partner like I mean it and not just because I’ve been told that I should pray for what I want. Before falling head over heels in love I’ll take new relationships to God and be receptive to any signs that I may receive, even though I don’t think I’m good at seeing these signs. When I’m in a relationship I’ll encourage conversations and actions that show that we prioritize God. I will look for … Continue reading

Love and Learn – Put God first (always!)

Edited to add: Sorry that this post came out later than usual. As mentioned on twitter I made a rookie WordPress error: I wrote the entry and set the date and time it was supposed to be posted (Friday, 6:30am EST) and then forgot to hit “publish” to actually schedule it! Are you good at praying that you and your future husband or wife get to meet each other (soon)? I’m not. Or do you routinely seek divine guidance while you’re in a relationship? That’s another area I’m working on. When I look back on things, I’d have to say that I tried, but I did not put God first in my relationship overall. I think many people struggle with this and I hope those of you who have this Love and Learn lesson locked down can help those of us still struggling. Why put God first Christians are commanded … Continue reading

Love and Learn – Define the relationship! (Part 2)

Along with defining what kind of relationship you’re entering into with someone, Today’s quick Love and Learn is that it’s important to be clear about what behaviour you will and won’t engage in in a particular stage of the relationship; I’m talking about intimacy here. You don’t have to have a list of dos and don’ts (or a diagram of your body with “do not touch” signs on off-limit body parts; hehe), but both parties should be clear about what the other person considers permissible at various stages of the relationship. Like you’ve read or heard elsewhere, this discussion should not take place in the middle of an intimate moment: have the conversation when you’re both fully clothed and just hanging out, rather than in the middle of a cuddle session. (Dear God, please send me a cuddler!) When I met my ex face-to-face for the first time in 2010, … Continue reading