Thankful in May

The past two weeks have been hectic but I thank God all the same for the privilege of being alive to experience life’s ups and downs. It may sound cheesy but that’s who I am – cheesy and sentimental. More specifically, I am thankful: For the marriage of one of my guy friends this past weekend. I think he and his wife will both be very happy together and I am thrilled that they have entered this new chapter of their lives. This marriage means that in this group of friends (there are five of us) I am the last one to get married, and I am thanking God in advance that my turn will come soon (here’s hoping!). That my baby brother turned 23 years of age yesterday! He will always be my baby brother, even when we’re celebrating the birth of his own children. We celebrated his special … Continue reading

Revisiting my old hair dresser

Desperate to have my hair relaxed at the last minute last Saturday, I went back to my former hair dresser. She was happy to see me but unfortunately nothing had changed about how she manages her business: she still drops a customer to go and ring in purchases at the cash, she’s still talking on the phone over your head while she’s doing your hair, she still leaves the relaxer on too long and she still uses too much oil on my hair that by day two (post-relaxer) the hair is weighed down and stringy looking. I mentioned to her that I went to another salon and said that I don’t allow my scalp to get burned anymore, but I didn’t actually say that I started shopping for other salons because she was burning my hair (what a wimp I am!). As a person, I think she’s a nice lady: … Continue reading

When a guy comes between friends

A long time ago, I told you about a guy that I liked, who liked my sister. It didn’t end well for me: the two of them became a long distance couple and I was left alone (as usual). My sister and I eventually reconciled and all was well, and I was happy for her and her relationship. Unfortunately two years later, after we arrived home from our 2010 trip to Nigeria, the relationship fizzled very unexpectedly. Men are so frustrating: can you believe I thought African men were different? I thought they were more direct and better at clearly letting a woman know that a relationship is over but men all over the world are afraid of confrontation, apparently afraid of causing women pain (even though avoiding the topic is still causing pain!), so they just do silly things like stop calling. Thankfully we were raised to know our … Continue reading

TGIF and appreciating when things go wrong

Thank God it’s Friday! I am really looking forward to imitating a professional sleeper this weekend, when I’m not doing a little bit of socializing with friends. I am thankful for the following things which happened over the past couple of weeks: A pregnant friend found out she’s having a baby boy and that he’s growing nicely within her. A conflict with a friend brought us closer than we were previously instead of driving us apart as it had the potential to. I went on a challenging work trip (I had to work in a language I’m not comfortable in) and came back safe and sound. I travelled with a colleague and the trip made me appreciate many things, including other colleagues that I’ve travelled with in the past. My friend’s upcoming marriage and the signs I’ve seen that he loves his wife-to-be. The amazing friendships that have started on … Continue reading

On family history

My family is Yoruba, but our last name is uncommon, and doesn’t sound obviously Yoruba or even Nigerian for that matter. In fact one of the guys I never dated was unique because he had the same last name as I did and that was the first time I had seen that last name outside of my family. When I meet people that I’ve been corresponding with through email they often tell me in person that they thought I was Japanese because of my last name. Thankfully my first name is extremely Yoruba so when I introduce myself to other Nigerians they don’t question my background. A colleague even told me that when my employer was hiring and deciding which applicants to interview, on the day that my Japanese colleague and I were interviewed, they thought I was her based on our last name. (Funny enough they hired my colleague … Continue reading

My church history and a bit about my faith

I have told friends who don’t believe in God that if they lived in Nigeria for a while, they would. During the almost four weeks I was in Nigeria last year I thanked God daily for getting my mom, sister and I through the day (especially if we went out) and I never took for granted that something that I do here daily (cross a street) is more risky and challenging where I was staying in Nigeria. Imagine a grown woman like me holding her mom’s hand to cross the street…gosh! And even if you’re in a car you”re not necessarily safe from bad drivers trying to break the rules and leapfrog over you in the opposite direction to where they should be going. Maybe if I had a driver and a car instead of walking everywhere or taking taxi rides inside decrepit taxis with doors that might fall off … Continue reading