On marrying for papers

I recently watched a documentary about Canadians who had been used by someone they fell in love with to gain Canadian citizenship. There was one story that was particularly touching: this Canadian woman had really immersed herself in her spouse’s country and culture, having her wedding there with very few of her family in attendance. Soon after they were reunited in Canada she found out that the guy had recently (if I’m not mistaken) fathered a child with one of the women she had become close to during her visits to her spouse’s home country, something he had not disclosed to her. I think he knew about the child but hadn’t disclosed the information on his application forms (the Canadian government requires you to declare your family members if you’re immigrating to Canada or coming here to study). I missed the first part of the show so there may have … Continue reading

Thankful in June

I have much to be thankful for: Birthdays I added another year to my life a week and a half ago and I’m very thankful for the honour of continuing to live on this earth. The older I get, the more time I spend reflecting on my life and when I think about my age (thirty-two; yikes!) and what I thought I would have accomplished by now, I’m disappointed with myself but as long as I’m alive I’ve got hope! My wish for this year is to finally get a car. Restored friendships I meant to follow up on this sooner. Remember the situation I had with a friend regarding awkwardness related to a guy who liked my sister? Soon after I posted the entry my friend contacted me and after exchanging a few emails (very useful for collecting one’s thoughts and understanding each other’s point of view) and speaking … Continue reading

General comments on long distance relationships

I spent a good hour working on this blog entry only for it to disappear. I don’t think I’ve ever been this upset over losing an entry so either I’m feeling emotional and just using this as a reason to express this emotion or maybe I just really regret the loss of my hard work. Anyway, here is my rewritten (as best I can) entry: To me, there are two kinds of long distance relationships: the ones that start long distance and the ones that don’t. I dislike long distance relationships but if I must be in one, I’d rather have enjoyed some in-person time before we’re parted than be in a relationship where you haven’t had a chance to stand beside them and see how you fit together, smell them or see if any of their mannerisms would drive you nuts. What if they are PDA-averse while you like … Continue reading

Mostly about the NBAs

So the Nigerian Blog Awards began on May 30 as planned and I disappeared from this blog. It’s definitely not a coincidence. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work to do (more than you can imagine; I’m not just saying that!). For most of last week I felt overwhelmed by it all but thanks to God I managed to get things more or less sorted out in time to go on my annual weekend camping trip. I’m not the best at group work and depending on others because I like to set a standard and then do whatever is necessary to meet or surpass it, even if it means staying up all night to tweak the most minute details, even if it means coming to work late (after telling my employer I’ll be late of course, and arranging to make up the time). My family and friends tell me that … Continue reading

Thankful in May

The past two weeks have been hectic but I thank God all the same for the privilege of being alive to experience life’s ups and downs. It may sound cheesy but that’s who I am – cheesy and sentimental. More specifically, I am thankful: For the marriage of one of my guy friends this past weekend. I think he and his wife will both be very happy together and I am thrilled that they have entered this new chapter of their lives. This marriage means that in this group of friends (there are five of us) I am the last one to get married, and I am thanking God in advance that my turn will come soon (here’s hoping!). That my baby brother turned 23 years of age yesterday! He will always be my baby brother, even when we’re celebrating the birth of his own children. We celebrated his special … Continue reading

Revisiting my old hair dresser

Desperate to have my hair relaxed at the last minute last Saturday, I went back to my former hair dresser. She was happy to see me but unfortunately nothing had changed about how she manages her business: she still drops a customer to go and ring in purchases at the cash, she’s still talking on the phone over your head while she’s doing your hair, she still leaves the relaxer on too long and she still uses too much oil on my hair that by day two (post-relaxer) the hair is weighed down and stringy looking. I mentioned to her that I went to another salon and said that I don’t allow my scalp to get burned anymore, but I didn’t actually say that I started shopping for other salons because she was burning my hair (what a wimp I am!). As a person, I think she’s a nice lady: … Continue reading