Back in Canada

I’m back in Canada after six weeks away! It’s good to be back and I thank God that the four of us who returned to Canada arrived safely (my sister is in Lagos with her husband!). I also thank God that we were protected through all our comings and goings within our country of Nigeria. Security is increasingly a concern: kidnappings are more common than they used to be in the city we were staying and the neighbourhood was constantly on the lookout for robbers so things felt a bit scarier, in particular at night. I added a side trip to Paris to my itinerary on the way back and I couldn’t resist visiting Deola, Aloted, and No Limit in England while I was so close by! I’d hoped to blog more than once as I hinted at in my last entry but good intentions apparently don’t write blog entries … Continue reading

Home again!

Please help me thank God for the safe arrival of my father, one brother, and I in Nigeria! We’ve been here for about six hours and wow it’s just as hot as my mom and sister (who arrived before us) have been saying! My 24-year-old brother hasn’t been here for 19 years(!) so I’m looking forward to seeing Nigeria through his eyes. My sister will be getting married in a few weeks so now that we’re all together we can continue the hard work my mom, sis, in-laws, and our family members have been doing. I’m excited! After talking to my future brother-in-law on Skype over the past year, it was great to meet him face-to-face. I can’t wait to see him and my sister together (she’s in our hometown while he’s still in Lagos) but I like what I see so far! I should be in bed so I’ll … Continue reading

Pre-travel vaccination

Since Nigeria is on the radar for travel this year, I’ve been preparing for the trip in my usual way: checking to make sure my passports are up to date, trying to see if there have been any advances in fooling airport personnel into thinking 23kg worth of belongings only weighs 13kg, and of course loading up on medication and vaccines for the trip. Call me paranoid but I don’t like taking risks and the thought of falling sick and not being able to run to the hospital (or God forbid call an ambulance) is not how I roll. This is not to say that there aren’t excellent hospitals in Nigeria, but when you’re visiting and you’re depending on friends and family to drive you around, if you’re like me you might be hesitant to ask for help unless it’s a life and death issue because you don’t want to … Continue reading

So very thankful

For traveling mercies! No, I’m not in Nigeria but on Monday afternoon I decided to make the four-hour round trip drive to the USA. Alone. It was a bright day when I left but making the drive back at 10pm in the dark, and dealing with what they call highway hypnosis was not funny! God spared my life and I’m truly thankful. Related to the first is not having to pay at the border! I could lie and say I charmed the border guard but I have a theory that men like him are generally easygoing and let people through! If only there was a way to see the face of the border guard before choosing which line to get into; I think I’m very good at gauging which ones will let you through! Money only has value when you spend it, and I keep reminding myself of that as … Continue reading

Part confession, part rant about being single

I was recently reminded that I’m not getting any younger. It’s true: I’ll be 34 in three and a half months, but I was insulted because one thing that infuriates me about some men (not all men) is when they are thwarted, even politely, they always go for the jugular. I’m shocked every time it happens: from the guy who called me unspeakable things four or more years back because I told him I didn’t want to date a man with children (a fact that was clearly stated on my dating profile), to another guy who trashed my character because I told him I did not see a future for us, together, to the random guy last year who chatted me up then told me I was stupid when I told him I wasn’t interested in having coffee with him. I can list more situations where this has happened. I … Continue reading

Thankful in 2013

I can’t believe the last day of February is less than a week away! I don’t know where this year is going but I really don’t want to be left behind…I feel like I’m already out of time to do things. I’m thankful for: Life. I attended the funeral of a family friend a week and a half ago and it’s still unbelievable that he’s gone. We make these wonderful long-range plans, not knowing how many days we have left on earth. Thinking about this is sobering. The health of my family, despite a small scare recently. My job. The future is a bit uncertain at my job, and unexpected layoffs this year have led me to realize that things can change more quickly than I think. I’m thankful that I am still employed. A comfortable shelter to protect me from this terribly cold winter. The means to fulfil my … Continue reading