Naija wedding site freak

I love romance. I won’t even try to pretend that I don’t get excited when I hear that someone I know gets engaged. Even if I don’t know the person, I get excited. And it’s not just Nigerian weddings that get me excited, all of them do. As an idealist, I’m excited at the thought that yet another person has found his or her true love, the person they want to spend the rest of their life with. I think of all the excitement that is in store for them as they plan their wedding, decide exactly where they will live and how they will organize their new life together, and figure out the mundane things like who will clean the bathrooms, and who will do the cooking. (If being a good Naija girl means I must want to do the cooking then I’ve been lying to you all along: … Continue reading

Things on a dating profile that make me click away

If … the guy is older than 35 (too old) he has children (it’s not an absolute deal breaker but I do pray that the man God has in mind for me does not have any children) he is separated (again, I pray that a man who is divorced is not in my future but since separation is the first stage towards being divorced, I try to avoid these fellows) his picture shows a bare chest (I can’t help it: I automatically think “he’s conceited and thinks he’s got a great body”) his highest completed education is highschool he doesn’t have a profile picture (looks aren’t a big deal to me but nobody has an excuse in this day and age to not post a picture) he’s a smoker What are your deal breakers?

Where to meet Nigerian men

I haven’t tried any of these places but I’m thinking they might be worth looking into: Church I don’t go to a church that’s known for its Nigerian population (Redeemed is the only one I know of around here) but it’s tempting to look into it. The problem is going to a church to meet men is not an idea I’m comfortable with. My choice of church should be based first and foremost on my beliefs and how likely this church is to meet my spiritual needs rather than the number of men between the ages of 28 and 32, taller than 5’5, with a university education that attend the church. The big city I live in Canada in what is called “the nation’s capital” but it is not the biggest city in the country. Toronto is one of Canada’s largest cities and it’s not a surprise that there is … Continue reading

How the smitten have fallen

(Or, here’s one more for The Men I Never Dated) I have some gist. To give some background, the guy was in the US doing his studies for four years (bachelor’s degree) and has been living in Canada for four months. I asked him one of the first times we talked if he had been in the US on a student’s VISA, to which he said yes. I told him that I didn’t know that while on a student’s VISA to another country he could be in Canada for so long but he said he was in the midst of processing his Canadian papers. Sometimes being inquisitive and liking to know these important things sooner rather than later can work to your advantage (especially if you know someone who’s gone through something sketchy before). There was a reason why I kept wanting to inquire about his status in Canada. Every … Continue reading

Getting to know one another

So I’ve been talking to this guy for a few days now and things seem ok. He’s pretty confident without seeming cocky, he’s funny and seems to get my jokes (a requirement). I am still nervous that a face to face meeting will not go well because there will be no chemistry (on both parts) but what’s the point of worrying, right? I must admit that in the past few days I have not been following the tenets of the latest book on men that I’m reading, Why Men Love Bitches. According to that book, I probably shouldn’t talk with him on the phone for long and not more than once every couple of days. I have broken both rules. I also should not put myself down or say anything that might suggest that I don’t think I’m the best thing out there. I’ve broken that rule too! It is … Continue reading

What’s meant to be will be?

You won’t believe this…or maybe you will. First, let me come clean: I am currently listed on two online dating sites, Meet Nigerians and Afrointroductions. I joined the latter site on January 20 and I joined Meet Nigerians on February 18. I also joined for their seven day trial, and was on that site between February 5 and February 11. My profile is actually still on that site but if I want to do anything I have to actually subscribe (pay). Afrointroductions is full of men in their late 30s, 40s, 50s and (yesterday) 60s who message me thinking, perhaps, that I believe that age is nothing but a number and would be flattered that a man 15 years or more older than me is interested in me. Most guys on MN who have shown interest are the right age but live around the world or something. Or they … Continue reading