Four situations single people should avoid

I was recently convicted of the necessity of being careful when it comes to forming emotional relationships with members of the opposite sex. Like you (I will presume), I deeply respect people’s relationships and do not deliberately try to drive a wedge between a couple, but sometimes those of us with the best of intentions can inadvertently cause problems. I haven’t wrecked any homes (thank God!) and to make sure that never happens, I watch my interactions and check my intentions to avoid inappropriate emotional connections with men.

So, what am I really talking about? Continue reading

Thankful: October 2015


I enjoy writing these thankful posts because they give me a reason to look back on the month and give God the glory for His many blessings. A few people have let me know that they enjoy these posts too, which makes me happy: we can always use a reminder to be thankful for what we have at this moment, even if we’re striving, hoping, and wishing for more.

  1. I give thanks for Canadian Thanksgiving, which we celebrated during the second weekend of this month. Our family (except for my youngest brother) had a delicious Continue reading

Coming from “a good family”

In my extended family, background checks are done on a prospective bride or groom entering the family to determine whether this individual comes from “a good family”. Say whaaat?! This isn’t an official or formal check, and my family doesn’t include any law enforcement individuals—what the extended family does is they try to meet as many members of the family as possible and Continue reading

Thankful: September 2015

Every month, I like to share the things that I am thankful for. Having a thankful attitude has improved my life—by not focusing on what I lack, I feel happier. If you look for the positive in any situation you’re going through—and this is not an easy feat—you will always feel better. Self pity gets old so quickly (especially for the people around you, haha!). Here is this month’s thankful list!

My brother-in-law’s birthday
My brother-in-law celebrated another year of life and I thank God for that, for blessing and keeping him for another year. I’m thankful for the efforts he makes to maintain contact with my family and not only with my sister and nephew. Every time I look at my nephew I am thankful for the fact that Continue reading

Family dynamics


Family dynamics intrigue me: it’s interesting that something one family considers normal can be the oddest thing to another family. For example, families show affection in different ways (some kiss on the lips) or have different approaches to punishment (some do not spank). A couple of my colleagues have told me that while my parents may actually be cute or adorable as I’ve been known to call them, they would never use those words to describe their parents. But no matter how different families may be, Continue reading