Last update on the Online Dating Project and thankfulness

I didn’t put an end date on the Online Dating Project when I originally wrote about it but all good things must come to an end. So, Saturday December 5, 2009 at 11:59pm EST will be the deadline for women to provide me with their profile to forward to the bachelors listed here. So if you’ve been holding back, you’re running out of time! A short summary: 9 men who ranged in age from 19 to 36 signed up (this dropped to 8 men later on) 12 women contacted me and provided their profiles to pass on to the lucky man (or men) who caught their eye geography appeared to play a huge role in the men who were contacted and the women who expressed interest. Location matters! A few of the men and women involved have given me updates, which wasn’t necessary but was nice to hear. Some men … Continue reading

USA is thankful today, and so am I

This Thursday happens to be Thanksgiving in the US, and what better day for me to be sharing the things that I am thankful for? Canada celebrated Thanksgiving Day back in October, and I had a lovely time then (and the day off, might I add). I’m thankful for the US. It is the country of my birth and although I consider Canada more my home than the States, US’s influence on Canada is undeniable. On a less serious note, it’s generally accepted that the shopping is better “down south” compared to Canada: there’s a larger selection and a greater availability of clothing and shoes to fit speciality sizes. In fact before Payless Shoes came to Canada, my parents used to try to take us children to the States so that those of us who have been wearing size 11 wide shoes since we were 11 (ahem) could find stylish … Continue reading

Matchmaking on the brain

Though it’s been less than 48 hours since I posted the profiles of nine bachelors here, I feel like I have been silent for too long. I know some people have questions or comments about how the process is going, so I feel a report is needed. I have been contacted by seven women, three who expressed interest in one guy (not all the same guy), and four who expressed interest in two or more guys on the list. I’ve passed information on to two guys so far, and will be passing on information to two more guys as soon as one of the women who sent me their profile clarifies something for me. So that means that five of the guys on the list aren’t getting any love! Come on, ladies! Don’t be shy (and check out point #4 below). I don’t know any of the men with profiles … Continue reading

Presenting the bachelors and calling all my single ladies!

I’m so excited to present you with the list of nine bachelors who signed up for the Online Meeting Project (also known as the Online Dating Project)! And to the men whose applications are in progress — shame on you (but read to the end because you can still submit your profile!). Just to inform those who aren’t up to date, the nine men below are looking to meet a Nigerian woman for a serious relationship. How serious? Well, interested ladies will have to talk to the men to find that out! This is how it will work (please read all three steps first!): Ladies will read the profiles below and be completely charmed by one or more of them. They will send an email to, indicating which of the 9 profiles caught their eye. Ladies may select more than one profile, but the maximum has been set at … Continue reading

The half-asleep edition of Thankful Thursday abi Friday

It’s been a long week but thank God that the weekend is pretty much here. This week I’m thankful for the people I’ve been blessed to e-meet through this blog, the non-bloggers who read. It’s really touching to receive emails from someone who has taken the time to read your entries and is full of encouragement or positive words. From Esosa to Princess to Deola, I feel so blessed to have met these beautiful women. I hope we’ll meet in person one day! I’m also thankful for the unusually warm November we have been having. It is unheard for us to have had as many sunny days this month as we have but there are no complaints. The temperature is still above zero degrees most of the time so it’s really bearable. Some years the ground is already covered in snow and the temperature well below zero at this time. … Continue reading

Looking for a man who will do the Three Ps

I read Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man earlier this year and although I found the book to be geared a little too much toward women with children from previous relationships for my liking, the part that stuck with me is where the author says that women considering a man for a potential life partner should look for a man who fulfills the 3 Ps. The man for you, according to Harvey, will Profess, Protect and Provide for his intended. Since learning the three Ps, I’ve looked for it in the relationships around me, and I’ll definitely look for it in my own (future) relationship. It’s important that the man you are with at one point or another say something along the lines of “I love you and I want to be with you”. It doesn’t have to come with a flowery speech or roses and … Continue reading