Thankful: January 2016

Welcome to the first of what will be many thankful posts this year (by God’s grace)! I hope you had a good January and had big and small things to thank God for. Here are the things that I’m thankful for this month.

  1. The biggest news in our family is that my sister’s husband arrived in Canada after a relatively smooth immigration process! We thank God for showing himself faithful through the whole process (from the submission of the application to him getting the green light to come), for protecting my sister and nephew as they were in Nigeria this time last year, for bringing them safely back, and now for bringing my sister’s husband here. It’s a long trip that you can’t appreciate until you make the journey yourself. We give God all the glory. I did a Periscope broadcast on the day that my brother-in-law arrived, and he made an appearance on the broadcast; check it out!
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A slow start to the year is better than no start!

GNG HNY 2016

Happy New Year! Please let me know what my penalty is for sending my wishes so late. Although they’re late, they come from the best place: I hope that your 2015 ended on an uplifting note and that those great feelings have continued into this lovely new year they call 2016.

I freely admit that I’m a New Year junkie–I love fresh starts–but this year I’m off to a slow start. I’ve found myself unmotivated, procrastinating, and fighting self-doubt. These may be un-Nigerian emotions to express (hehe) but please indulge me.

I ended the year by damaging my car (but not my passenger, any other humans or vehicles, or myself thank God), my laptop bit the dust, meaning I’ve lost temporary (I hope) access to four plus years of graphics and many programs that I use regularly, but my laptop’s eight-year-old predecessor (which I had looked at disdainfully for over four years) has proven its worth as evidenced by this blog post I’ve been able to write. My body is trying to trick me into making sugar a regular part of my diet once again so I’ve been having…fun (hah!) nipping that habit in the bud once more. And what does your mind do when you’re feeling less than awesome? It reminds you of your other failings, like that fact that you haven’t a)learned how to style your own natural hair, b)put away your Christmas decorations, and c) built your business, just to make you feel worse!

Self pity is not a good look on me or you! I’m saying no to being dragged down and I’m turning this slow start around by taking action on what I need to do. No more waiting to get a new laptop battery (or laptop)–the blog must go on! No more waiting to be an expert at everything before launching a business–people can benefit from what I know now. No more eating sugary snacks–well, maybe just a few more sugary snacks (I know, please don’t judge me).

If your 2016 started like mine, I’m here to remind you that it’s (only) January 12. And it’s a Leap Year, so we have an extra day, meaning there are 354 days left for us to do amazing things. Don’t dwell on the days that have passed; focus on making the most of the days to come–cheesy, perhaps, but totally the way to get out of this funk. Are you with me?

Now that that’s over with, I’d love to share, for the first time on this blog, an annual survey that I have done every year since 2004. Let me know if you learn something new from my survey responses! Continue reading

Thankful: December 2015

Friends I’m thankful that the last Thankful Thursday of 2015 falls on the very last day of the year—isn’t that perfect? It gives me (and you if you’d like!) the opportunity to reflect on all the things that happened this month but more importantly to reflect on the whole year. Here are this month’s thankful points! 2015 was a good year because my family is alive and we all made it to the last day of the year. Things are not perfect: there are ongoing health issues that we’re trusting God to resolve, there was a period of unemployment for one of us, and of course families have their skirmishes, but I give God thanks for preserving us all. Someone in a Facebook group that I’m in lost two family members in a car accident in Nigeria this week, further reminder that each day is a gift. Speaking of car … Continue reading

On greeting people and saying sorry


Whether or not you’re Nigerian, you may have interacted with an older Nigerian who was not particularly tactful: they told you what they thought regardless of how it might make you feel (I guess older people, regardless of culture, tend to be a bit more plain spoken). I’ve talked about tact among Nigerians before, and a particular incident involving my grandmother’s neighbour and my weight. Generally speaking, Nigerians aren’t shy about Continue reading

Thoughts on the K-1 or fiancé(e) visa


Do you watch 90 Day Fiance? This show is in its third season and I think I’ve watched every episode. I enjoy the show so much that I go to my parents’ house to watch it every Sunday (because I no longer have that channel)—my mom, sister, and I have fun providing a running commentary on what happens during each episode.

Each season, the show follows five or six couples (one half of each couple is a US citizen, the other is not) who obtain a K-1 visa. The K-1 visa (aka the “fiancé(e) visa”) allows a US citizen to bring a non-US citizen to the States, but they have to marry within 90 days of the non-US citizen’s entry into the US. If they don’t get married then Continue reading

Thankful: November 2015


If you’re new to these parts, you should know that on the last Thursday of every month, I share a thankful post. Developing a habit of intentional thankfulness has been one of the best things I’ve done, and almost every morning when I wake up I say to God “Thank you for another day on your earth”—some days it’s the only prayer I say before getting on with my day. It’s really hard to have a bad day when you start it off by recognizing that being alive is a gift that isn’t promised to everyone. Here are the big and small things that stood out for me in November. Continue reading