2010 Nigerian Blog Awards + randomly thankful

Wow, 13 days must be a new record. You guys know what I’ve been up to so I don’t need to explain. Organizing the 2010 Nigerian Blog Awards has been a blast; I’ve learned a bit about working in groups and I really have to give people running collaborative or group blogs on an ongoing basis a huge round of applause. It’s true that we can do more when we join together but it’s not easy dealing with different working styles. I’m a procrastinator generally speaking and if you recall it took a while to get the awards running. Now that things are running, I want everyone I’m working with to run with it when truth be told, were I not responsible, I’d be very laidback about things. And when you add the Murphy’s Law factor in; see stress! Serves me right, huh? But I’m having a lot of fun. … Continue reading

Thankful for those who blog about God

Do you find it easier to read blogs about gist, rants, gossip and other stuff going on in someone’s life than blog entries about God or growing in your faith with God? I definitely do! While the first group of blogs (which I love dearly) can be read quickly, and it’s easy to leave a comment on them, when I want to read a blog about Christianity, I have to prepare myself to really take in the words so they can minister to me (because they always do). It seems wrong to skim or rush through a Christian blog so that I can get to a blog that’s more “exciting” or get to a task I need to do, so I’m always trying to find the perfect time, so I can treat it like a meditation. And then I have to make sure I’m not reading it from an inappropriate … Continue reading

2010 Nigerian Blog Awards

The 2010 Nigerian Blog Awards are up and running, and will be going on until the middle of July. Right now nominations for your favourite blogs are being accepted so go forth and nominate! There is only one entry per person so think carefully before nominating, and make sure you get your nominations in before 11:59pm on May 23, 2010! The list of five nominees in each category will be posted on May 24! More information can be found on the official site of the awards.

On full time blogging

I’m here to complain about how I have so many blog-related ideas but not enough time to sit down and make them happen. It’s silly to complain about something blogging related because nobody asked me to become a blogger, right? I have been blogging since 2002 believe it or not. I have four blogs that I am trying to keep regularly updated: my personal blog, the one that continues from the one I started in 2002, which I try to update at least once a week. I would like to one day consolidate all my personal blog entries in one place, but due to the fact that I have used three different blogging platforms, all of which don’t allow you to import from one format to the other, I have my older blogs spread all over the internet. this blog, which gets most of my attention (to the chagrin of … Continue reading

No hospitality like Nigerian hospitality

Shortly after immigrating to Canada, my parents became friends with a Yoruba couple who were a few years younger than them. They had no children when we first met them but within a few years, they had a couple of boys. Then we moved across the country, or maybe they moved first. Anyway, we ended up about 8-10 hours drive from one another. Every once a while in the summer, we’d drive over to visit each other, and our parents kept in touch through the year by phone. In 2001, our friends called us to say that their friends in Lagos (another couple) would be coming to our city to take a course and they (our friends) wanted to know if we could host their friends. The Lagos couple didn’t know that they would be unable commute from our friend’s place to their course daily since the two locations are … Continue reading

Thankful for health, fitness and mom

Why am I thankful this week? I had my annual physical exam two weeks ago. I had mentioned that I was going to ask my doctor to order a blood test to determine my genotype, and I was also going to check my blood type. Tests for my blood sugar, cholesterol level and thyroid functioning were also done. I got my results two days ago and everything’s fine. My levels of good cholesterol even went up! I’m so thankful, because I have a bad habit of worrying for weeks about the results of my blood test. It’s such a waste of time to worry, but I can’t seem to help it! These past two weeks I prayed, reminded myself that worrying doesn’t change a thing, and told myself that God would not give me more than I can deal with. There’s another test that we’re waiting for the results of … Continue reading