Thankful: March 2016

As I wrote this month’s thankful post, I had Agatha Moses as my soundtrack (go to 18:07 for the above chorus). I think every Nigerian knows the medley that the above excerpt is from—if you don’t, please hand in your Nigerian passport now.

I have so much to be thankful for this month; God is GOOD.

  1. First off, I’m thankful for my dad’s time investment and belief in me. He always puts aside whatever he’s working on without a question to listen to what I have to say. It’s always been like that so it can be easy to take it for granted, but when I heard someone say that her father always looks at her like he wishes she would disappear, and worse, that she’s Continue reading



I’ve said before that there’s no hospitality like Nigerian hospitality, and it’s true. My mom enjoys entertaining and my parents will happily welcome strangers into their home without advance notice and without caring about the state of their house—after all, the person isn’t a home inspector (besides, any critical comments would be eliminated by a taste of my mom’s excellent cooking!). I generally don’t share my parents’ enthusiasm for entertaining (especially if the guest is expecting Nigerian cooking!) and I dislike being surprised by last-minute guests because I like having time to prepare…and by “prepare”, I mean clean up. I don’t mind living in messy quarters but I don’t want to subject someone else to it. My dad has always challenged me on this: if I claim to be comfortable with my environment, why do I clean up when someone’s coming over? Why can’t I roll with it without feeling the need to apologize for the mess? Why do I worry about being judged? Why can I clean for someone else but I choose not to keep things neat for myself?

My dad is always asking those questions you Continue reading

My experience with republishing blog content


It’s flattering when someone from a website that gets a lot of traffic and has a lot of followers reaches out to you and asks if they can re-post one or more of your blog posts on their site. It tells you that you aren’t labouring in vain; that your work hasn’t gone unnoticed. The thought that a blog post that originally appeared on your blog and received just a few views and comments now has the potential to be seen by many more people is exciting.

I was approached by an online publication and told that five or so of my blog posts had been selected for publishing in their entirety on the website of this brand. This site wasn’t trying to pass off the work as their own: I would be given full credit and links to my website would be added to the post. All I had to do was provide a biography and I’d be off to the races as they say.

In the end I decided not to go along with this for two main reasons:

  1. Duplicate content is not good for site engine optimization (SEO) and even though Continue reading

5 things I’ll do to increase my chances of finding love in 2016

If you, like me, have #2016lovegoals, we need a plan to make this year different from the previous ones. I’m not saying this because my dad reminded me of it last weekend—though sometimes I think he can read my mind—I had drafted this post two months ago. Here are five things that I’ve started—or will start—doing to increase my chances of finding love in 2016. I’m even setting reminders on my phone to make sure I do them!

Regularly and sincerely pray for a spouse (in progress)

Over five years ago I shared that I felt odd praying for a spouse, even though it’s what my dad did and it worked for him. In that post I used the word resentful and it’s true: Continue reading

Thankful: February 2016

February has been my frenemy: it left me unmotivated, in low spirits, with an aching knee that continues to make the most disgusting sound when I go up the stairs, and I was sick for about two weeks (and counting). There has been too much private self pity this month so thank God it’s time for a Thankful Thursday!

No lie: these thankful posts give me life. To develop an attitude of thankfulness I had to learn to focus on small things (because it’s not every month that I’ll be thanking God for losing 100 pounds or getting married!). If you find that you can’t get excited about the small things that happen in your life, accept my challenge: deliberately look for small things that are going well and just as deliberately thank God for it or for them—that’s it! Here’s this month’s thankful list. Continue reading

Making a vision board

Jummy's vision board cover image

If you receive my monthly missives then you’ll soon read some of the back story to this vision board post (and if you’re not subscribed, sign up right here for a “from the heart” message from me, once a month). Ok, let’s talk about making a vision board.

Vision boards apparently gained popularity after the book The Secret was published, about 10 years ago. I haven’t read the book but I heard that it’s about the law of attraction (the idea that you can attract what you want into your life from “the universe” by being what you want since like attracts like). The book also talks about manifesting things in your life by seeing them first before they’re actually there. Vision boards help you see something “for real” before it materializes in your life. I believe in God so instead of putting things out “into the universe”, I’ll use my vision board to communicate what I want God to bring into my life.

Putting a vision board together is easy: grab some magazines or brochures, cut out pictures of things, people, words, phrases, etc., that represent what you want in your life, stick these cutouts on some sort of paper or board, and voila—you have a vision board! There are no rules: if you want to search for images of what you want online, print out the pictures, then cut them out, go for it. Tailor the process to you: you can create a digital vision board on your computer or phone using available software and apps; your vision “board” may look more like a list of goals rather than pictures; the main idea is that you have a place where you can see what you want before they appear in your life.

It took me a few days to find the right images to capture what I wanted on my vision board and once I decided I made the commitment permanent by sticking the images down. After I finished my vision board, I put it on my wall (you can see it in some of my Periscope broadcasts). I also took a picture of it and made it my computer’s screensaver and my phone’s background image so that I see it multiple times each day. Want to see my board? Continue reading