On finding my life’s purpose

No Thankful Thursday post today: I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog and its purpose, and my purpose on this beautiful earth. You’d think I’d know my life’s purpose based on all the self-help books I’ve read, the Oprah Lifeclass I attended earlier this year, and the seminars I’ve attended, but I don’t. I’m dissatisfied with my life (yes, you can be grateful and thankful for all the blessings you’ve received yet still be dissatisfied with things, generally speaking). I constantly feel like I’m not where I want to be, and like I don’t know who I truly am. I’m certain that once I know my life’s purpose, things will become easier because I’ll be able to measure anything I think of doing against this purpose and if it honours that purpose, then I’ll do it. If you can relate to my feelings, a book that’ll help with this … Continue reading

Thankful in July

July 5th already! Time waits for no one so without further ado, I’m thankful for: Canada’s 145th birthday, which was celebrated this past Sunday and on Monday too (the day we got off from work because Canada Day fell on a Sunday). I love Canada and consider it my home more than any other place (I love Nigeria but when you’ve lived 27 of your 33 years somewhere you can play favourites). I appreciate the freedom that we have in this country, that as a Nigerian I can dress in my traditional clothing and not feel ostracized (if only my ankara prints from two and four years ago still fit!) or persecuted for being different. I know not everyone has this experience (my parents–and I to much lesser extent–have dealt with racism here so it’s not perfect). For my friend Ves who gave up hours of her day over two … Continue reading

Thankful Thursday

It’s Thursday again and here’s what I’m thankful for: The results of my annual medical exam came back and everything I was worried about was perfectly fine! God is good and I was reminded that worrying is such a waste of time. Even if (God forbid) the outcome had been different, any time spent worrying would have been a waste. The rapper 50 Cent spoke about this to Oprah recently. He said that concerning situations that stress you out: “Either pray or worry don’t do both.”

Hello, 33rd year!

When midnight struck today, my sister gave me a Happy Birthday squeeze and I thanked God for the honour of reaching 33 years of life. Today is my birthday! I’m so thankful for the years that have gone by, and the accomplishments I’ve been able to celebrate along the way. I’m thankful that my parents are still on this earth and are doing everything they can to remain healthy so they can be here for many more years. I appreciate the way they love me and treat me as if I’m everything they could have hoped for in a child (even though I know I’m not!). I never doubt my parents’ love and that’s a gift I know not all enjoy. I appreciate my dad’s early morning text message (he lives 6 hours away) and my mom calling me from work at 10:30am (late, so I could sleep in) to … Continue reading

The perfect souvenir from Nigeria

Since I came back from my last visit to Nigeria in 2010 (yes, almost two years ago!), I’ve been wanting to share an idea for a great souvenir for your non-Nigerian female friends, the ones I’m imagining you’re returning to after visiting Nigeria. This souvenir is lightweight, easy to pack in your luggage, and it’s sure to be loved. Have you guessed what it is? A scarf! It’s a great accessory, even for women who don’t accessorize much, and when it’s a scarf made from ankara, you’ll be giving a souvenir that will a) be used and b) turn heads. Ankara is sold in six-yard lengths. We asked a seamstress to make scarves that were 2 yards (6 feet) long and 1/3 the width of the ankara (does anyone know what this standard width is? Gbemisoke did! The width of the material is 45 inches which means each scarf was … Continue reading

Thankful, on seeking perfection

I’m thankful: The first fundraiser held by the local Yoruba association was successful! The goal was to raise money to support St. Mary’s Hospital in Ibadan so that it can help people with diabetes. I hope that many lives can be improved and enriched by the proceeds of this fundraiser. The elder of my two younger brothers is officially a university graduate as of Tuesday! I’m so proud of his accomplishment, especially because the path to this success was not smooth. He and I have a difficult relationship but I can’t shake that sisterly pride! I finally managed to redesign this blog! It’s been a long-time goal so I’m glad I was finally able to release what I’ve been working on for you to see (I’ll say more on that later). I’m also thankful for books and for all the resources that are available on Google; they were a big … Continue reading