Pastor Adeboye’s visit

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church was in my part of Canada this weekend, and although my family does not attend Redeemed, we went to see him. My only regret is that I missed the earlier part, with the singing and dancing, but at least I got to hear Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s sermon in its entirety.


The message was simple, but it was timely and so relevant. He talked about the importance of faith, prayer and obedience in our Christian lives, and each of his major points were backed up with biblical (of course) and humourous examples. I appreciated the reminder that God does not like a lukewarm Christian: you should be either for Him or against Him. That definitely got me thinking about my tendency to straddle both worlds at times, going through some of the motions of a Christian, while also taking part in things (gossping?) that are definitely not commendable. I feel up to the challenge of improving this area of my life.

Some elements of the service took me straight back to Nigeria: the people calling out Amens and getting completely involved in the sermon, dancing to the music being played and sung. Worship is more obviously a full body, mind and soul experience in the churches I have been to in Nigeria and also at this event I attended, and I really love it. I have been looking for a new church for some time and I’d like to give the Redeemed church a try.

When Pastor Adeboye led the final prayer, he asked us to tell God exactly what we wanted Him to do in our lives, say our prayers and have faith. The room erupted as everyone began talking to God about their own desires and I did too. It felt great to tell God what I want, and admit that a part of me can’t imagine that it could happen, just like that. I think it was the powerful testimonies we heard earlier that reminded me that it can happen, with faith. Pastor Adeboye had also reminded us of the parable of the woman who was ill and wanted to touch Jesus’ cloak because she believed it would heal her. She did and was healed and Jesus told her it was her faith that had healed her. Imagine having that kind of faith!

I left feeling lighter. It was so great!

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  1. I too had a wonderful time in Church on Sudany. I'm actually gonna blog about the sermon. Our guest minister was Env. Kikelomo Ali.

    Meanwhile- have u gotten the book i recommended to you? PLS get it!!! Choosing God's Best by Dr. Don Raunikar. It's a must read.

  2. Pastor Adeboye's messages are always so simple, yet so deep and touching…n they translate u 2 a higher level of faith, if u believe…I don't attend RCCG now, but I have in the past n it was a good experience, so u can give them a try…

  3. I am not surprised you enjoyed the sermon…(that's how it should be right?)

    what part of Canada are you? I could hook you up with a great redeem church(at least my nephew said so!!!) if you're in Manitoba…

    He is a wonderful man of God with a huge sense of humour…I pray God will give him the strength and the grace to keep standing to the very end!!!

    and I'm off to amazon to get the book Tigeress said you should read!!!

  4. Mmmm… Its very refreshing to hear a great sermon. I haven't heard a whole lot from Pastor Adeboye, but his sermons usually teach and inspire faith. Its good that you had a good time.

  5. Oh yea it was definitely a relief just to be in a typical Nigerian church setting again. Especaillly the dancing, woah I still hurt from all that

    I also love Pastor Adeboye's Biblical backup's and his stories too, always very amazing stories.

  6. The man typically hammers it simply.. My only issue with all them ‘Senior’ Naija preachers is they could be using their influence more to speak up about social justice issues in the country….. Perhaps they are doing it Nicodemously!

    Great sermon!

  7. i used to attend RGGC for Naija!
    Love Adebayo’s sermons! his humility and love for God is inspiring…
    thnx for sharing GNG

  8. Thanks for sharing!
    I think we all struggle sometimes with dividing our lives like u said. U inspired me to improving that part of my life as well so thank u for that. it is always great leaving an experience feeling lighter!

  9. My pastor said once that the reason most men of God start up their preachings with testimonies or what God have used them to accomplish is so you get to have faith in either their God or in the man of God

  10. pastor adeboye .god is doing every good in my life and when i gose to church to save god.think you

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