Thankful: July 2015

The last Thursday of every month is Thankful Thursday around here. We all have something to be thankful for, no matter what’s going on in our lives. Being alive on this beautiful earth, for example, is a gift. As usual I’ll focus on the notable things that happened this month, but I’m thankful for the small things too—God is good! On to the list!

  1. This month started off with my mom’s birthday and I’m thankful we got to celebrate another year of her life. Giving thanks to God for her life and health will never get old! She’s supportive, loving, giving, and a blessing to our family. Last year we threw a big party for her; this year was more low-key and I think it was the only time in my life that I didn’t see her on her birthday (she was out of town)!
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Thoughts on social media

With all the different social media options—Facebook (pages o, not profiles), Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube (to name the big ones)—it’s overwhelming trying to keep up. I recommend you sign up for all the ones that sound interesting to you, read a little about the types of content that do best on the different platforms (Gary Vaynerchuck’s Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook which I have and love is an excellent resource), then after trying each out for a few months, decide which one(s) you Continue reading

Wearing Nigerian clothing outside of Nigeria

Nigerian ankara skirt

I like wearing Nigerian clothing outside of Nigeria. One thing I always bring back from Nigeria is freshly-sewn clothing, most of it in colourful ankara fabric, and on rare occasion, something in the more expensive lace material. While I’m in Nigeria I tend to lose weight thanks to limited access to sweets, more walking, a reduced appetite, and tons more sweating. Months after my return to Canada I have difficulty fitting into my new clothes due to my reintroduction to a more sedentary life and to my true size!
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Thankful: June 2015

June is my favourite month: the weather is warm and it’s my birthday month as well and being alive to share a thankful post is always a good thing! Without further ado, on to the thankful points!

::one:: I have to start this thankful post off with a huge shoutout to my brother-in-law. He really went the extra mile for me this month, investing his time on a project that I could not have done without his help, because the work had to be done in Lagos. I’m so thankful that he was there for me. He’s been a good in-law from the beginning, calling to say hello and encouraging me with Continue reading

Delayed gratification

Who likes waiting for something they really want? Not me! But thanks to my parents I can handle delayed gratification. Learning to save and invest are among the best things my parents have taught me: my mom is thrifty and is good at stretching a dollar, especially at the grocery store (all Nigerian women must be born with this ability!), while my dad is into investing. Because of my mom I love sales and find it nearly impossible to buy things at full price. I also inherited from her Continue reading