Still single six days later

If you go back to this entry, you’ll see that there’s a picture of a gold heart on the cover of the book. If you’re at all curious about what the heart says, it says that all readers of the book get a free seven day trial with, a dating site. The author of the book actually met her husband on during a seven day trial so it can happen. Sadly it didn’t happen for me: my seven days would have been up tomorrow but cheap (let’s say thrifty) Naija woman that I am, I didn’t want to risk my credit card being charged so I canceled one day early. But don’t despair, I actually did meet someone!

The men I never dated – back in the days of msn chat (Part I)

Ah, msn chat. Back in the early 2000s, msn had chat rooms, and these chat rooms were set up in a way that you could talk to people who lived in the same city as you. There were a few different chat rooms for each city, and I got into the habit of visiting them with the hope of making new friends. I was new to the internet and never thought I’d use it to talk to people I didn’t know (I know, how naive was I???). I somehow ended up talking to an Ibo guy, Chinonzo, who lived in my city. As he talked about where he was going to school and what he was doing, something strange happened: it turned out that earlier that week…it might have even been that very day, I had talked to him on the phone at work! You see, I was working part … Continue reading

Asa – a new musical discovery (to me)

I may be the last one to discover this artist but I recommend you check out Asa. Your first stop should be her website (original link removed because it’s no longer working), then you should see if she’ll be performing in your city anytime soon. Asa sings in both Yoruba and English, and I really wish my understanding of Yoruba was better. One day. On her site you can listen to part of each song on her debut album. If you’d like to hear a couple of her songs in their entirety, here you go: Ok, let’s having a sharing time: are there any Nigerian artists that I must check out?

A book to reinforce the decision to wait

Here’s something I’ve thought about once or twice: when I finally enter the dating game (you’d think that at age 28.5 I’d be a seasoned veteran, right?), I’d have to figure out how to tell a boyfriend that I don’t intend to “put out” until I’m married. I dread this conversation and I dread having to deal with a stream of men running for their lives the instant they hear that I will not be having sex with them after three dates, three weeks or three months. Or longer. I agree that if a guy leaves me over that, then he’s not worth it anyway and I’ll be glad I got away from him without getting my heart (or body parts) too involved. And if I was having any doubts, a book that I’m reading reinforced my decision to wait before having sex and answered some questions I had. I … Continue reading

Finding love is not easy

I joined a dating site that caters to Africans and the men and women who like them not too long ago and so far I have been approached by men that do not meet the criteria that I have set out about nationality (Nigerian), religion (Christian) and age (28-33). I don’t like to be rude so when somebody who does not meet any of the criteria sends me a message, the first thing I say is to thank them for their interest and tell them that I am looking for different criteria at this time. Most of the men try to convince me that an age difference of 9-15 years is not a big deal, or that the fact that he lives in [insert European or African country] and I live in Canada will not be a problem. To that I say: please. I am sick of meeting guys who … Continue reading

Naija wedding music?

My command of Yoruba is very rough, however I understand enough of some songs to want them played at my wedding. The songs I can’t seem to get enough of right now are Oruka by Sunny Nneji and Mase by Styl-Plus. Here they are: This would be a great song to dance to with your loved one during the reception. I only heard it played at one of the four Naija weddings I attended so maybe the song has been overplayed so much that it should be avoided. Although the gist of this song is the guy is telling his girl not to listen to those people who are talking behind his back and sort of discrediting him, but rather to believe in their love, I can’t get enough of it, and it works for a wedding, right? Especially if you’re marrying a man or woman that your family and … Continue reading