Part confession, part rant about being single

I was recently reminded that I’m not getting any younger. It’s true: I’ll be 34 in three and a half months, but I was insulted because one thing that infuriates me about some men (not all men) is when they are thwarted, even politely, they always go for the jugular. I’m shocked every time it happens: from the guy who called me unspeakable things four or more years back because I told him I didn’t want to date a man with children (a fact that was clearly stated on my dating profile), to another guy who trashed my character because I told him I did not see a future for us, together, to the random guy last year who chatted me up then told me I was stupid when I told him I wasn’t interested in having coffee with him. I can list more situations where this has happened. I … Continue reading

Thankful in 2013

I can’t believe the last day of February is less than a week away! I don’t know where this year is going but I really don’t want to be left behind…I feel like I’m already out of time to do things. I’m thankful for: Life. I attended the funeral of a family friend a week and a half ago and it’s still unbelievable that he’s gone. We make these wonderful long-range plans, not knowing how many days we have left on earth. Thinking about this is sobering. The health of my family, despite a small scare recently. My job. The future is a bit uncertain at my job, and unexpected layoffs this year have led me to realize that things can change more quickly than I think. I’m thankful that I am still employed. A comfortable shelter to protect me from this terribly cold winter. The means to fulfil my … Continue reading

Long distance wedding planning

Our family has spent 2013 so far trying to figure out how to successfully plan my sister’s upcoming wedding. One of the reasons I was really missing this blog is because I’m sure by now you would have helped us sort out so many things! It’s hard to plan a wedding from a distance, but it’s even harder when you’re not up to date on the trends or requirements for a Yoruba wedding: I have a lot of questions! I could ask family members but I think this online community can also offer a lot of great advice. My parents had a court wedding before my dad left Nigeria for the USA. My mom joined him about a year after he left Nigeria and when they returned to Nigeria they had a traditional marriage and a reception—they didn’t have a white wedding. My sister will be having a traditional and … Continue reading

Good Naija Girl is back!

Welcome back to Good Naija Girl! I missed you (really), and I hope you missed me too (otherwise I need to get a new hobby!). How have you been? Hope your 2013 has been swell so far! Happy Valentine’s Day too…hope you feel the love today from everyone you come across. If you’ve liked my Facebook page (and please, do!), then you’ll know that I’ve been having m-a-j-or issues with my web hosting. These issues started in June of last year when I switched from my host of six years (four years for this blog) to save some money: big mistake! First my site would go offline, with a message that the account had been suspended, then near the end of last year I lost five months of blog posts and your comments!!! Well that is behind me: I have a new reliable host and thanks to Google reader I … Continue reading

Would you like a Christmas card?

Christmas is just around the corner and I’d like to send Christmas cards to some readers of the blog like I did last year and the year before. Instead of just sending you one card, I’d like to send you two: one addressed to you from me, and one blank card that you can send to a friend! If you hate Christmas cards, I apologize: my plan to send iPads is not yet financially feasible! This offer is only open to the first 25 readers in North America and Europe who qualify. If you’re interested: Sign up for my mailing list by filling out the form below removed because timeline has passed. Don’t worry: you won’t be bombarded with useless information or harassed regularly by email (I prefer to harass in person–hehe!). You can also unsubscribe whenever you want. Leave a comment on this post, letting me know that you … Continue reading

The girl I used to be

I bought an ebook that’s supposed to help me figure out what I want to do online. The first exercise in the book asks readers to think about what friends and family would say they’re known for. This has stumped me for about a week now. I started thinking about the girl I used to be. That girl hardly ever swore, not because she was a goody two shoes who refrained from swearing to act superior to others, but because she didn’t feel the need for it. My parents didn’t swear (they still don’t), and they didn’t allow swearing in the house so it never became my regular way to express anger or frustration (I was a brat so I would slam my door if I was angry!). I was the girl who would say frig once in a blue moon and have people look at me in shock, and … Continue reading