Reading for the single life

Still reading? You deserve big kudos. I will blame the Nigerian Blog Awards for my absence from this site. Updating that site and fielding requests for blogs to be added to the list of Nigerian bloggers is time consuming, not to mention the facebook and twitter publicity that is required. But enough about that…how are all the single ladies doing? Some of you might no longer be single; if so, hurray (well, as long as the guy is decent and worthy of your time. Getting coupled up with a guy for the sake of being hooked up is not something to celebrate in my opinion.)! I can’t remember how I came across the book but I bought Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye? Trusting God with a Hope Deferred a number of months ago and started reading it this week. I’ll be doing a guest post on a blog about the … Continue reading

Full of thanks—the post-birthday edition

I’m back from my camping trip! The mosquitoes loved me more than they did last year, which is a bit sad: I’ve been rubbing and scratching my 15+ bites all week. Speaking of love…wow! I have never felt so much love from people, just for being born! Thank you for commenting on my last entry and wishing me a happy birthday. I appreciate the facebook and twitter messages as well. I received phone calls from Writefreak, Aloted, Sheri, Anne and other friends. Olaoluwatomi and another blogger who may want to remain anonymous emailed me and I got text messages too. I even got a birthday serenade which I mocked for sounding “so Nigerian”. :) A very special person gave me these lovely roses…and I guess it’s time for me to come clean about one or two things… Ok: I have a friend named Allison and she and her husband have … Continue reading

Birthday camping trip

I will be celebrating my 31st birthday in two days with a camping trip. Confession #1: I didn’t want to go camping on my birthday but when I booked the campsite three months ago, that was the only weekend that was available. Confession #2: I am Nigerian and I love camping! I don’t know a lot of Africans, talk less Nigerians, who would list camping as one of their favourite summer activities but maybe I’m wrong. Do you camp? I remember two camping trips with my family, soon after we arrived in Canada. The first time was about 23 years ago (gosh! some of you weren’t even born yet!). Friends at the church we were attending at the time loaned my parents their RV (recreational vehicle) which is basically a mini-house on wheels. It was lovely, and my sister and I were impressed with how the various compartments of the … Continue reading

The last straw

If I was compiling a list of reasons that I’m not Nigerian, one would be Because my hair rarely looks on point. Nigerian women (and I’m not saying only Nigerian women) care about their physical appearance and their hair is a large part of the equation. They spend time on it, looking into the best products and hairstyles. Many change their hair style often. Me? I relax my hair, and my scalp suffers. My hair care regimen is better than it used to be but still not perfect. I still sleep without a hair covering quite often. I need some silk scarves and my hair needs more moisture. I was going to share pictures of my hair but I’m too embarrassed. Maybe I’ll get over that by the end of the entry, but I’d like to think that one or two of you have this idea of me as this … Continue reading

2010 Nigerian Blog Awards + randomly thankful

Wow, 13 days must be a new record. You guys know what I’ve been up to so I don’t need to explain. Organizing the 2010 Nigerian Blog Awards has been a blast; I’ve learned a bit about working in groups and I really have to give people running collaborative or group blogs on an ongoing basis a huge round of applause. It’s true that we can do more when we join together but it’s not easy dealing with different working styles. I’m a procrastinator generally speaking and if you recall it took a while to get the awards running. Now that things are running, I want everyone I’m working with to run with it when truth be told, were I not responsible, I’d be very laidback about things. And when you add the Murphy’s Law factor in; see stress! Serves me right, huh? But I’m having a lot of fun. … Continue reading

Thankful for those who blog about God

Do you find it easier to read blogs about gist, rants, gossip and other stuff going on in someone’s life than blog entries about God or growing in your faith with God? I definitely do! While the first group of blogs (which I love dearly) can be read quickly, and it’s easy to leave a comment on them, when I want to read a blog about Christianity, I have to prepare myself to really take in the words so they can minister to me (because they always do). It seems wrong to skim or rush through a Christian blog so that I can get to a blog that’s more “exciting” or get to a task I need to do, so I’m always trying to find the perfect time, so I can treat it like a meditation. And then I have to make sure I’m not reading it from an inappropriate … Continue reading