Thankful Thursday – the “ko le baje” edition

This week I’m thanking God for: allowing the three people closest to me who needed to get the swine flu vaccine to get them, and in two of the three cases it really was a case of divine favour. I was seriously saying “Thank God!” when I heard how it came about. Favoured Girl, and the way she regularly inspires me. We don’t talk often but every time we do I leave the conversation feeling so pumped and capable of doing anything. You can tell that God is at the centre of her life, and it’s great to see. She has a way of turning anything negative that I mention into stepping stones for a better me! Slowly but surely I’ll start thinking that way all on my own. I can’t wait! phone cards. I have been using them in alarming quantity lately and it’s far more economical than using … Continue reading

Nigerian men and terms of endearment

I am not very familiar with Nigerian men (having never dated one, and I don’t think my brothers count as typical Nigerian men since they are for all intents and purposes Canadian), and perhaps I’m very cruel to pin the following on Nigerian men because other men do this, I’m sure, but I wanted to ask about the use of terms of endearment by Nigerian men towards women they don’t know well. I’m not talking about catcalls and such by a stranger, but about the scenario where a man meets woman that he’s interested in and within minutes he’s calling her babe, baby, dear, darling and angel. Am I the only one who finds this hard to get used to? For me, terms of endearment (from one sex to another) should only be used with those you know well enough to call dear or sweetie, not with someone that you’re … Continue reading

Just plain thankful

This week I am thankful that: the elder of my two younger brothers turned 23! Of course, instead of spending his birthday with his family, we had to bring in the cake, take pictures and serve it in about 15 minutes flat, while his friends waited in the driveway to take him out for a night on the town. It was quite the whirlwind event but this is how it is now. my great aunt is trying to be a matchmaker for me. Sure, there haven’t been any successes yet but the fact that she cares enough to try is very touching and I’m blessed by that. my needs are met. I have not had to worry about where the money to pay my bills will come from, while some in the community don’t know where their next meal will come from. Every weekday I’m reminded to be thankful that … Continue reading

What’s your personal style?

I’ve been struggling to write an entry for a few days now. The struggle comes from not knowing which of the following topics to write about first: (more on) blogging, a vulnerable post on searching for love or my reflection on a year since my Nigeria trip. I’m sure I’ll write about all of them sometime, but in the meantime let me write about something completely different: Nigerian women and their stylishness. I’ve said before that no one would guess that I’m Nigerian because I’m not stylish and I break many rules of stylish women everywhere. Let me list them by category: H A I R I wash my hair every other day. I know most don’t but if I don’t my hair smells. I can’t explain it but this is my cross to bear. I go outside with wet hair (or at least damp hair, since I rarely have … Continue reading


This week I’m thankful that a friend of mine (a blogger!) delivered a beautiful baby and both mother and baby are doing well (and father too!). This makes me think of the blogger moms-to-be that we know of (Oluwadee, who actually updated today) and the ones we don’t know of who have either just become pregnant or have been pregnant for a while and won’t share it with blogville until their little one has arrived safe and sound. I am thankful for them and wish them and their little ones good health as their pregnancies progress. I’m also thankful for the expectant mothers who are not yet pregnant but are working on it, because I have learned a lot from them. The journey to having a child is not always so easy for everyone, and the process can really test your faith and your relationships. A couple of years ago … Continue reading

Eight ways to bring more readers to your blog

Write good content. Good content gets read and linked to. Leave great (but genuine) comments on the blogs you like. Link to entries of other bloggers as an effort to share good writing/information on blogville. If someone is doing something great that others can learn from, share this information. The favour will be returned, not necessarily from the person you linked to. Use twitter to announce new entries. I don’t do this often but others do and it seems to be very successful. The best part is that twitter’s 140 character limit means you have to think of a short but catchy headline to advertise the entry. If you are a prolific blogger you may want to be more choosy about which entries you use twitter to announce or people may start ignoring your frequent tweets advertising new entries. If you’re not so anonymous, you can use facebook to announce … Continue reading