Part 2 of And the winners aaarrrrrrreee!

It’s time to announce the winners of the grand prizes and I have to say I thought there’d be more excitement about those prizes compared to the prizes that were open to everybody. But that’s ok: next year when I get a car dealership to donate a car y’all will enter even if a 1,000 word essay is required, right? :)

On to the winners:

Jewellery By Anne – One piece of jewellery made especially for you.

Winner: Diamond Hawk! Congratulations, girl! Here’s her winning entry, along with Anne’s comment on it:

I want to say a big congratulations to the winner of the contest. This entry from contestant 3 – “Your jewelry should tell a story. It should be able to inspire whimsical fantasies, make a bold and daring statement or tacitly showcase your elegance. I would love and consider it an honor to model one of her unique creations.” This resonates the the image and goal of jewellery by Anne pieces.

(See, 40 words isn’t that long at all!)

Anne enjoyed reading the other entries she received and she decided to award a second prize too! So congratulations to the person who entered with the email address, who is also a winner!

Her (I think it’s a woman sha) entry was the following:

If i win one of your pieces, i would treasure it because i know that it was made with love and time and effort was spent on it.

Ladies, please send an email to, and she’ll sort you out!

Now I have a dilemma: I never indicated that each person could only win one of grand prizes so guess what has happened? One of the winners above entered to win two of the other prizes and was the only one who entered, which means she could win three prizes! However, I do need to verify that she is a blogger, since that wasn’t clear from her entries so perhaps that will help sort things out. I had indicated that each person could enter to win all four grand prizes if they met the criteria, but I meant to also include that each person could only win one of the grand prizes (but I didn’t), so what should I do? Poll time!

[poll id=”23″]

I’m curious about how you think I should correct my gaffe!

Updated to add: I’ve decided that the winner will only have to choose between the two web-design related prizes and she will get the prize being offered by Anne.

10 thoughts on “Part 2 of And the winners aaarrrrrrreee!

  1. Since I am second to comment, and I did enter for the contest, why not give the extra prize to me? hehe!

    In my 40 words essay, I mentioned that I wanted to give the jewelry by anne to my sista for her birthday Well that birthday is today!! lol!


    Like u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo just made my day!!! I never win anything and now ave won three things!!!!

    it Just clicked to me that i should have put my blogger name somewhere so u'd know who was who!!!

    gosh how am i gonna choose between all these wonderful prizes!!!! got to go think……ooh this is soooo hard!!!

    let me get back to you

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. *BEEF* is written all over my face…and I'm turning algae green with jealousy by the second!!!

    Okay I'm back to normal!!!lol Congrats winners…when is the next contest?…Bring it on!!!

  4. I think you should talk to the winner to choose between the three prizes, you could do another contest, or offer the runners up in the other categories prizes in the categories where no one entered for.

  5. pretty cool that I won… Thank you for the opportunity… and Im looking forward to see what I get :-)

    i think that since there's a 2nd winner… i need a consolation prize… like those notecards and envelope… that will do nicely! :-)

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