Hello, 33rd year!

When midnight struck today, my sister gave me a Happy Birthday squeeze and I thanked God for the honour of reaching 33 years of life. Today is my birthday! I’m so thankful for the years that have gone by, and the accomplishments I’ve been able to celebrate along the way. I’m thankful that my parents are still on this earth and are doing everything they can to remain healthy so they can be here for many more years. I appreciate the way they love me and treat me as if I’m everything they could have hoped for in a child (even though I know I’m not!). I never doubt my parents’ love and that’s a gift I know not all enjoy. I appreciate my dad’s early morning text message (he lives 6 hours away) and my mom calling me from work at 10:30am (late, so I could sleep in) to … Continue reading

The perfect souvenir from Nigeria

Since I came back from my last visit to Nigeria in 2010 (yes, almost two years ago!), I’ve been wanting to share an idea for a great souvenir for your non-Nigerian female friends, the ones I’m imagining you’re returning to after visiting Nigeria. This souvenir is lightweight, easy to pack in your luggage, and it’s sure to be loved. Have you guessed what it is? A scarf! It’s a great accessory, even for women who don’t accessorize much, and when it’s a scarf made from ankara, you’ll be giving a souvenir that will a) be used and b) turn heads. Ankara is sold in six-yard lengths. We asked a seamstress to make scarves that were 2 yards (6 feet) long and 1/3 the width of the ankara (does anyone know what this standard width is? Gbemisoke did! The width of the material is 45 inches which means each scarf was … Continue reading

Thankful, on seeking perfection

I’m thankful: The first fundraiser held by the local Yoruba association was successful! The goal was to raise money to support St. Mary’s Hospital in Ibadan so that it can help people with diabetes. I hope that many lives can be improved and enriched by the proceeds of this fundraiser. The elder of my two younger brothers is officially a university graduate as of Tuesday! I’m so proud of his accomplishment, especially because the path to this success was not smooth. He and I have a difficult relationship but I can’t shake that sisterly pride! I finally managed to redesign this blog! It’s been a long-time goal so I’m glad I was finally able to release what I’ve been working on for you to see (I’ll say more on that later). I’m also thankful for books and for all the resources that are available on Google; they were a big … Continue reading

Loaning money to family members

Life was a lot easier when I was a student and my only responsibilities were to pay for school and study. Once I finished school and got a job, my financial responsibilities exploded: I now have to consider a mortgage and all those other house-related expenses (water, gas, electricity, condo fees, insurance), car payments and car insurance, cable, internet…you get the point. It’s never a problem to find something to spend money on! Over two years ago I shared how like many abroad, my parents were helping their family back home. I mentioned that in comparison to my parents I hadn’t really done much. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to help family members but in two cases it hasn’t quite worked out the way I thought it would. I loaned a sum of money to a cousin who was preparing to go to the UK for school. The amount … Continue reading

Thankful Thursday with lessons interspersed

I’ve thought about updating many times, but I felt like I couldn’t post unless it was an entry about my Lifeclass experience. Because my mind has been on a few different things, that wrap-up entry still hasn’t been completed. But guess what? It’s Thankful Thursday and I have so much to be thankful for. I’m thankful for growth, and I was reminded of how much sense the term growing pains makes! Over the past month I’ve overpondered this idea of entrepreneurship, changing my vision for my life, and actually believing that I can do it, even if this “it” isn’t that well defined. It’s all very much a work in progress, one requiring daily commitment, and that’s the hardest part for me, being consistent. I’m excited by all the wonderful resources that are available online—for free!—to help anyone who is ready to get serious about accomplishing his or her goals. … Continue reading

I’m joining the Lifeclass Tour!

Yesterday I tweeted that one thing I was thankful for was my upcoming trip to Toronto (a city about five hours away from me) to see Oprah (and Bishop TD Jakes, Iyanla Vanzant, Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra). I’m so excited!! Last year, I mentioned that one of the things I was looking forward to in 2011 was the launch of the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) in Canada. Even though the network isn’t doing as well as hoped, there are definitely some shows worth watching (Lifeclass, the Lifeclass Tour, and Master Class), shows that I think can inspire you to change your life. I also shared a bit about my history with the Oprah Winfrey Show and from people’s comments on that post and also in general, Oprah’s the type of person that people either love or don’t really care for. My colleague and I tried so hard last year … Continue reading