Thankful in August – Part II

August is a busy month in our family: my dad celebrated his birthday earlier in the month and my sister celebrated her 30th birthday last week! I’m very thankful for her life and that the entire family was around to celebrate her special day together, now that my dad is living in a different city. My sister has a very unique role in the family and things just wouldn’t be the same without her. My wishes for her are many, but continued good health and a really good job are at the top of the list. My parents are also celebrating 35 years of married life this month, today (August 25) actually! They are an extraordinary couple who exemplify what marriage should look like. They have truly taken to heart the idea of being there in sickness and in health, for better and for worse, and I look forward to … Continue reading

Thankful in August – Part I

It’s a lack of time rather than a lack of things to be thankful for that has stopped me from sharing a thankful post. Check out the following and tell me if you don’t agree: Today is my incredible father’s birthday. He has faced many challenges this year so I am thankful that he has made it to another year. Please pray for him, that this new year he’s entering would be one of answered prayers with regard to his employment situation, impeccable health, and freedom from those things that cause him stress. I will always consider it my extreme honour to have been placed by God in this family as my Daddy’s daughter. My mother celebrated her birthday last month. I’ve talked about her before, and asked for prayers for her before because she faces health challenges, but I’m regularly blown away by how she always manages to keep … Continue reading

Very small gist

Two entries ago, a few kind readers expressed interest in knowing more about the guy that my great-aunt set me up with, the guy I’m still talking to almost two years after our first rather uninteresting phone call. I don’t want to say much because the relationship is long distance. My sister was in a long distance relationship for two years and it had a very disappointing end; that is why I try to not to be in such relationships and why I’m not ready to say too much here. When things work out so we’re able to spend some in-person time together, I’ll provide you with more information than you want to hear. We started talking in October 2009, we met in October 2010 and it was after this in-person meeting that things really turned from “potential couple” to “I guess we’re a real couple” in my eyes. He’s … Continue reading

On customer service in (parts of) Nigeria

A friend of mine will be getting married later this year and she’s been sharing her adventures as she deals with various vendors in Nigeria. Between the tailor who told her that he decided to change the design they had agreed upon for one of her outfits because his own idea was “finer”, to an invitation designer who skimped on quality in order to put more money in his pocket, who is never reachable by phone, she’s been having fun. Needless to say the customer service she has received leaves much to be desired. Not all Nigerian businesses are dismal when it comes to providing customer service but I have to admit I wasn’t impressed during my last two trips to Nigeria. To be fair most of my experiences were in the market so that might be a factor. In Canada, customer service is a big deal: businesses invest time … Continue reading

Cooking in baby steps

I’m amazed that putting: a can of plum tomatoes one and a half onions a couple of garlic cloves two ata rodo one and a half sweet red peppers into a blender, pureeing it smooth, pouring it into a pot, adding some olive oil, and simmering for some time can create a fairly tasty stew! You don’t even have to add any seasoning to it! If you feel like sneering at my lameness I can only conclude that you’re new to this blog. :) My mom is temporarily unable to use her right hand so about two weeks ago she asked me to help her to prepare this basic stew (under her watchful eye) and I assisted with ogbono stew as well. I was a decent student so I was able to recreate the basic stew at home. Ogbono is still beyond me (not that I’ve tried it yet). However, … Continue reading

On marrying for papers

I recently watched a documentary about Canadians who had been used by someone they fell in love with to gain Canadian citizenship. There was one story that was particularly touching: this Canadian woman had really immersed herself in her spouse’s country and culture, having her wedding there with very few of her family in attendance. Soon after they were reunited in Canada she found out that the guy had recently (if I’m not mistaken) fathered a child with one of the women she had become close to during her visits to her spouse’s home country, something he had not disclosed to her. I think he knew about the child but hadn’t disclosed the information on his application forms (the Canadian government requires you to declare your family members if you’re immigrating to Canada or coming here to study). I missed the first part of the show so there may have … Continue reading