The half-asleep edition of Thankful Thursday abi Friday

It’s been a long week but thank God that the weekend is pretty much here. This week I’m thankful for the people I’ve been blessed to e-meet through this blog, the non-bloggers who read. It’s really touching to receive emails from someone who has taken the time to read your entries and is full of encouragement or positive words. From Esosa to Princess to Deola, I feel so blessed to have met these beautiful women. I hope we’ll meet in person one day! I’m also thankful for the unusually warm November we have been having. It is unheard for us to have had as many sunny days this month as we have but there are no complaints. The temperature is still above zero degrees most of the time so it’s really bearable. Some years the ground is already covered in snow and the temperature well below zero at this time. … Continue reading

Looking for a man who will do the Three Ps

I read Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man earlier this year and although I found the book to be geared a little too much toward women with children from previous relationships for my liking, the part that stuck with me is where the author says that women considering a man for a potential life partner should look for a man who fulfills the 3 Ps. The man for you, according to Harvey, will Profess, Protect and Provide for his intended. Since learning the three Ps, I’ve looked for it in the relationships around me, and I’ll definitely look for it in my own (future) relationship. It’s important that the man you are with at one point or another say something along the lines of “I love you and I want to be with you”. It doesn’t have to come with a flowery speech or roses and … Continue reading

Men: submit your profile; women: answer the poll!

To those who found the time to check out Vera‘s radio show on Saturday where I was cohost, thank you! I had a great time hosting and I hope the show was interesting to listen to. The chatroom was hopping, and I felt bad that I couldn’t keep up with it while also speaking, but there were some funny moments in there. I wouldn’t be surprised if blogville’s next supercouple comes from the chatroom. If you haven’t heard the show and want to play it in the background while you get some work done, check it out by pressing play or here. A special thanks to Myne Whitman who took the time to listen to the show and send some kudos our way! I really appreciate the men who have taken the time to send an email to or used this contact form to let me know that they … Continue reading

GNG plays semi matchmaker

When I moved this blog from its old location here, one of the things I was able to add to the site was a page that allows readers to contact me without leaving a comment on a specific blog post. Since I’ve had the contact page, I have been messaged by men and women hoping that I have some matchmaking powers. Little do they know that I was hoping the contact page would allow me to find my own match! Anyway sha, I’m happy to help. Earlier this year I received a message from a guy who gave me some details about himself and I was able to connect him with someone in his geographical location who might be able to help him out and he’s now met a girl and proposed to her! Ok, fine, that hasn’t happened yet, but it’s only a matter of time, right? Back to … Continue reading

Thankful for our troops

As an immigrant in a new country, you have to get used to new holidays that you didn’t celebrate in your home country. Depending on your level of assimilation with the new culture, I guess you may or may not really be impacted by what the holidays stand for. I’m not sure why but this year, I was especially touched by Remembrance Day in Canada (Veterans Day in the USA) that is celebrated on November 11 of every year to remember the troops that died in various wars over the past 80 or so years. Canada has been participating in the current war for a while so it’s not like this is the first Remembrance Day where our troops are at war, but this one hit me more strongly than usual. Maybe it’s because I read the local and national news a bit more diligently, and not a day goes … Continue reading

Types of online (or virtual) dating

So I’m back as promised with more on online (or virtual) dating. Before I continue, have you: Gone to Vera’s site and voted (the poll’s in the top right corner of her site) for the response that best reflects your position on Virtual Dating? Gone to the radio show’s site and set up a reminder for yourself so you don’t miss the show (near the top of the page, in the middle, there’s a checkbox you can select to get a reminder)? Left a question in the comments for me or for Vera regarding the show? Like I said before, there’s no reason to be shy. If you don’t have a question, feel free to share your experience with online dating or that of a friend…or a “friend” ;) Come back here in two days, where I will give those who are interested in trying out online dating some ideas … Continue reading